Monday, August 04, 2014

A story goes full circle

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Wow its another bank holiday and it is WET !
I am not working or going anywhere  it makes no difference to me.
My grandson has come to visit so it is time for me to get some really big hugs.

I worked a bit after they went home again. What a difference a bit of rain makes, hands were high looking. for taxis.

The other morning I got a run to the airport and as I waited I noticed that he had forgotten his keys in the front door. I got out and knocked on the door..."Looking for these?"
So after another few minutes he came out and we were off to the airport.
We spoke of this and that and I asked if he was a golfer. "I play a bit but I am a sports writer"
So I told him how I had Rory McElroy in my taxi on the day he turned professional, then I told him what advice I had given him.
Keep your old friends, they know you and want nothing from you.
People will try to latch on to your fame to enrich themselves.
At the top level it is a 4 inch put ! the distance between your ears.

Thank your public and be humble.

So when we arrived at the airport Shane O'Donaghue took my photograph and he will have shown it to the world champion of golf today .Rory is a real nice guy as good as any of my customers.
He sure came a long way since I met him..

Assaults against taxi drivers are on the increase, thank God for in car video.
A taxi going to Tallagh on the M50, 4 very drunk and lively girls on board.
Then suddenly the girl directly behind the driver throws her jacket over his head and pulls it tight by the sleeves..The driver didn't panic but turned his wheel to the left until he heard the rumble of the last white line on the motorway and stopped.
He threw them all out on the side of the motorway and drove away.
But it gets better,
The local Garda ring him to come in as there has been a complaint gf a sexual assault against him.
So he goes in and before they say any more he brings a Garda out to his taxi, in the boot of the car is a monitor, he shows the footage of what happened.
The Garda brings out the girls to see the footage and they begin to scream and cry.
The Garda told them that they would likely be facing jail time for assault and false accusation.

Now the next part beggars belief.
The taxi driver said he would not be pressing charges as he felt that they had learned their lesson.
Without that footage where would he be?
Supposing he had been killed in a crash, Who would feed his wife and kids?
That driver was wrong on many levels for sure, nail them just as they would have stuffed him.. 
The taxi driver did not want his name brought up in court linked to a sexual assault.

Mind yourselves out there

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