Sunday, August 10, 2008

Johnny Vegas

The entrance to Powerscourt house

The view from the front, the back is grander.
I got a run down to Bray from some people who had arrived back from Florida minus their luggage.Only for that one fair it would have been a poor day.
I had always wanted to visit Powerscourt house so as I had the camera on board I headed for Enniskerry (Where Ballykissangel was filmed)and into Powerscourt grounds.
I was stumped as it costs e8 to visit the gardens and as this was a flying visit I just looked around. Then I got a chance to photograph the main house and my card was full,I couldn't delete some photos as I didn't know which ones were backed up.
I went in to see the outside of the Ritz Carlton hotelThis is a really expensive place but worth a look.A fairy palace.
I just went on to the website and checked out the rooms.
Well the presidential suite costs e5,000 per night. OUCH
Its like a fairyland palace.

Gordon Ramsey is doing a special 2 course lunch for e30 per person or e40 for 3 courses.
I must go back to the website to have a look at the dinner menu.

You can get a 2 course lunch in a few places on Parnell St for e8.50
Most of the pubs do a carvery lunch for around a tenner.

So go where you get the value.

I must do another top ten restaurants again.
Or then perhaps there is no one reading this any more.

I dropped my son and his wife off at the port on Sunday.
I turned around and joined the queue of taxis when I saw someone I knew.

Johnny Vegas he is a great entertainer.
Comedy is a hard gig, but any taxi driver could do stand up,or so I reckon.
I like his style. He has lost a lot of weight.
I went up and shook hands with him. "Johnny great to see you."
You could see the still living braincells wriggling.

"Who is this?
Do I know him?
Perhaps I should know him but have forgotten who he is?"

He has lost a good bit of weight thank God, he was heading for a heart attack.

Well then I had a father Ted moment. I pressed the button on my ear piece, nothing. I pressed it again. Nothing.
I tapped my pockets,only to find that I had left my phone in the house and had been driving around with an ear piece and no phone for an hour.
When I got home I rang my son who was on the boat, did you meet Johnny Vegas?.
Who is Johnny Vegas? He says.
Such is fame.

If you ever stood waiting on a street corner for a taxi and you wondered why there are so cabs out when its busy. Take a look at this.

That little driver is no pushover.

But it can get very rough at closing time.

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  1. That was a "two-hit" fight. The cabbie hit the idiot snd the idiot hit the ground.