Friday, July 26, 2013

Monsoon weather

The floods today were epic. It was like the rains of India.
Perhaps not as bad though because no one died.

Things were hopping and so was I from one job to the next.
I got a Hailo job which was badly located.
By that it I mean it was hard to figure out where the customer was.
Then he rang me and he figured that 12 minutes would be too long to wait.
So I told him that he was very welcome to cancel, because there was hundreds of people looking for taxis in this deluge and I would be logging off the system now..
As it turned out He was at Yahoo in East Point business park.
I could have picked up 10 fares getting to him..
Even at Yahoo someone else tried to take the taxi.
So we headed for Google in Barrow st.and when we landed there there was a flood on Shelbourne Rd.
So my crew abandoned me to walk and I did a quick U turn brought me back to Google where they were all very happy to see me.
Then we weree off to the airport via the port tunnel. (taking no chances)
A Polish lad who works for Google and we had a great discussion about the HailO app and how well it works.
As he had not yet put it on his fone I explained how the divers code works.
You register your credit card details and then put in the driver code WKBTU and then you get €5 off the first time you use it. Plus you get a text to your fone and an email to your inbox,very handy when you are on expenses."Let me write down that code" he said borrowing my pen.
After he had written down the code I asked him if Google paid him well?
"Yes they do" he said.
"Then buy your own pen" I said with my hand out to take it back.
Loads of laughs.
Not only is he playing rugby here but he wants to learn to speak Irish.
Some people would shame you, like the Polish girl in the Flyers Cafe in the Kesh at the airport.
She asked me how to say a few words in Irish a few years ago now she can now hold a conversation in Irish.
and why not?

Was it the Normans who came over and became "More Irish than the Irish themselves" ?

Just a word to the wise.
When I was on holiday I ran up a "Roaming charge" of over €110 I didn't think they could charge you Roaming charges in Rome...But they did.
Look at the website of your telecom provider and put in their code to reduce your charges.
But an EU directive has reduced charges in the meantime.

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