Saturday, July 21, 2012

The boss is gone

Imagine meeting this on a tight bend on a dark night it must be 80 ft long

This Harley is from Moscow, it is on its grand European tour.

Anyone for party cakes ? Liffey Valley shopping mall.

Well its the weekend again.
Bruce Springstein has been and gone, again it worked out well for all who went to the show.

The HailO system is starting to pick up and there are now more and more passengers signing up for the app. The publicity is still aimed at getting drivers to sign up. There is no point in going ahead with the system if there are not enough taxis around to take up the work.This morning my easy rider downloaded the app there and then and instantly went
"Wow look at this? Its fantastic"
Another lady I picked through the Hailo system this morning had a slight problem.
She put in the number 74 James's St Then she rang me. The 1 had fallen off the shop front where she was standing. Problem solved back to 174 and we were off to Baggott St.
When she got out I forgot to rate my customer.

You were 5 star, if you are reading this.

If you know me you will know that I feel that most of the migrants who came into Ireland have been a huge blessing for Ireland,mostly great workers who brought their skills and enthusiasm to progress their lives and enrich our daily lives.
I talk to the girls in the supermarket, the dry cleaners, people who make the coffee and all the people who use my taxi. I learn about their lives and their hopes and dreams, mostly positive.

A lady from Latvia who has been here for around 15 years told me about a less than pleasant journey she made back into Dublin from the airport once.
She got into a taxi being driven by a really old man.
She remarked on the rain and how it never seems to stop.
"If you don't like it you have a simple solution, just get back on the plane and go back to where you came from"
Because she was homesick at the time it felt like a kick to the stomach to her.
She told him that she had a perfect right to be here, she pays tax, rent and many other charges which goes to the state and provides the services which he enjoys.

So I told her that the old driver is just attracting all kinds of negative things towards himself, he was the one who would suffer.

The Irish have traveled all over the world when times were bad, in many places we were welcomed, in other places there were signs

"No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish"

Most right thinking people do not tolerate things like that.

So times have moved on, everyone can see that you can not progress if you hold a racist point of view. But if you expect bad from strangers you will not be disappointed.

So I look for good things in everyone.

Do you ever notice how good looking the Continental girls are?
I thought it was because they had slightly different features and coloring, but no.
Europe has suffered many wars, where millions of men were killed.
When the war was over the balance between men and women was altered.
If a woman had a chance of getting married she had to make an effort, loose a few pounds, smarten up their dress sense and get the old hair dome.
Passed down through a few generations it has become second nature to look smart and look great.
Well it bit of a theory, and the work of a PHD.

There are a fair few tourists around at the moment, another cruise ship in today.
These ships can carry 2/3,000 people. They have tours laid on mostly but then the go shopping and spread a bit of cash around.

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