Saturday, July 17, 2010

First night back at work.

My distant relative.

A Bidhel Bible 1827 in old Irish script(Click to enlarge)

Next Parish New York(super imposed together)

A mock up of the tiny kitchen where they lived.

Thomas O'Crohan outside the interpretive center.

The slipway out to the island.

The remains of the homestead.

I had a guy in the taxi from Kerry today and he told me that they often pile into cars, he was in an 8 seater the other day with 17 people in it.

Madness utter madness.


  1. I live in Texas. I found your blog quite by accident and really enjoy reading it! Sometimes I have to really think about it to understand what you're saying and sometimes I just pretend I'm not confused lol.
    Anyways, about today's post I decided to speak up... I have two questions:
    1) Do you mean "Butte", Montana?
    2) What passage is that Bible opened to? Can you read it?
    (I guess that was 3...)

  2. Wow.

    I've never been to Dingle (Tralee is as close as I got), but I've met a lot of people on the web with Dingle connections. There must be something about that wide space of water their ancestors lived beside that makes them want to reach out & touch the lives of other people miles and miles away.

    Are you related to Peig Sayers, storyteller, secret poteen drinker and bane of my teenage life? If so, is that her in the photo? It looks like a younger version.

  3. That bible is cool. I had a history teacher who brought in a book that was ancient. She let us touch one of the corners. And only that one of course because the oil on the skin ruins the pages.

    Also, I love the music. Too bad I'm not moving to Ireland or heading to a church real soon for that matter.

  4. Yes Branalyn I stand corrected.
    I will ask my wife to read it, but the script is quite different and beautiful to see again.
    Thank God I have not found Peg in my family tree.

  5. The Bible is so cool! That's why I was curious what it said so I could compare it. Don't worry about the beaut/butte thing. We have lots of names that make no sense at all. "Norfolk" for example is pronounced like a dirty word. "Refugio" is pronounced "re-fur-i-o." It's why I can spell much better in Spanish (my second language that I'm not so fluent in) than I can in English (my native language)! : )

  6. Fascinating post. Loved the pictures. What a sad story about the car crash! I was once in one that wasn't even my fault, but somehow you still feel guilty. That young driver needs someone wise to talk to, someone like you. I hope he fins such a one!

  7. That is so neat, my family originates from Ireland, and my dad went there last year to try to find out more, very interesting and that bible is quite neat!