Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Make Your Own Luck.

The boots are ready the dog is resting roll on polling time.

The wheel rises up at the O2..

Antique tram

Remember that road trip?

Too many bags madam?

This Irish guy founded the Argentinian navy

I guess I am lucky guy in many ways, I meet loads of people and I get loads of free advice every day.
I meet Ugly,rude and stupid people.
Then I meet gifted, clever,wise and beautiful people.

I will never become bored because I don't know what is going to happen next.

Through chance I found wisdom in the the teachings of the American Indians, my guide through life has pointed out many things to me through the years we have been together, she is there helping me.
One thing that comes to me constantly is the question of what is of true value?
Thats a Rolls Royce. Wow he has his own aeroplaine !

Is that a Rolex? You must be some awsome guy!.

When Mother Thresa was given an award a Bimbo in my taxi said "How can she get an award? She is so ugly !.. What could you say?

John Schute published a booklet to celebrate the Millennium called Acres of diamonds try this but you can find the full story if you care to look further. The thought is that you are standing in the middle of great wealth if you care to look for it.

Today the taxi in front of me was loading up with a young baby, I was left holding the baby while she dismantled the buggy.
I held the baby close to my body (as you do) and I got that good baby smell. "Wow that brought me back 20 years" I said when I passed the baby back to her. " I could see you knew what you were doing by the way you held her" she said.

Strange to say that moment was worth €50 to me.
Brought me right back to different times.

Though with the slowdown there is not much going on at the taxi ranks.
We have to look further afield.
My wake up call came when my wife was going to get the lad down the road cut my grass...She would be paying him more than I would be making driving the taxi.

"What is the French for cut the grass?"

Mow zee lawn !

So hang loose, paint the sitting room !

We are like fishermen when the fish stocks collapsed.
I sure as hell can't drive for 60 hours to make the money I made 4 years ago by driving 30 hours, so I have to do other things.
I might go back to security, locks,safes,cameras and alarms.
Why not let crime pay me for a change.

I once worked at cash in transit.
I can tell you now I won't be going back there.
Imagine driving a van with €1 million on board?
No thanks.

But to stand in a vault where money is stacked up to the celling is a sight to see.
I am sworn to secrecy about details...But I have seen real money !

You might remember last February I went to the Magicians convention in Blackpool and I took a few photos? 24Th Feb posting.
In one of the photos was the American magician Franz Harari.
Well if you watch the video here you can see him vanish the Blackpool tower.

Well you have to book now if you want to go there again.

If you were in Dublin today you couldn't ever forget the traffic and the rain, Wow it was worse than Bombay.
Remember when the buses were green and the hairdos were high?

Well this is for you.

Just on the radio Karen Carpenter.
It is important to tell people you love them, Karen longed for her Mothers love and it never came to her.
She has such a dramatic voice, I could dance to the Carpenters music today just as I did in the 60s. I guess good music has no "Best before date"


  1. Funny you should mention Karen Carpenter. I was 15 years old when she died. She was the first celebrity to pass that I gave a care about. I must have sat in my room for three or four hours crying and listening to my Carpenter albums. One of the first albums I ever bought was Horizon. I will miss her forever. I still get misty eyed when I think about her being gone. She died too young.

  2. You have such depth and insight! True nuggets of wisdom in this post! God speed on whatever venture you go on....but PLEASE! Keep blogging!!

  3. Thanks for your words, it is neat to see what is going on in Dublin...

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  5. When I left Dublin I used Seven Seas shipping too! And I definitely had too many bas ;-)

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