Saturday, August 02, 2008


A cruise ship turns in Dublin port.

The funicular railway.

Image from the "camera obscura"
The angel on the war monument.
Signs are in Welsh and English"

Well I am back from Wales,"There be dragons there".
It is great to travel by ship the whole experience is restful,no one asks you to take off your shoes or throw away your water bottle, only to sell you another bottle on the other side of the gate!.
The ship we sailed on is the biggest car ferry in the world and it sails as smooth as anything and our crossings were great.
Don't ask your sat nav to direct you on a long journey, mine brought me through Snowdonina National Park instead of the route we followed coming back.

There used to be a radio programme called "Down your way" where the presenter used to wander around Britain telling us about each town on his travels a great BBC radio show.
Alas like most things its gone.
Well when I arrived in Aberystwyth I recalled how the railway pulled travelers up the hill in a train powered by water balance in tanks and a cable it was built in 1896 in the Victorian age, its quite a climb up.The attraction at the top of the hill was a fairground and they have rebuilt one of the Wonders,the "camera obscura".
The photo above is of the image which is projected on to a steel table, it looks just like a photo until you notice people walking about and the waves breaking on the shore.
When it was first built it must have been the talk of the world.I was quite impressed.
"Its done by mirrors don't you know"

Now I am out of bed and when I get the house tidied up I will be out to work.

When I find the keys to my wife's car that is,I locked the roof sign in the boot of her car while I went traveling.
I can't find the key.

Over here we say a prayer to Saint Anthony and he finds missing things.

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