Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sept 9th

Mexican restaurant

A Welsh goat

Special day for your diary, 6th September.

Don't be the one who didn't take the day off and bring our special needs kids out for their big day.
Its only one day of the year, so mark it in on your calender and phone the lads.
01 4250780 lets blow our horns and waken up the regulator as we whiz past.

I was out buying school books today up in the Northside shopping center, I arrived early and there was a queue of 5 people waiting when I was going with only 1/2 the books in my bag for e138.
Thank God I only have one going to school.

On Education.
The leaving cert results are out today!
All the worried and happy faces around the schools.
I hope the students don't take it too much to heart,its only an exam.
Its not the end of the world.

The richest man in Ireland is Sean Quinn he didn't graduate from primary school !
Yet he can do multi million deals, he says himself that he is surrounded by good people. He is not afraid of taking a chance either because you learn from mistakes.
He can scan a company report better than most accountants.
Did I ever tell you how he sacked his brother for being late into work and leaving early?
Well he did and it woke him up.

Exams test your skills in one way only, they say David Beckham is thick, but then again Stephen Hawking is lousy at football,so where do you draw the line?.

I know a guy, he would be in the top 10 cleverest people in Ireland, Mensa stuff.
You couldn't send him to the shops without a list, even with a list everything would be wrong, yet by the intellectual yardstick he is very clever.

A story
Once there were 2 boys who sat together in school, one was very smart, top of the class. The other was dumb bottom of the class and last.

Years later the clever one was stopped in traffic when a big Rolls Royce car pulled alongside and started blowing its horn.. He looked at the driver with scorn, but the driver pointed into the back of the car where his old school buddy sat looking at him through the open window. He asked if they could pull into a hotel up ahead to have a chat.
The slower witted of the two was delighted to see his old friend.
Tea was sent for.
What did you do after you left school?
Well the clever one had gone to university and became a school teacher.
That's wonderful I always knew you would do well,as for myself I worked at different jobs until I went to sea and traveled the world, I saw many countries and cultures. I bought silk in China for example and started trading, nothing much but I built up a wide circle of contacts.
One of my contacts asked me if I could find a market for his product, so we set up a company and we now trade worldwide. We also carry some other lines as well.
This is our main product he said pulling out a small cardboard package.
They cost us e1 each to produce and we sell it wholesale for e5.
We sell a lot of them,,, you know we do OK on just 4% profit.

So you don't need to be too bright to succeed you see.

You just have to be able to seize the opportunity.

Lifting lino put down in October 1988.We on the Northside we put newspaper under lino. The southsiders put money under theirs.

The Evening Press it was a long gone newspaper.
Colette Jackson was miss Ireland, I wonder what she looks like now.
Christmas trees cost 6 quid each.
All prices are in Punts.
Ashbourne SD 3 bed house 18,000
Woodford Downs Clondalkin.21,000
Drimnagh Donard Rd 3 bed 23,000

Earn over 2,000 a year on advertising !

Taxi plate and meter wanted 21,000

Married man wants taxi plate to rent.

They were making efforts to save Clondalkin paper mills.
Guinness Peat aviation profits were up 59%.
Sadly they are both gone.

Marley Park is on today I see on my credit card I spent e75 on one ticket.
I hope my son enjoys it because he went without a coat and the skies are about to open up again, what a washout this summer has been.

So there might be a bit of work about up until late.

One other thing of interest I herd on the radio about the flooding.
Dublin airport expanded and did not put proper drainage systems.
The caller reckoned that they should have been forced to dig a channel over to the sea.
When the downpour came the airport fire brigade pumped thousands of gallons of water through a fence and then the water flowed down the hill and destroyed a mans home.
A spin doctor for the airport came on,, no no not us we were working the other side of the airport. This was in spite of him saying that he had 6 witnesses who saw it happen, she denied it ever happened.
It is a worry when a large semi state body representative tells lies!
Well we have to believe them when they say that they have emergency back-up, yet twice the radar system went down at the airport in the last few years.(with no back-up)

Lets just hope they are not telling any other Porky Pies (lies)

I think we will have to carry inflatable boats as part of our kit in future.

Drive safely and remember.

Its reckoned that more accidents are caused by fatigue than from drink.


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