Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to school? Christmas coming

 Wall art..This is who we are!
Gone is the Dublin pet stores at the bottom of Capel St.
I remember they had a Mynah bird there years ago that was a great talker.

Sad sad news in the papers today, an Indian man who has been living here in Ireland crashed his car and when the Garda investigated they found the dead bodies of his 2 sons aged 5 and 10 years in the trunk of the car.In this instance the Garda have stated that they are not aware of any division within the family
Fathers are often so shut out in divorce separations that the snap with the most horrendous results.

All that can be done now is to say a short prayer for them all.

A traveler man engaged me to drive him to Bus Aras from the ferry, there was €16 on the meter when we arrived and he said that he had to get cash from the bank link, he walked around the corner and never came back...Still someone else came out and I made the money back.
The traveler dropped a sim card on the floor, so I can assume he had stolen a phone on his way across on the ferry.
In the morning I got 2 HailO fares of over €30each, so it is snakes and ladders
Not too bad really.

Christmas is coming.....Its official.
M&S have put Christmas crackers on the shelves in their store in the Square in Tallagh.
The "Back to school" rush is on in Tesco and many other stores.

A story that caught my eye came from Car Mechanics magazine.This reflects the sorry situation some people find themselves in.He said in the dealers diary how a neighbour had been buying  Jaguar cars for years. Trading up every few years and this year he bought a Jaguar XJ a beautiful car with alloy wheels and all the bells and whistles on it. A few months later the car vanished from his drive and it didn't come back.
The word went out that it had been a`faulty car and had been taken back by the makers. But no other car appeared in the drive.
A few months later it surfaced in some trade literature as coming up for auction. The writer went to see it.
It was the same XJ complete with the owners personal effects still on board.
It had been stored for 2 months and didn't look the best.
The writer of the article reckoned the car had cost him £60,000.
Now it was to be auctioned off and he found out that there was a reserve price of £26,000 on the car.
Since the writer of the story didn't win the lottery he couldn't buy it and give it back to its proud owner.

But that is life in these hard times.

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