Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Big Day

Mount Temple school.
Cabra Castle Hotel near Kingscout Co.Cavan.
The arriving groom was from Lebanon.

Today was just a day when so much was crammed in that your head would spin.

First thing a customer of mine asked me to do an airport run at 5am.
Without much thought I accepted!
She is a German girl who has recently arrived in Dublin to work for Google.
Taxi companies are very hit and miss..They promise the car is on the way even though they have no cars available and then leave you hanging on until you miss your flight.
Better to go out on to the street and hail a cab.

Anyhow up a t 4.10 and over to Stamer St.(piece of interest this was the center of Jewish heritage in Dublin,called little Jerusalem. Great guy running the Jewish meseum nearby, my wife taught in the Jewish school for 1 year. The joke about the Dublin Jew is. Oh you are an Irish Jew. Are you a Catholic or Protestant Jew?)
G.B Shaws house is in the next street across.

Well I arrived in time and off to the airport.
Picking up a girl from Slovakia on the way(She couldn't get a taxi either)
Arrived in time and then waited for the Boston flight.
Got the Regency hotel with 2 American ladies who were on their way to Paris Via Dublin and then they go down to (Forget the place) central France where the younger one was to do a years study.

When I came out of the hotel a girl from Florida and born in Costa Rica jumped into the taxi as her car had not arrived either. She just hoped I would ask her to jump in. A shy American must be unusual!.
Lucky girl she was off to see the Cliffs of Moher in county Clare and the Burren no doubt.This is pure magic the cliffs are the highest in Europe and the last time I was there you could stand at the edge and throw stones over and watch them dissapear as the drop was so far. All change now with health and safety,I suppose they are right a few people got blown off the edge.
There was a fantastic TV programme made about surfers who find these perfect waves to ride, they tow out the surfer with a jet ski and then, Wow the wall of water comes up..Hawaii 50 me arse!

The girl asked me if I would do a tour of Dublin with her, but to be fair to everyone the open topped bus which takes in the whole city is better value and If my wife ever found out we would have to hide until she cooled down.

Hope you had a great day(gave her the blog address).

Heading for home picked up 2 carpenters from Romania near Mountjoy Sq heading for Peters Pub S.Williams St. Great conversation about going to Transvelvania to look for count Dracula (written by a Clontarf man Bram Stoker.Great book)
Must get home.

But when anyone sticks their hand up I have to stop..

Ballymun a natural talker and he gave me a great website to buy cars from in Japan.Buys and sells cars, clever boy!

He jumps out and a young couple waving frantically going to Rotunda maternity hospital, were having a baby NOW.
First one, take it easy mind the bumps.

Happy days to you.

Been there done that have the t shirt.

Well then home to get my son out of bed and off to school.
My boys went to Mount Temple school who had 2 success stories in their pupils.Probably a lot more too.
One was a boy with cerebral palsy whom the experts thought was not up to much he wrote a great book Eye of the clock by Christopher Nolan.
The other guys who did well formed a band and called themselves U2 after a spy plane mishap.(I would love to visit Cuba)

Well off to the shops then to pick up a special cake Happy birthday 97 1/2 today.
Everyone in the bakery section had to see the cake then the delicatesen section then the cashiers. As I went through the store about 50 people went wow.

This lady is a very special friend and with my son coming over with his fiance we decided to honor her .
She is as healthy as a trout.
Lives alone and cooks and cleans for herself.
Her mother lived to 104. I am sure she will make 105.
When you borrow a book from her they are usually autographed by the author.
"To my special friend..."
You know at 97 1/2 does the crossword puzzle in the paper every day.
She brings great life to our house.
She is as lively as a spark in a fireworks factory.

So the feast had to be prepared and we had a rolling attendance of about 15 people.
Some came from as far as Brazil to say goodbye to my son who is going off to Wales.

Our son is just back from Uganda where he went to do some work in a school which his church sponsors there.
He wants me to go and take over the transport section of the operation.

Could you manage without me ?

Think about Africa. I think about the corruption there and how we should impose order on the leaders there.
This space is not for this discussion but be aware that many thousands of people are dying every week because we do not care enough.

The people who are dying are not BAD PEOPLE.

Well today my boy and his future bride head off to Wales to start their new life together,sadly missed by us but they make a great couple together.

I am still thinking about a beautiful Chinese girl I met yesterday but that is a story for another day.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Money Money

Posters that Guinness brought out a few years ago, using John F Kenneddys words.
The football semi final Dublin V Kerry..Kerry won so its Kerry V Cork for the final.
The holy nun is saying her prayers and her rosary beads are in the Kerry colors.
Click on the picture of the Dublin line painters their smiles look great.

