Sunday, July 08, 2012

Human trafficking and prostitution

A few years ago I picked up a black girl from Brazil around 18 years old, very naive and friendly.
She was going to Johns Rd in Sandymount. Look I said its only 300 yards down the road, so I brought her.
When we reached the house she told me that she was going there to do a shoot to become a model, she would be famous one day and she would remember that it was me who rescued her and brought her for her first fashion shoot.
I froze because I knew back then what I still hold to be true today.
I told her that she was in danger, she should ring me later on and I would direct her towards people who could help her.I knew a native speaker who would explain to exactly what I was talking about.
She insisted on going into the house.

Around a month later I took a morning off and decided that I would ring around to find the appropriate telephone number where I could find help for any other girl in the same situation.
So I rang Irishtown Garda station, after explaining my fears for her welfare the Garda told me to report her to the department of immigration and have her deported.
Not much understanding of the situation there

So I rang Harcourt terrace part of the Garda network.....No reply

So I rang the Garda HQ in the Pheonix park....No reply.

Then I thought that there was some department in Store St garda station and the garda there told me again that the likes of that girl should be deported. I was not going to argue with such lunacy so I stopped for lunch.

After lunch I rang the rape crisis center and a wonderful lady listened to my story and promised that someone would ring me back soon.
I forget the woman's name but she rang from Ruhama 01 8360292 I told my story again and she told me that I was brilliant for caring and trying to help.
"You are looking for inspector Jim Lordin who heads operation Quest. They are based in Store st garda station".
She then gave me the direct number.
I rang Mr Lordin and told him to give a kick on the arse to whoever answers his fones downstairs.

Then I went through my story yet again.

A few days later I got a phone call from one of his eejets, there is no Johns Rd in Sandymount. (He had looked it up on a map where it is listed as Johns Rd east, but on the street sign its just John's rd)

A few days later he rang me to say that there was no house with that number on the street.

I offered to bring him down myself and put his finger on the doorbell, but he refused to come.

Criminals have nothing to fear from this lot.

A few weeks later on I had bottled up my emotions too much and exploded.

I rang Mr Lorden and threatened to expose a brothel which was being controlled by garda in Dublin, they were even driving girls out on jobs....If you have information you give it to me now.
I told him it was the Sunday World who would get the information, he had 2 weeks to act.

Strange to say he did put a stop to that circus, but I am still sore that I have not helped that black girl from Brazil.

Well they took down that movie,but here are some new clips.

That is what the link prostitution on the right hand side of this blog is all about.
So now you have seen the movie and we will all be more aware of the kind of things which is going on in our fair city.


  1. the cops in Ireland have too much time on their hands looking into crimes, I had 7 or 8 laptops stolen and they found the guy but didnt arrest him...but what your talking about is a major wrong to any person and you would be so right to loose your cool when the cops wont lift a finger!

  2. Wonderful post. This is a world wide epidemic and very few police agencies take it seriously. We just had a trafficking ring busted right here in South Dakota...not sure if you know about South Dakota, USA, but it truly is the last place in America one would expect a sex trafficking ring to be in place. Point being, it's dam near everywhere these days.
    Kuddos to you for doing something. I will pray the young girl you gave a ride to is okay.
    Blessings to you.

  3. Anonymous8:22 AM

    Hi, Well done for trying to help, its a crazy world. I hope that girl is ok. This talk of legalizing prostitution is insane, like that helps. It seems to me that the government is only interested in getting more tax out of people, it doesn't matter what the people get up to to pay the tax.