Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Sunday

Sorry this camera photo is so bad.
Glass on the road and a girls sandal? Think about it.

East Wall the Swiss Cheese building

The Aviva stadium known as the "Urban Turban"

A baby waves from a flat in North King St.

What do you think about all the Russian spies getting caught?.

Do you any of you need a place to hide?

The other day A guy got into the car, he was going to get the bus into town then another bus out to the airport to hire a car.
So I talked him into taking a taxi directly there.
He was an Indian guy working in London at IT.
Well, during the trip to the airport I found out that he was about to do a very dangerous thing.
(at least I think so)
Think about this, he was going to surprise his girlfriend by dropping in!
Now that seems to me to such a bad idea,it is so full of pitfalls, she might be away for the weekend, or she might have planned to go out with the girls, or she might be on a date with a charming taxi driver she just met.
Fine, make a visit but say,
"Can I pop over to see you this weekend"?
The scope for things going wrong are endless.

I hope it went well mate.(I told him about the blog)

Do you want a hen house, this guy makes them.(
I would love to know why links only sometimes work.

Just spent 2 hours cruising around looking for work and got nothing, so I am back at home, still I am lucky compared to most people, I own my house.

I was passing a lady in a BMW changing a flat wheel, so I asked if she needed help, she accepted gracefully.
So many people when you offer help are agressive.
It is a real bitch to get a wheel back on when there is no stud to hang the wheel on again, so I got it on and my hands were dirty. She asked me in to wash my hands,and folks she lived in an absoute palace.
Its not what it seems, she said, we bought this house and then spent over €400,000 doing it up. My husband was a builder and now we are divorced and into incredible negative equity.
The bank want to sell it and even then I will owe money.
She showed me an amazing feature in the kitchen, she hit a switch and a panel in the floor opened up to reveal a cellar which ran under the garden.
The house was so fantastic that I thought Ozzy Osbourne was going to walk in any minute.
Makes you think how many people are really suffering behind the beautiful facades.

No,I am counting my blessings, I am not not gloating.

A Spanish women seemed lost around Kilmainham, so I offered to give them directions. Car hire, yes Avis over there,, no Hertz. Well you are a long way from there, you have to go back up to Guinnesses up Dinore ave, turn left at Sally's bridge past the Mosque and there it is.
I will run both you there for €5.00 it is 1 1/2 miles.
Normal Sunday fare €8.00
No, we will walk.
Now I think that if you hire a car from 3.00pm the charges start from then, so It was costing them money there and then.

Perhaps I don't have an honest face!

I am a bit angry at the Garda too!
Well I saw a black Skoda car with an Irish number plate 01 D 87571
So what? you say.
Well there was a Northern Ireland number plate under the Irish plate, I could see the yellow edge of the plate undrneath.
So I dialed 112 and passed the details, "What do you mean it has 2 number plates?" so I tried to explain and I then saw a Garda car coming along. I started to talk to them and stopped the car
"Are you on medication"? I said
Then he screwed down the window to ask me what I meant,SO I gave him the number of the car, "Its 2 minutes in front of you"
How do you spell your name?
So off they went.
10 minutes later they were going the other way eating cake!

You often hear how people report crimes all the time and nothing is done about it ..Tax out of date? car gone.

Mauritian radio here, there are loads of modern stations.


  1. Well, John. You had an eventful day. I like the way you report from one thing to the next. You certainly meet lots of interesting people! The Camp Host Housewife

  2. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Where I come from we call that stadium District 9, not only does it look like the spaceship in the film but it went up so quickly it might just as well have floated to earth from outer space.

    I am sure that charming taxi drivers must be spoilt for choice as regards dates?

  3. you are very quick at the keypad for sure. You have no idea what problems women cause for taxi drivers.
    Imagine someone passing out in your car? Full of potential danger.
    Remember the female garda who accused the taxi driver of groping her 2 years ago? That case could have gone any way.
    I had a girl in the car today who left a leaflet behind her when she got out. It was a support group for people living with HIV !
    I don't bring my problems to work.

  4. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Yes for some reason something on another site gave me the idea to click over here and there was a new post with a couple of interesting pictures, quelle surprise.

    Women are very problematic generally but we have our uses I hope.

    That baby looks very familiar, I could have sworn I saw him in his pram the other day.

    PS: you must be the only taxi driver in the country who doesn't bring their problems to work, the amount of free advice I have been asked for from taxi drivers is incredible, but has stopped somewhat since I started *ahem* lying about my profession and saying that I work for the Revenue, this usually produces a stony silence.

  5. Anonymous5:19 PM

    PS: I got through to the other site. What's the negative equity on urban hen houses these days?

  6. glass and sandal on the road:
    it seems to be an accident...

  7. My husband always thinks that people have all this stuff because they paid for it. I tell him I think they're living off their credit cards. That we'll be one of the few from our generation to retire. He says nah. We'll see who's right. I do think sometimes that it takes a lot of work to hold up the facade and I'm not one to normally jump to conclusions of hapiness from having nice houses, cars or a lot of stuff.

  8. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Glass & sandal remind me of Cinderella for some reason.

    I agree that material possessions are not sufficient for happiness, mansions are often lonelier places than henhouses. Are material possessions necessary for happiness though? Probably significantly less than we think.

    I would agree that most flashy stuff is paid for on credit. Nooses round one's neck come in lots of different colors nowadays, are often made out of marble rather than rope & some of them even have diamante attached.

  9. Sad to see so many people in negative equity since the Celtic Tiger ran away !

  10. John - For your links to work you need to have the website's full address in as follows :

    That should be clickable from my comment.
    Hope that helps!

  11. Love your posts. My husband's family is from Dublin so it's like "visiting" when I read your blog. Slante.

  12. Hei, John, goo job!
    your brazilian friend

  13. Mmmm, swiss cheese building.

  14. Nice Blog. I've always wondered what Taxi Drivers think of thier customers. I'll bet people speak to one another as if they were alone, thinking that they will never see you again.

    Keep Blogging,


  15. I've been looking out for you to congratulate you on your "Blog of Note" award, even parked on the Westbury a few times! anyway..Well done and well deserved!

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    I hope you like it :)

  17. Of course I haven't actually seen your face but honestly it's not you or how you look. They don't trust the archetype. When I was driving taxi I'd try to help people all the time and my efforts were usually met with resistance. People seem to equate taxi drivers with crooks.

  18. I would give ANYTHING to spend a day with you in your taxi and pick your mind.

    Come to Texas ??? Pretty please, with sugar on it??

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