Perhaps next year lads.

This is the new flavor of modern Ireland, like bringing it all back home, the festival of the new cultures at the weekend was a big success, I didn't see it.

I worked too hard during the week which made a mess of the weekend and I had to rest. If it was raining soup I would be out there with a fork trying to catch it.

A lot of people who ride in my taxi hear the story about the day I met Chuck Feeney, well there is a book out about him,I gave him a prize a few months ago as being the passenger who impressed me the most.

Funny thing is that he is a nice normal guy, you could enjoy a coffee with him, share a joke.

He gave me free advice.
Because you read this I will pass it on to you. Free.

His advice to me was this.
I would love to have your job, meeting different people every day something new all the time.
You will learn a lot from people if you listen and ask the right questions.

I added my 20 cents by saying its not all moonlight and roses you know.

What bothers you most?

When people get into the car for example and say I have to be at the airport in 10 minutes step on it or I will be late.
OK Turn it around they are putting the blame on you for them being late.
Stop the car, take out their bags and wish them a safe trip!
You should not allow them to bully you.

He is right there, I have refused fares since then and felt better for it.

On Money..........
If you can pay your way and your health is good that is a good start.
Spend time with your kids while they are young, they need your time when they are young and if you give it now they won't need you when they are older.

Rest and avoid stress, it can kill you as quickly as a bullet.

You know good health is everything and all the money in the world can't get your health back.

The other thing is avoid addictions, drink ,drugs,gambling,even work can be addictive.
What is important in your life ?. Work towards that.

It takes a very little difference for you to loose all the things that are important.
But if you really don't know what is important ,where are you going?

Money can bring great problems poverty is the other side of the coin.

Be alert,calmness comes when you live your life within your means.
Don't buy what you don't need and don't have a want for things you can do without.

He asked me later on if I would be available to meet friends of his and take them around Dublin,bring them to theater and show them around,he would have no problem paying me.
I said that waiting around for people to have their meals was not really my scene.
No I mean for you to accompany them.

The next lines from my mouth I regret saying but it is true.

I have family commitments and really I must be available at home at odd times during the day.
This is why I drive a taxi,it allows me to come and go.
I won't say I will do something and then not turn up.

So in effect I turned him down flat. I should have said that would be great,I would love to do it but..

The Irish Times published his story the next day, thats how I found out who he was and thankfully I retained the wisdom he gave me.

Good ideas are simple and simple ideas are good.

He made his fortune by INVENTING DUTY FREE !

I often wonder when the bubble bursts how will a lot of shall we say "adviser" type people will fare out.You know the type, give you the destination and its on to the mobile,showing you how important they are.
If you listen to them,provided they are not speaking "Jargon",when the radio is broken you can pick up on the mistakes that they are making..two guys I went to school with gave me a good payback once for information gathered this way.
They are lucky bastards same age as me,retired and living in the Bahamas now.
They are good guys really and I know that they really want me to visit and I will go, some day.(OK Ken hope your hat didn't blow off in the storm)

My poor old mum is failing. She is sleeping a lot of the time,a peaceful death is a wish that we all hope for. Like a ship ending its voyage, engines slowing down,the noises and pace of movement changing.
Poor woman she has a form of altzimers for a while and often she will not know who you are. But she is content.

Good night I must fix my eye on a distant star.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Preforming on the trapeze in the shadow of the spire to celebrate Bloomsday a few years ago

The special criminal court. Used to try IRA and gangland criminals.

There are a few of these garden ornament places springing up.
Just everything for the lotto millionare.

The other day I picked up a guy from the UK going into Bewleys hotel in Ballsbridge.
Straight through the port tunnel and we were there in a few unstressed moments.
On the way he told me about where he lived in Woodnewton in Northhamptonshire.
It is almost in the center of England and is now famous as being the last resting place of Coco the clown. As a tribute to the great entertainer the town decided to hold an annual clowning festival, so people young and old pack up their sponge bricks and strings of sausages and head off for the festival. When they go they visit the grave and pay their clowning respects.The true hero of Briitsh comedy Norman Wisdom opened the first clowning festival and at 92 he is still an utter gent.He had a very hard life but is a great ambassador for Britaian, when I was writing this I found that he is not well. If true it is a very sad end for a wonderful person.
Be sure that you create a safety clause when you enter a pact with your children.
I hope that someonre in the Isle of man makes him a ward of court,then at least his rights would be taken care of.

