Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dunlaoighre festival of world cultures.

This is a must see.
It is on tomorrow as well.
So do as the song says take the 46 A to Dun Laoighre.

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  1. Pretty incredible looking. I'd love to spend a day there.

  2. Beautiful...would love to visit...thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. Oh my,how do you pronounce "Dunlaoighre"? It looks like a wonderful event!

  4. Well Allison it is pronounced dun leery. Quite by accident I put that song clip by Bagatell last time which has the line "I boarded a bus for Dun laoighre". I didn't know I would be going there. But when the song was written there was no Dart (train) at that time.
    If you are heading over look out for the Dublin horse show and the Galway races next.

  5. Ahh, that's how you say it. Thanks John. You are making me think a trip to your part of the world should be on our "must visit" list!

  6. Nice pictures! This was my first DLR Festival of World Cultures. My favorite was the Mr. Whippy soundstage. Who knew an ice cream truck could crank out such fantastic tunes.