Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Quotation for a roof

A homophobic note on the notice board in the Kesh

A photographer bids fairwell to his model as they part near the Westbury hotel

The train station at Adamstown, a town that was never finished.

The weather is so bad that we need to get a quotation for a roof to cover the country.
Something like they have in Wimbledon, it slides back if it ever stops raining.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July after all.

Happy birthday uncle Sam.

Today HailO Dublin went live. To can now download the app Visit here .

Enter the code dublin and get a €5 discount on your first trip.

Last weekend launched Gay Pride week. A big parade from the GPO.
I had a couple from Boston who were staying in the Temple bar pub.
When we passed the old Dolphin hotel we met the merry group.
They were being lead by a young lady who was topless except for tassels on her nipples and she sure knew how to revolve them. First anti clockwise then clockwise. Then with a quick flick she managed to get the tassels going in opposite directions.
This is hardly what Eammon Develera and archbishop Sean McQuaid would have wanted.

On the same note a guy hopped into the taxi heading into town.

"Well I think I finally have seen it all.
I have a 2 bed apartment and my neighbour across the corridor was having a family get together. They were stuck for space and asked me if their son and his girlfriend could stay in my spare room. I didn't mind so I cleaned the place up and put on clean sheets.
Now I didn't mind them sleeping together, they can go to hell if they want to.
So I went down to the shops to get milk and bread, they were in bed.
When I came home after my walk they were up and as I was passing the bathroom door which was slightly open.


You'll never believe it.

A was shaving the hair of Bs arse with a razor !

And I think it was my razor into the bargain.

Lord of almighty I nearly passed out with the shock.

I can tell you they won't be welcome back in my place again

Well it will be bed and breakfast in future for them pair".

One common thing I find is that people going short distances are being refused point blank by taxi drivers.

Airport taxi drivers go mental when they get a short job.
I can see the reasoning behind it.
You wait for an hour and a €5 job comes along.
I came across it in Dublin port yesterday.
Still it is the first cars job and he should take it, its part of the job.
Sometimes a crappy job will put you in line for a great job, you must take the good with the bad.
Another driver told me that his brother got into a taxi in New York and the driver went ballistic when he was told where he was going.
So when they reached the hotel he decided to give the driver a $10 tip.
The taxi driver was furious by now and waving the $10 bill around he shouted
"Look what this feckin Mick gave me after bringing him to this shithole !
As the taxi driver passed by his passenger (who was much bigger than him) for the third time he reached over and pulled the money from his fingers.

"Don't make such a fuss I'll keep it just to make you happy"

That finally shut him up all right.

So don't complain.


  1. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Kcr is not the only charity taxi co theres global that treat there drivers like dogs and charge €115 for the privilege typical job tv3 ballymount to the green €10

  2. Anonymous5:10 AM

    There all the same.but its the drivers that need to grow a pair. No drivers no taxi co.€SIMPLES€. =No peter kelly and the like getting fatter off your back..

  3. Sometimes usually, this is the problem for taxi drivers. They refuse passengers going for short distance and this should not be the case.

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