A good friend of mine comes from a circus family and he takes great pride in tracing back his family tree to the early 700s where they toured Italy and Europe entertaining as they went. He is the magician Fred Corvenieo, he has some stories to tell of the great hardships suffered by people who live the wandering life.
With each passing generation the circus tradition gets weaker, its hard to get people to come out to be entertained, the telly keeps them away from seeing real life, soon you will only find live acts in Circus museums.

A small boy approaches his granddad.
Make me a sound like a frog..I can't do that one..Try granddad try....
Why do you want me to do it so badly ...
Well I heard mum and dad say that when you croak we can all go to Disneyland.

With the Rolling Stones in Slane last weekend we had a bumper night.
One thing I observe and often comment upon is if a taxi gets a fare to Tallagh for example that car is out of commission for 1 hour. Well I got Tallagh then got Ashbourne e18...e50 That took me out of the frame for 2 hours when things were hopping in town.
The fare to Tallagh still has me wondering.Man and woman,Polish very good looking girl,man as ugly as could be.
She was a bit drunk and started crying, he shouted at her and threatened to hit her unless she stopped. If he had hit her he would have been at the receiving end of my new no violence against women policy. He would have been crosseyed lying in the ditch and I would be bringing her home alone.
The Polish guy I reckon was a pimp and the girl I would think was with him under duress. His job was to bring her "home". She was drunk more from desperation than anything else. Human relationships I will never understand, I wish her well.
There are links on the bottom right of the site which will direct you to people who are combating prostitution and sex slavery.
Educate yourself.

Many years ago I was working for a radio cab co. and I pulled up between jobs in D'Oleer St. I had reclined the seat and was just nodding off when I herd a couple "having words" she was saying I wasn't laughing at you etc. then, BANG I sat up in time to see him ramming her head into the side of the phone box.
I called the dispatcher to get help and he had dragged her into the phone box and was going to whack her on the head with the telephone recever.
His eyes were wild,like he was in a trance and he did not even notice me coming up behind him.
With my nightstick I hit him so hard that I jumped off the ground with the effort. He went down straight away and I only got another whack at his knee to keep him in the same place.Then the screaming started.
"You bastard ! Thats my boyfriend you hit." 2 Garda arrived and started to assess the situation.
No she would not press charges, the Garda explained that this guy should be locked up etc,then he came over to me, look this is going nowhere you will be in trouble if he decides to do you for assault. This other dimwit he was beating is not going to thank you either so drive away quietly before I get a chance to notice your number, so off I went.
The modern boys in blue would the arrest the taxi driver as they see a cut and dried case of assault, even though the driver is helping someone.
In the times in which we now live you would loose your taxi licence and your taxi plate for having an "offensive" weapon,even though taxi drivers are attacked every day.
You are supposed to tap them on the sholder and say"I say old chap could you stop sticking your knife into that person before I get really cross"

Get real !.

Perhaps I should join "Expert taxis" they have an integrated camera GPS and panic button. The images are stored at the base, so ripping out the recorder is not an option.

Good news another new bar is opening in Dublin called floridita its at the Abbey St side of the Irish Life Mall. With a Cuban theme they promise to sell good Cuban cigars and bring the best of Cuban music to Dublin.
Did you ever listen to the Buena Vista Social Club?
To get you in the mood they are giving Salsa lessons on Wednesday at 7/8pm e10 no partner required,.thats my day off!.
Seems like there will be a cover charge to get in though!
You won't get a kute whore of a Cavan man paying a cover charge to go into any pub.

Oh the other news, my middle son proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes.
They are mad about each other and I am sure they will be very happy together.
So the family is getting bigger!

After a drive up to Northern Ireland we met the "in laws" on the shores of Lough Neagh. All went well all are great people.

Time to reflect on the day YOU met your in laws for the first time.

Good luck have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

10 pubs +

the barman
Cassidys is where they brought Bill Clinton when he came over his mother was Cassidy. its beside the Bleeding Horse on Camden St.

Well you may have heard incompetent as being described as "Someone who couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery"
Well Dublin has plenty of pubs and one famous brewery, Guinnesses.

Start off with a tour around the botanical gardens in Glassnecvin its free and it will give you an apatite to have dinner in the Tolka House just further down the hill. Most of the successful pubs do a great lunch it has helped them survive in this no smoking times (food to an Irishman is called "lining" for the stomach).

