Wednesday, July 03, 2013

4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all our American friends.

The old world is getting so small.You are thinking about a new book that you heard about you link up your kindle and start reading. You see a gizmo and head over to Amazon and a guy in Korea is putting it into a box before you have your computer turned of.

Will shops be all gone soon?

I am pretty sure this person might never read the blog and even if they did they wouldn't mind me sharing.
"Sorry I am late, I looked at the weather forecast and wore a summer frock. When I came out it was so cold that I had to go back in to change.
How could they get it so wrong?"

Five minutes later...

"Oh I see what I did I was looking at the forecast for my home town San Diego!"

Or the guy getting into the taxi asking for Oxford Street, he got really mad when the taxi driver suggested Oxford Road....."Good God man how did you ever pass the knowledge?"
It took nearly another 10 minutes until the penny dropped...
The Gent thought he was in London,

You can have all the Gizmos you like and still make mistakes.
Take the taxi rank at the airport.
A guy asks a driverwith a HailO sticker on his car if he would he take a credit card?.
"Sorry mate my card reader is broken"
So the guy gets into the car behind...Look I'm going to NewRoss in Wexford and back. Will you do me a deal?
So they head off and after a few phone calls they finish up in Wexford town where they pick up a young lad and back to the airport, the cost €620  So the driver knocks off the €20.

The first driver only wanted a cash job and he lost out on a massive run.
Just because he didn't want to pay the 3% credit card charge.
I suppose what I am saying is that with all this technology you must still use your brain.

Every day I thank God for all the older people the "Greys" as they are known.
It must be very hard when your high flying job goes and you are sitting in the back of a taxi looking for sympathy from the driver.
I had a Microsoft girl who was made redundant a couple of weeks ago and She allowed me to ask her how it felt after the helter skelter ride.
She was surprised that I had thought about her changing life at all.
"17 years hard work now I can draw a breath and play with my kids."

Oh yes my children of Google your day may yet come.

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