Thursday, July 04, 2013

Stop the auction

I couldn't find this clip last night.

Today Aollsops an English auctioneer were to have an auction of "distressed" properties.
But things did not go to plan for them.
Protesters went in and spoke of how the bank were selling their homes for a pittance while the banks themselves were bailed out at a cost of billions.
Yet no concessions are being made to the home owners.
Don't forget all the officials who caused this are on fat pensions and they got thousands in severance pay when they stepped down.
They reckon that the banks will take over 30,000 homes and sell them again for for a song to their mates who will then rent them out for 10/15 years and then sell them again when the price is right.
The Garda have had the "Anglo tapes" (conversations between bankers about how they would screw the central bank) for more than 3 years and no bankers have been locked up
It is a really sick joke.
I know this has happened all over the world did you ever hear of "the new world order"
Perhaps that is not the title but it is all about people who are at the top of the pyramid and how they plan to control the world,


I cannot find the clip so I will show you this clip again.

A guy in the taxi going to Blackrock from Clontarf.
"Over the East link" I said.
He balked at the €1.70 cost.
So we went down to Amiens St and over the Sam Beckett bridge where we got stuck in hellish traffic.
I gritted my teeth as he looked at his watch, after a few more minutes I had to tell him that the distance and the traffic was adding more than €7 to his journey.
"Believe me save money go over the toll bridge to Blackrock"
As we were leaving Mount Merrion I told him I was turning off the meter at €15
When we came into the town I asked Left? No straight on to the Garda station.

His story was that he parked his car in a marked space and when he came back his car had been towed away.
In the rain he had parked in a space between 2 parking spaces in front of a woman's driveway.
She had reported him. He told her that she would do better to ring the corporation to put a yellow line down and not be so quick to have cars towed away.
He reckons that the ransom for his car will be €200 and the pound is in Wicklow.

I am glad I stopped the meter for him.

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