Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer ending.

Its been a while since I last looked in, what happened?
The bullying Dublin horse show came and went.Bruce Springsteins daughter took part in the show jumping and the "Boss"came over to see it happen as well.

The leaving cert results came out, leaving students happy and very sad.

The court case taken to the high court by taxi drivers about the manner in which deregulation took place is coming to a conclusion. It could cost the country €400 million.
Before deregulation taxi plates were valued at £90,000. (More than €110,000)
If you were getting a divorce the old judge would give the wife the house and you would have the taxi plate, an asset of equal value. The that plate became worth around £2,500 overnight. While the house price went through the roof. Plus the new entrants flooded the market without any limit.. There were 2,500 plates in the Dublin area, this increased to 5,000 in less than 3 years then up to 11,500 today.
Rank space has decreased as well.
I won't go on a rant but in reality we have complete mayhem on the streets.
Loads of unlicensed taxi drivers working away.
The Garda say it is not their job and the regulator enforcers shrug their shoulders and look the other way.
At the port of Dublin yesterday an un registered driver sat for 25 minutes with no ID on his dashboard while the relevant people in power were informed.
No one came and he picked up and drove away.

We wait for the judgement from the judges..

Just in case you thought all the robbing drivers were in Dublin.

Poor old Robin Williams died.
The latest news is that he had the onset of Alzheimer's and couldn't face the future.
His daughter is besieged by Trolls hurling abuse at her when she published a poem her dad wrote for her.
Facebook and Twitter responded to say that they will have to come up with some way of dealing with this online bullying. Hundreds of young people around the world have been bullied to death by people who hunt down and destroy lives on the internet.It is well past time to deal with them
Facebook is a playground for pedophiles and little is done about it.
The Netherlands has a special task force who pretend to be 12 year old girls looking for friends, they catch quite a few people too.

I had a few early mornings which were very good. HailO providing the much needed customers

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