Take a look up the hill to the left and you will see a gray pyramid shaped building this is the They sent us very bad weather this year!

Head off for town again keeping to the right. Just after the Sunnybank hotel there is a little street called** Turn right and follow your nose and you will come into a green space Prospect square where you will find the most uneqe pub in Dublin.
Kavanaghs or "The Gravediggers" as it is known.
The pub was opened in 1833 and has stayed in the same family since then, that is for 6 generations. The first John Kavanagh had 25 children 3 of which fought in the American Civil war.
Its a dark place with no television(I have never been in the Lounge) so therefore people have weighty and witty conversations without distractions.
The pint of Guinness here is fantastic.
Back on to the road turn right for town and take note of the Brian Boru "Headigans" on the right hand side.
Now you can cross over and get the bus back into O'Connell St.
On the next corner is the Porterhouse they make all their own beer and with EU grants they have become trendy. But look at the 2 big chimneys of Mountjoy Jail on the opposite side of the canal and be thankful you don't have to spend a night of B&B there.
Onward a big step to Parnell St at the top of O'Connell St. There is Patrick Conways pub this is supposed to be the oldest pub in Dublin. Its really well fitted out with its mahogany bar and the famous big clock, so you don't miss your bus.

Down O'Connell St towards the river Liffey stay on the left and just after Clearys store there is a street called Sackville Place.This is the old name for O'Connell St.
20 yards down there is one of Dublins small living room type pubs the Saclville lounge..After a few visits the barman will greet you by name.
The Polish shop on the other side of the road is stocked with all your favourate Polish goods, great looking girls too.
Back on to O'Connell st where you pass the statue of Daniel O'Connell himself.
The statue stood there right through the 1916 rising and you can see a bullet hole in the angels breast facing you one on the other side was shot in the arm.

Over the bridge to the South side.

Another famous pub is Mulligans of Poolbeg St Est 1782.( Most of thees pubs are in James Joyces books) Many the hours of miss spent youth have been passed there.
Low cellings, the smoking ban is a blessing.
Out of there into Tara St right then turn left on Pearse st to take a look at the hanging flower baskets on O Neills pub.
About face and head towards the dreaded Temple Bar area,keep to the left hand side of Pearse street as you head back,there is a busy methadone clinic on the right.
As you pass the police station note the carved stone heads looking down, they are wearing English Bobbys helmets, not the flat cap of the Garda. The next door though has heads with flat caps,the station is older than the state.

Cross the street and keep to the right at Doyles bub. On the left as you pass down Fleet st. Bowes pub a fine place I think there is a snug in there.
A snug was a small room where widows or other people who would not want to be seen in a pub would go for a drink,you would be served through a hatch.
Facing Bowes is the now redundant offices of the Irish Times the newspaper of the educated class.
Crossing Westmorland St down 20 yards you come to The Palace bar one of Dublins most famous litary pubs. Countless sages and wags stood and fell in this bar.

You must avert your eyes as you pass the Thunder Road and the Hard Rock Cafe.
Haunts of Hen and Stag parties.

Go back to Hollywood.

Oliver St John Gorgartys, further down. The owner of this pub group spends more then e11,000 on live music every week for his pubs.The Temple bar also has live music and they must be good because they are always full,thats a fact not an opinion.

Heading left on Dame St near Sth Great Georges St,beside the bookies there is an alley, through the alley on the left is the Stags Head in Dame Court.
Once upon a time I worked part time there. A fine place, full of Trinity students.

Down Dame lane towards Dublin Castle is the busiest bar in Ireland.
That is the George on Georges St. This is a gay bar but you don't have to be gay to drink there. They do a great cabaret there sometimes.(So I hear)
Further up the street is the Long Hall a five example of what A Victorian watering place looked like.

If you go up the road another 50 yards there is a church where the bones of St Valentine are kept. A rub of the relic and your love life is sorted.

Cut back through the Gorges Arcade. On the left as you heave a guy from Brazil who sells fine wines, you won't be disappointed with his choice.Blazing salads across for a healthy snack.
Down on the left you have The old stand and the International bar which has comedy nights and they will give you a try out.Go on lets see how funny you are.
I saw a few now famous names falter,get up and go on again to glory here .
Comedy is a hard gig The Hapeney bar near the hapeney bridge has cheap comedy nights as well. The laughter lounge is expensive.

