Friday, July 06, 2012


Molly Malones trying to sell strawberry's in Mary st.
The police stop them more than people selling drugs. Fact!

Did you ever see a motorbike running on Guinness?

No not the lovely lady, its the street statue people on Henry St.

What is trust?

Well it is what you must do when you employ someone to do a job for you.
Or when you get a taxi that the person driving it is competent, insured and has no criminal record for sexual violence or murder.
Or, when you buy a product. That it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Adam Clayton of U2 fame has had his personal assistant jailed for stealing €2.8 million from his bank accounts.

In reality comparing me to him,it is like me misplacing my float.

The thing to note is that the group U2 needs people to work for them without supervision.
Total trust is given and expected in return.
Then one day someone takes €400 and it is not noticed and it becomes an epidemic.
Suddenly a lot of money has gone astray.

U2s last tour took them away from home for around 2 years.
The gardener needed to cut the grass.
Helga came in and cleaned the house.
Tom picked up the post and sorted it out.
Mary checked that all the bills were paid.
Other people checked that the schedules were in order,hotels transport, wages etc.
The stage they played on tonight is being dismantled and is off to its next destination.
Tomorrows stage is identical, it was used 2 days ago,transported through 3 countries, assembled and ready tomorrow, while another stage is being erected as they preform.
3 stages leapfrogging around the world.

So Bono and the gang just have to concentrate on their music.

It is hard to believe, but money is not that important, its a by product of their music.


So his personal assistant goes off for 7 years in jail for stealing €2.8 million

So the next person to get his knuckles rapped is his accountant.

We trust that the regime that polices the taxi business is doing their job properly as well.

Why do you get that sinking feeling when the taxi diver asks you where Raheny or Ranelagh is?
Not a street but he has no idea where an entire town of Dundrum might be.

Is someone letting you down?

Then there was the drugs company fined for selling a drug which had dangerous side effects.
They were giving doctors weekends away to prescribe the drug, it was going on for quite a while too.

Lets hope that more people do their job to the best of their ability.

On an up beat note I picked up a man from America going to the Guinness brewrey, he spoke about this and that. Then he told me that he had been born in Cork and had been adopted to America by a second generation German family.
We spoke about his feelings towards his natural mother, a thing that many adopted children go through. Then he said that a few years ago they had come over to meet his mother, but the nuns said that she was not able to handle it, too much time had passed etc.

We in Ireland, looking back at the way that overhangs were run, how the Church abused the trust of the people.
We the normal people of Ireland raise our hands to God and ask how could such wrong be committed in his name.

But he worked well, he now employs over 300 people, his company operates in over 1/2 of the USA and is still growing.
So he is willing to move on from the past, build on a better future for us all.

So the books to read are Penny apples by Bill Cullen and Dublin tenement Life

You can't drive forward looking in the rear view mirror.

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  1. Thanks for suggesting the book Dublin Tenement Life, I just added it to my to be read list.