Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A crash and a good deed

         Heuston station, nice and empty
           Mustang  Ready to Goooooooooooooooo!

         He should have been looking at the lights.One of the women looking on was urging him to lie down and pretend he was hurt.The video cameras on the Luas will tell the whole story.
It has been a long time since I saw an accident.

Riverdance did a Jig across the Sam Beckett bridge on Sunday

I have lost the piece of paper. But it is a Guinness world record for people dancing in a line.
.More than 1,600 dancers.

The "Carpetbaggers" are cleaning up just now.
The Trinity Capital hotel was bought by an Irish American billionaire for €35 million. Mr Malone is the largest land owner in the USA with 2.2 million acres.
The Morrison hotel and was sold to Russias richest woman for €22 million.
While the new Marker hotel and apartment block went to a Swiss company for €30 million.

You know Nama is left with the debt from this madness and we have to pay Nama,

Its not right.

In fact its not even moral that we should be paying the debts that the banks caused.
Is that too simple?

Two German girls to the airport this morning from Clontarf.
Hotel managers who have just finished training.
When we got there the meter said €20.40.
"That's great, €10 cheaper than the last time!"
I just said that not everyone is honest and perhaps the other guy will bring bad Karma on himself.

They were going to the airport to rent a car.
I hope they remember to drive on the left.

It is strange, I had 3 runs to the airport before 11 o'clock, not a bad run of luck

Later on I was on my way in to collect my watch which had a broken bracelet.

Coming back past an Indian lady who couldn't get on the bus because there was a buggy already on board.
I was feeling happy so I told her that my taxi was just around the corner and I would run her into town for nothing. She was surprised and asked me why I would do such a thing.
I told her I had a good morning, so now I must do a good deed to make the Gods smile.
God the little boy was 3 months old and only a little bit bigger than a chicken.
He was as bright as a button and he looked all around the place while I held him and she folded the buggy, a foreign lady and her daughter were smiling from ear to ear to ear at the sight of the little lad looking around.
When we were driving along I noticed her accent, she was Indian all right but from Mauritius,
"There is a restaurant in the Moore St Mall which is run by Mauritian people." I said
"That is my aunt and uncle" she said.
I put a photograph of her on the blog years ago, she will remember me.
It is a small world after all
She thanked me and told me that it was so good of me to help her.
The pleasure was mutual.

And so we parted.
God I wish them both a long and happy life.

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