Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cruising into Dublin

This small cruise ship pulled into Sir John Rogersons Quay this morning.
On the other side of the bridge the huge ship called the WORLD is waiting to depart.
If you would like to look inside The World and other luxury liners click here.
I got a call on the HailO system from an apartment beside the ship all the way to the airport.
He was heading back to America after a funeral in Ireland.
When you are heading home for a funeral the airlines really hammer you your trip costs thousands at the last  minute.But if you could only book in advance it would cost you a fraction of the cost.
Such is life.
He is based in Chicago, but is finishing a project in New York this week.
He told me of a project that he was going to launch in Ireland a few years ago.
It was worth €15 million and would have cost the Irish government nothing !
We had raised the capital and the people were ready to move. The only thing which we had to have was the Ministers approval.
Senator David Norris found out about the project and wanted to meet the team.
So a dinner was arranged and the Minister was invited.
Starting time came and passed, no minister came.
So we finished the meal and we abandoned the plan.
The organizer sympathized with my passenger and said "If they treat you with so little respect imagine how they would treat us"
Work for 80 people in the construction and continuing staff in employment full time all gone.

No reason or apology ever came.

I said that because it was going to cost nothing there would be no brown envelopes to be handed around.

The architect who designed the conference center is so annoyed with the attitude of the planning department that he will never build anything in Ireland again.

The royalties from our offshore oil were given away by corrupt government ministers. Our oil is being taken away with the least payment.
The only country that gets less than we do is Cameroon.

The weather was perfect for the last 10 days and this weekend we had the world championships street performers in Merrion Square and it is  FREE,,

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