Monday, August 04, 2008

Holidays over,back to work

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A hub from a modern windmill.

A red post box belonging to HM the Queen.

Well this is your lot from Wales. I found my car keys shortly after I promised St.Anthony his money. They were under my bedside chair where they fell when I changed my trousers.Thanks to him St.Vincent DePaul got e10.

Well a lot of people seem to be away and those that remain are doing other things.
I tried to do a bit 4 times and in the end I came home to bed. I was going to get up at 5.15 am to meet the boat,but I slept on when the alarm went off.
How bad it was I cannot describe.
I had a guy who was going to start driving a taxi in a couple of weeks !!
"Are you mad ?, look at the taxis blocking the road at the train station"
You can't tell people but I asked him to hire a taxi for 3 months to see how it goes, then at least he will not have made the financial outlay which is non refundable.

Picked 2 guys going to Artaine. Going up Vernon Avenue I asked if they wanted to go over by Killester and Donnycarney? No comment, so I took it to be a yes.
When I turned the wheel. "Where th fuck r you off to. I said I was going t Artaine not around the world". There was no use arguing so I did a U turn."why didn't ya keep going on whare ya were going"So I dropped him on Ardlea Rd and his mate was going to Glasnevin..Road I made him direct me.
During the conversation earlier his mate had said something about the passenger being "home on leave". To return the journey to a more normal vibe I asked him if he was in the army only to be met with "Thats none of your fucking business"
I slowed the car right down, looked him straight in the face,"Watch your lip"
He mumbled a bit and the rest of the journey continued in near silence.
So I feel that he has been released on parole from prison.
He might have been living in a protected situation for a while and he has a chip on his shoulder,but if he doesn't cop himself on he is going to get a good wallop from someone.It would not have been me though.
He was the kind of guy that if he was alone and the sun came out he would argue with his shadow.

The numbers game has become chronic with creep back from the ranks blocking traffic all over the city. The number of taxi ranks is almost the same as it was when there were 2,5oo taxis in Dublin..Now 12,000 taxis try to fit on the same number of ranks.

Now what we need is the city to grow 5 fold and fuel to go back to 60c a litre.

Better get back out there, work hard and be lucky.

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