Monday, August 18, 2014

New car at last

 Workers from Yahoo do a team building thing.Picking up litter on Dollymount strand
At long last I found a replacement car
                       Just when you thought you had seen it all...This peels oranges.
                              A 1960's bus going yo "Craggy Island"
                                      My Grandsons sandals beside mine,soon they will be bigger than mine

Monday morning and here I am waiting for my son to finish breakfast so that I can put him on the ferry back to England. He has been home for around a month.
Over the last week my middle son and his wife went to a wedding and we babysat for them.
My grandson who is 2 behaved really well and a good time was had by all.
Then on Saturday we went down to Tipperary to another wedding, this time of my nephew.
It is a sign of the times when people were welcomed home from Australia, USA, Canada, Dubai and even Dublin...I wonder if the wedding planners had worked out that it would be a good time to get the people home for the Hurling semi finals.
Tipperary won.

Anyhow I had been looking for a replacement car for months. I looked on the web for weeks.I even went to London where the Prius car rules supreme. No luck there either.
Then we had seen a car for sale in Templemore so we went a short step out of our way for a look.
The City car dealers will not talk my kind of money,not much discount for a straight sale,
My man in Tipp had the sale done and the money in the bank in 20 minutes, no messing.
One Prius in Dublin I had made an offer on a month  ago is still sitting in the showroom.
Still I should thank him my car has full dealer history,one lady owner and 75000Kms I would do that in1 year..
Q   What is the maximum amount you can do in a cash transaction without filling in a form with regard            to money laundering?

A Would you believe e 2,000? It is a very small sum.

I found that out when I tried to pass over a "brown envelope"It is the last day with the old HailO app and I dread to see it go.
I never fix things that are not working HailO is all about change.

So time will tell.     It has served me well in the past.

I met a guy going from Loughlinstown hospital to Tallagh we were talking about main dealers and "Service"
He told me he had a company a few years ago fitting car windscreens, a Land Rover Discovery came in and they fitted a new windscreen e460 a few weeks later they got a call that some water was coming in,so they asked him to drop in to the HQ.
My man spoke to him and he was saying that his insurance had no windscreen cover as it was commercial and he had been stunned by the cost of e1240 for the replacement.
He told me that he only would deal with the customer directly after that.

Now he also has a quick fuel change business 24/7.
You put in petrol and he sucks it out.
A real go getter you have to admire them.


  1. Happy new car, hope you get many miles out of it.

    1. Congratulations on being the first comment in a long time.
      I was getting spammed for a good while.