Keep on through Castle market Grogans on the right through the other shopping mall Powerstown house shopping center. On the left is AYA a Japanese sushi eatery, try the breast of chicken cooked in lime juice and herbs, they do early bird specials and lunch specials,and on to Grafton St. Through the twisting lane
Turn right then you have John Keoghes world famous bar in St Anne st. The Bailey, Davy Byrnes in Duke St, The Duke is also packed and then theres Bruxelles bar which faces McDaids behind the famous statue of Phil Lynott in Harry St,
Nearys bar in Chatham St is around the corner this is the place where the barman banned Pavarotti for singing!
His hand prints are outside the Gaeity theater on the footpath where he made his debut.
Correction.Since his death the detail has come out. He was performing for the Dublin Operataic society.Thats where the manageress of the Covent garden opera house saw him. She was from Dublin and brought him over To London as an understudy. The leading roll gave up after one preformance and Pavarotti became a sensation, he also filled other dates which had been lined up for the other singer including Sunday night at the London pilladium.

On through to Dawson st where Cafe en Scene stands among the fine eating establishments.

This is the bar that forced a man to fly from London(in his private jet) just to see what it looked like. He is a famous Italian architect
Go in look see for yourself.

What do you think?
Go there early in the day when its empty to get the full effect.
Its full of posers at night.

Further up the street you have 2 pubs with the same name Ron Blacks and the Dawson lounge Ron Blacks is smaller than most peoples sitting rooms. Its only a doorway beside a Jewelers shop.
Turn left on St.Stephens Green straight ahead is the Shelbourne Hotel refurbished recently the Horseshoe bar is supposed to be just great.
Heading for Merrion Row on the right is O'Donohues one of the most famous pubs in the world.
If you were to faint this place is so crowded at night that you would not fall,such is the crush.
Further down on Baggott St. There is Doheny & Nesbitt and Toners.

There are many more you should go to see the Hole In The Wall and The Brazen Head the Merchant with its dancing and Ryans of Parkgate st and Nancy Hands beside it.

There is a great singing session in the Cobblestone bar in Smithfield. A guy told that when he was playing there they stopped for a "tea" break and this old guy borrowed his guitar and played for a bit,the other lads slagged him for months for not knowing the old was Bob Dylan. Another little story we were told in Boston.
A lady in California was shocked when her son told her that a "Weird old man came in and started singing crazy songs in the playgroup" She rang up to complain only to be told it was Bob Dylan visiting his granddaughter.
All the mothers turned up the next day to meet him but he had moved on.

If you see Bono or the Edge in Dublin it is polite to approach them,this is an Irish thing,in Dublin the famous are left in peace.
Most people want to be left alone and we respect that.
One well known asshole got very annoyed when I did NOT know who he was even when he said his name. When I said I don't get time to watch TV was the clincher.
I don't do TV
He got a very bruised ego. (He was a big film star no less)

I met a guy in Kerry a few years ago a German, my cousin told me he was very wealthy man he owned the best Irish bars in Europe. He had developed the concept and worked out exactly how it would be done. His bars are the best in the word and he was hardly 50 years old then. Spends loads of time in Dingle,wearing an old leather cowboy hat and long hair,a recluse and very happy one.

In reality Irish barmen are deaf and grumpy not at all like they should be.

As soon as I publish I will think of more places to see and visit.

Don't forget the Carravagio painting the taking of the Christ in the National art gallery, we have loads of impressionist paintings too.
The Celtic Gold collection in the National museum.
The book of Kells in Trinity college.

The Celtic Note record shop in Nassau St carries loads of trad. Irish CDs.
Also Claddagh records in Cecelia St. Near Temple bar Sq.(Probably best one)
They offer far more choice than the big record chain stores.
Try Sharon Shannon, S,Begley & Cooney, Fraces and Mary Black,Maura O'Connell(New CD out),Paul Brady, Cafe Orchestra and The Buena Vista Social Club.

I will publish in case you are coming here today, correcting the mistakes later.
My head is spinning. Such a pub crawl, you couldn't stop at 10.

Oh yes don't forget to tip the taxi driver.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Through the night into the dawn.

Well this would be something to see if it was the Clampers towing away 2 police cars which park on double yellow lines on Townsend St.
This often causes mayhem as only one lane of traffic can get through.
Theres no law for them and the full force of the law for taxi drivers.

In Buckingham St.,(no there is no palace there)there stands a monument to remember all who died in the great war which swept through this area taking a whole generation with it.
Every year at Christmas a tree was erected on this spot and a bulb was placed in memory of a loved one lost, there was many hundreds of bulbs on the tree.
Then it was decided to erect a more permanent monument and this is it.
The metal for the torch contains the metal of the first communion,dancing medals and other sporting medals of the victims.

