Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A slow change over

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Hello everyone,
I have been neglecting the Blog lately, but I need to work hard to become rich !!!!

I looked at the Irish Times last Saturday and there on the front page was a picture of Palestinian men being led away with bags over their heads...They were later shot as informers.
Take a look at the post a few weeks ago "Irish freedom fighter".. Look at the photo...
It looks very like our Sam.?.
Perhaps you can find it on their website If I can find the paper I will photograph it for you to see.
In the time of the troubles in Ireland it was a very handy way of having your enemies bumped off by calling them an informer...
The whole world is in a state of flux, I told an ex British squaddie about Sam and he sad that to kill a leader over there is like cutting the head off a serpent in the old fables. The head would grow back, but the serpent would have 20 heads. Gaddafi and his gangs controlled these guys. With him gone all the tribes rise up and declare war on everyone.
Another man who works in aircraft logistics said that Tripoli airport is littered with planes with bullet holes, all of them are of no use to anyone.

Picked up a nice girl from Google today flying home to be with her parents in Ukraine.
Now there is another place where there is little peace.
With telephones and Skype you still have to go home.
It is a big worry when you cannot predict the lie of the land.

With all the things going on here if you thought about it .

We are not too badly off at all.

My youngest son is working in a Centra store in town, he has had early starts for 3 days over the last few weeks. So yours truly has to get up at 5.30 am to bring him in.
But HailO gives me a few jobs and then the day soon takes off for me.
But today I retired my car.
Tomorrow it will be driving around by my Chinese friend Judy.
Judy knows little about cars, but her last car was a lemon and has cost her a fortune.
I hope that this car will serve her well, she deserves it.

Women and cars can be robbed in garages, I spoke to a Romanian woman driving a CLK Merc 2 seater.
I told her that her brake pads were gone,
 "What do you mean?" Then into a 10 minute conversation about how brakes work.
So I went to pay for my fuel and I remembered that there is a garage called Ana Motors in the Butterly business center and the guy who runs it is Romanian, so he should be sympathetic to her troubles.
I am Ana so I will remember the name she said...And your name? Thank you so much for helping me..
Gosh she was really good looking..When she marries an Irish man the children will look fantastic.

Now tomorrow my car is being branded

Hail 3
Hail 2


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