Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Getting ready for visitors

This pair made an effeort to serrinade the public

Click on the photo to read the message. Where is it?

Greaffeti wit a message

Roys blog carried a tragic story 3 taxi drivers took their own lives this week. Things are desperate for many drivers and today one radio station took up the story."You can;t be serious working for 10 hours for e80 and then having to pay out 20 for fuel, how can you live?"
One guy said he did not eat for 2 days things were so bad.

Look I won't comment but to say there is help available the Samaritans etc. Talk to your partner, brother sister.

But don't take your own life.

Your parents,children,grandchildren and your partner will suffer for decades.

Take a step back and buy a pair of Doc Martin boots to kick the crap out of any politician who might come knocking on your door in the run up to the next election.

I know at present this story may not be of comfort to you but.
In America the weevil was destroying the cotton crop, people were desperate and then one bright spark decided to grow peanuts instead and they became prosperous again.
So they built a statue to the weevil!
There are other things to do.

I don't know when the torture will end, I don't even know the guys on the ranks any more things have changed so much, everything has gone down the tubes.

I was at the Mater hospital looking for a wheelchair and no porters, plus no one seemed to care!

Then there are the new tests to look forward to.


  1. I hope your are in good spirits despite, always know that you have your blog readers that love you!

  2. You have a sane way of looking at what seems to be insanity! Thank goodness.....I hope it spreads! We all need a little more 'sanity' no matter WHERE we live!

  3. If I decide to top myself then most of the elected politicians of this country are coming with me.
    That will never happen.
    Never ignore that the guy in the back of your taxi is at the end of his rope and might be going to do something desperate and a word from you might change his mind.
    The Samaritans still have the cards that you can hand out to customers.
    Get them in Marlboro St opposite the Abbey.
    The printing of those cards is another story.

  4. I love your picture.... and the insights into American points of view...

    I'm your new fan!!!! Let's "kick the crap out"!!!!

  5. As an American I visited Dublin in 2003 and I have to say how impressed I was with all the people there especially the friendly taxi drivers. I hope things look better for you soon.

  6. You said this:
    "But don't take your own life.

    Your parents, children, grandchildren and your partner will suffer for decades."

    It's true... My daddy suffered for the rest of his life, and I've spent most of my life trying to understand why my mother gave up, and my children don't understand. One day, my grandson will ask me.

    I tell them to fight.. that there is always tomorrow. Life is not easy, nor was it meant to be easy. I tell them to take wake up and take each day as it comes, for tomorrow has it's own worries.

    Thank for writing this post.

  7. I'm saddened to hear that those drivers took their lives. I also believe that things are never that bad.

    I would love to kick some politicians to the curb around here (USA) I tell you what!

  8. Sad news and considered with your usual insight. Whatever you do, stay 'real'!

  9. I love your blog! I took a taxi in Dublin once. I love Dublin I hope to come back someday.