Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shit happens

      Inside the garden center which was an old print works in Cork St.
      The moon shines over Dublin bay
   This is a special bus with no roof, they use it to cut back the branches at this time of year.

I was at the ferry from Holyhead the other day and brought 2 young girls from California to the Navan Rd.On the journey they told me that they were studying in London for a month and were on a week off.
They decided to come to Dublin for a few days.
Well, when they arrived at the ferryport they were asked for their passports which were in London !
So they went back to London again to get them.
Now if something like this happens to you.
Get a courier company to bring it to you the next day.
As it turned out the customs people here never asked for their passports.
Perhaps they might have asked for it when they were going back, you never know.

Another lucky one I had earlier was when I pulled into the rank at the Westbury hotel to buy the Sunday paper in the shop just around the corner. When I came back the cars had moved up and I was now number 2 in line.
In 5 minutes I was on my way to the airport.
An American on the way to New York using AmEx for payment.
When we arrived I was imputting his card details when an elderly gent walked over and got into the car.
"What is the chance of that happening?" I said to my departing passinger.

Apart from that there was very little work on the streets.

Schools and universities are on holiday, soon the courts will close and the Dail will go home.
Still, it would be great weather for fishing.

Driving along my mind often wanders, you think...What if I had gone the other way?
Would my day have turned out better?
Or would it be worse?
A customer told me of a movie which I had not known of called

"Sliding Doors"

Have a look

Its a good concept for a film, though a lot of people don't get it.

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