Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Madonna is in town

Wow this is the pair of shoes I found in the car.
I got in touch with the HailO people and re united them with their owner.

Some photos from the St.Annes Rose festival over the weekend.

The schools are out and people are taking holidays, the traffic is lighter and the rhythm of the business has changed. People are in slightly better mood as the serious fraud office have started rounding up the officials of Anglo Irish Bank, the bank that brought the country to its knees.
It is a bit of a sham as we all know that most of the government officials were taking backhanders as well.

I met a few really great people recently and I know that with such clever positive people living here we will survive and we will rise up again to a beautiful dawn.
So I will not worry about something which I had no hand in.
I committed no crimes of greed of fraud.
So look to tomorrow, it may stop raining and hopefully you have your health.

Look at the Rausing family in the UK, once richer than the Queen of England herself.
Their son who is a drug addict was arrested for driving under the influence. When they went to his home there was a weird smell.
On investigation they found the body of his wife, dead for weeks rotting under a pile of rubbish.

So money will not bring you happiness for sure.

I was up in the builders supply store today and a young chap there trying to buy loads of wood.
His measurements were all wrong and they were trying to find out what the metric equivalent was for "CUBITS"
Only when I got out of the store into the car park and saw his van and all the animals lined up 2X2 did it dawn on me.
"Noah and family, manufacturers of Arks since 2020BC"

Was written on his van.

The rain is that bad.

Madonna is on in the Aviva stadium and it has been constant rain for the past 3 hours.
A manhole cover on my street is dancing up from the pressure of water below.
The drains below must be blocked.

So today I was heading home when I met a guy with a very small case, smaller than a laptop and bigger than a cigar box.
First question, where are you going?
Your accent, where are you from? Brazil.
Then I chanced my arm.

I bet you are a magician...Bingo !

Meet Rodrigo Furtado from Rio Brazil.

This act won first prize at FISM Blackpool2012
Really good ? So origonal too.

A wonderful clean pure magic card manipulation act.

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