Tuesday, July 27, 2010


No photos today the computer room is being plastered tomorrow.

Something caught my eye the other day.

An Arab man claimed to be a Jew jailed for"rape by deception"

Wow what a story, it is almost like Romeo and Jelus Cezar.

So an Arab man living in east Jerusalem with the nickname "Dudu"slang for David. Clearly a Jewish name,he posed as a Jewish batchelor looking for a long time relationship.

He was anArab man married with kids.
He met a Jewish girl and intercouse followed.
In a nearby deralect building.
The Jewish lady found out his secret, so.

She pressed charges for rape by deception, but it has sturred up so much feeling in Israel.

So the Arab guy got 18 months in prison.

The story is upsetting on so many levels.

What do you think?

Did you ever look in the lonely hearts colum?

There is some stomping ground for every type of predator.

I must stop thinking too much, but.

So I mentioned it to a lawyer on her way to the 4 courts.

"There is a load of shite about that case, If he was my client he would be free and his name would have been kept from the press for sure.
There is a rip tide of deception and polatics going on there and I can tell you there is a complete injustice in that case."

"Look, I fight to win,trust me on this one"

I forgot to get her card.

I went to have a Tango leson ! Bedere bar every tuesday.€10 for beginners.
Tango Argentino in the Belvedere bar, downstairs.

Good fun...Me Bad dancer!
Don't forget the tango festival
The link won't work.www.tangoforever.net/festival.html
12/15 Aug in Dublin 086 3747958

I have put many clips of tango on the blog (because there is more to life than work) So if you put the words "silver fox" in the search box on the top left corner of the blog...Then hit the magnafying glass you should see a dance or two.

I am hanging loose at present, kids are off college, but I am getting a strong urge to travel as there is no work for a poor taxi man at present.

Today I got a letter from the Taxi regulator to renew my PSV licence.
€250 for 3 years!
It used to be £3 for 10 years!
Now the Queen(holy regulator) is asking people by questionare if they think that taxi fares are a bit high? should be reduced?

Madam, reduce your costs.

Have a listen to Ms Doyle on Roys blog.

Meanwhile I put a bell on my cats collar to propect the birds.
I didn't think it would put the cat in danger.

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  1. Love the paddy power ad but it now been banned up north, damn do gooders