Friday, August 15, 2014

Irish freedom fighter

Quite a while ago I wrote about Sam, he wrote a book  called "Soldier for a Summer"
He was heading off to London to meet a movie maker who wanted to make a film about his exploits.

He had fought against Gaddafi in Libya. More than that his exploits were filmed and made into a documentary that film won awards for its action and realty.

Well Sams  pal has been elected as the Mayor of Tripoli ! click here

As I say time after time, you never know who is getting into your taxi next.

Having said all that. One of my customers who works in the aircraft business told me that everyone over there has their work cut out for them.
"Libya was a tribal country and now those tribes are all having a quick push for power.
There are scores of grudges to be settled.
Tripoli airport has planes which have bullet holes in them. Imagine there are teams of men with brush handles looking for exit holes from the bullets, then trying to work out if it might have hit some vital  component on its way past. You cannot fly an airplane with a hole in it anyhow."
Still I am sure that a man from Tallagh might be able to sort something out.

Well I found the photos from the Irish Times.
Look for yourself Sam or not Sam?

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