Monday, August 04, 2008

Monsoon weather

James Joyce carved in wood aboard the Ulysses.

The lord mayors coach.

I forgot my camera and the Dublin horse show started the other day, the lord mayor in full uniform in his stately coach pulled by 4 horses went in procession to open the show. Alas it was in torrential rain, I have seldom seen the weather to be so bad, apart from last year that is.

When the kids were small we had a book called "Bagpuss on a rainy day"all about a little mouse who asked everyone to stop the rain. He was just about to give up when he met a gnome who said certainly and he turned off the rain...Moral of the story is that you can ask from the biggest to the most important, but if you don't ask the right person it won't be done.

Will someone please turn off the rain.

Every time I see mad driving I feel that if only I had a video camera.
Well in this day and age someone has...And thank God they put it on the iternet.
Now even I thought this was mad.
I have seen a lot.

Sometimes you meet someone you have not met in 50 years and you see the young face that was there all those years ago, sometimes not.
Just the usual small talk where are you going to? Do you know so and so? How do you know them? Then, I know you !
I am ******** Well you could have knocked me over with a sledgehammer !!!
She was an old woman, 5 stone overweight and had difficulty standing up or walking..

God, time had been hard on her looks too.
I rang an old school friend who had met her recently and he agreed with me but said that she had been a heavy smoker for years, which might explain her bad skin and withered looks. Lets just say she was no Jane Fonda.

Look I am no superstar myself but she gave me a fright.

Just as well I have a picture in the attic which ages while I stay young.

I went to Lidl the other day.. School folders and colored pens are on display another sign that the "Summer" is almost over,If you drive a car drop in,they were selling fluorescent bibs for e3. I remember changing a tire on the roadside in Spain and the cars almost brushing my back, thank Got they had a hi vis jacket in the boot.

Anyhow it will be part of your kit soon along with your first aid kit and fire extinguisher. Not to mention you GPS positioner and VHF 2 way radio.

A guy who was returning from a tour of S.America. He is a sound engineer he went to Argentina, Boiivia,Venuezela, Nicuragua and Brazil.Talked about Brazilia the new capital city built from scratch and the big beach outside Rio. A very dangerous place Rio. We spoke of the movie "City of God"but in his opinion it is much more dangerous than when the gangs controlled it all.
Now he says it is the police who are in charge of the drugs trade and its much more dangerous.
He told me how they had 2 days rest in Rio the beautiful girls and the great passion for football.

Driving a taxi is great in that your passengers come from all over the world and they will tell you about the exotic places they came from if you only ask.


  1. Okay, Dorian Gray. Where was that video from?

  2. I watched that video ..........crazy!

  3. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Thats how you drive in Russia I believe.Wouldn't like to be a tourist, meeting a car coming on the wrong side of the road in reverse!

  4. Anonymous11:40 AM

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