Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wrong lady for sure

A taxi driver was telling me about a cyclist who cut across in front of him the other day.
He blew the horn and got a rude gesture in return.
Then he overtook the car in front on the outside and cut back in front of him as well.
This time when the driver blew the horn the cyclist gave the fingers, the car blew his horn again and then the cyclist spat on the front of the car.

The car was an unmarked police car which turned on its sirens and arrested him.

Sometimes you get away with things for a long time, then you get brave and do worse.

Then some day you do it to the wrong people altogether.

If you were the lady I picked up the other day in Clontarf going to Blackrock?

This is for you.

She told me that there were no holidays this summer as her daughter had been ill.
It turned out that mould and fungi which was growing in the walls of their rented house were causing the problem, her landlord won't help.

I know someone who has property to rent in the area.
So contact me and perhaps you might be sorted.

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