Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ronnie Drew. RIP

Ronnie drew RIP

With a voice that gives us all hope to be great singers.

Bono pays a tribute.

Goodbye Luke as well.

Well I herd the sad news of the passing of Ronnie Drew the other day.
Well I knew he was sick, he had a great life.
The Dubliners have been the soundtrack to our lives for generations.
Ronnie Drew is more Dublin than Molly Malone.
He will be sadly missed, but he has given us a great legacy since the 60s

He was even more Dublin than Guinness now that that business is soon to move out of the city.

Anyhow if you hop over hereand here,you can listen to some great music

I had a posting ready to go and it vanished from the screen.
But this is much more newsworthy !


  1. Anonymous5:56 AM

    In Dublin's Fair City of Music and Songs
    Where people walk the streets in their throngs
    The Molly Malones and the Paddy Maguires stand quietly by now in memory..

    RIP Ronnie Drew

  2. Funeral today, from what I hear it'll be loittle short of a music festival, A great send of for the "grumpy one"
    RIP Ronnie