Friday, July 26, 2013

Taxi driver kills himself

A Dublin taxi driver lies in Shangannah cemetry today.
He killed himself in a most cruel way,
It was so horrific that I will not go into the details.

There is help to be found, look for it.

It is the ones you leave behind who really suffer.
It is not a thing that you think of when you reach the end of your rope.
Please think of the people who need you, your children, your friends. 
Cut back on the drink, that makes things much worse.
Go to your doctor, he is trained to help.
If this job was like many other professions where the work and the rewards were constant it would go some way to helping the situation.
Stop listening to RTE radio 1 Joe Duffy moans all the time about the problems of the world, yet he offers no soloutions or does he tackle any of the problems. Adrian Kennedy the same.
Listen to Lyric FM or some other classical music station. BBC radio 4 and 4 extra are great stations.
Buy a few Beatles CDs they are going for €1 each in the charity shops.
I am not a professional by any means,just talk to one of them.

I had a young guy in the car who had just finished his job in a really big progressive company that very day.
He saw the Samaritans card which I carry on the dashboard of the car and he told me that he was often suicidal many times in the past.
He had a "good" job with a big company, but they were not paying them very well.
He had his own place but the bills mounted up and sometimes he had not enough money to feed himself.
He rang the bank and the credit card company and did a deal with them.

So he had quit his  job and was going back to college.

I hope Robin will inspire you

Come on be just be the BEST taxi driver

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