For many years grandparents reared their grandchildren, now I see the old drugs coming back big time.I won't tell you where to look, you might be killed and it would be stupid to go looking at the street carnival that drug dealing has become.

The drug dealing and addiction continues at a hell of a pace even though you her of 50,110,20 million seasures of drugs every month, God knows whats getting through.

When tourists see the Spire they all say "Whats that for?"

I have to say with hand on heart that when the city fathers calculated that there was 16,000 heroin addicts in the city they decided it was time to do something about it.

So they erected a 125 meter steel(spike)needle in the center of the street.

Still it was better than doing nothing.

These all nights are tough,I hate to say it but its like bringing up kids.
It's the work for the younger person.

You start off bringing them into town, this pub, that pub. Then all the last minute changes,picking up ones and twos on the way, changes in destination 4 times are common.
Then a lull, off to the airport where the holiday makers are coming back all bronzed and in shorts and sandals.
Then back home for a take away and 1/2 hour of "night of the living dead" or something similar on the telly.
Transfers from pub to club follows.
Next task is the married folk home, babysitters home.
Then Clubs to different apartments around the city, all kiss and cuddle then " Well maybie just one cup of coffie".

Next up is from the suburbs
Taking the weary lovers home.
"Where am I? What do you mean its Tuesday?"

You start off getting e50 notes, then e20s then e5s and copper coins at the end.
The other day a guy paid for a taxi with a block of cheese cause he had no money.
I wonder did the driver ask if he had no bread and butter as well?

Last of all is the trip to the airport for the New York and Chicago flights.
If you are late for them there is a 2 hour delay until it gets busy again.

It can become the old joke "Last night I dreamt I was awake, then I woke up to find that I was asleep.It was luck I dindn't hit anything"
"Did you ever fall asleep when you were driving"? No but once or twice I woke up driving".
For a joke to ring true it must have a ring of truth running through it.

I drive with the roof sign off, so that you can choose who gets into the car.
Married couples are the best bet.She will keep him in line or sometimes you hear "Never mind that stupid cow" and all hell breaks loose. There was a bit of a barney going on when they got in and this was just interrupted to tell me my destination, when we got there he said to hold on till I get the baby sitters then off 2 miles.
"I will just be a few minutes hold on to my keys and this bit of cash for security."
I was sitting outside the flats when I noticed a piece of white plastic stuck in the middle of my security. A 'Wrap" of crack cocaine. When he came back I handed him the coke and told him to be more careful in future.
Thanks bud.
Back at the house. Paid and a good e8 tip.
Next a lift to Crumlin where the girl showed me where Phil Lynott used to live with his granny, 10 minutes later its back again to Crumlin and as the girl was getting out I spotted the mobile phone, "No its not mine" So back again to Rialto to knock up my good coke head who was not asleep. The baby sitters phone!
Thanks bud you're a real gent.
For myself I will make all effort to return a mobile,I will never forget the day an unfortunate girl who had sold herself for a dose of heroin, she was being chased by a gang of youths down a laneway in Raheny. I was coming up Grange Park Rd when I saw her so I Took the corner wide and opened the sliding door and drove off.
She was saved in the wink of an eye.
"How the fuck did you spot me?"
The next 45 mins were spent looking for tinfoil to cook it.
None of the late night shops sell tin foil and all the chocolate bars now have plastic wrappers.
In the end she was forced to bring her and the gear back to her own house.
"I don't like the kids to see me shooting up"
Her phone was left on the seat and a well dressed bloke from Lucan village picked it up before I had a chance to grab it and say. "Right if its your phone give me the number and I'll ring it"
I won't go into it but her customers numbers and her suppliers numbers were lost.
She was a good looking girl too. I guess the devil doesen't care who he kills.

I hope that guy who picked up the phone inherits her hell.
Sometimes I wish I could educate a few of our judges and lawmakers about the mayhem on the streets.
Still everyone knows taxi drivers are robbing scumbags who deserve everything they get.(Whoops, must be the time of month)

Italy came to Ireland tonight I think I had 6 loads of Italians beautiful girls from Sicilia, Roma ,Pizza, Milano and other fantastic places.
Must go there on a gourmet tour some day.
One group were looking about B&B and I brought them around the usual places coming back on to O'Connell St. at Sackville place something happened so fast that I barley saw it myself.
4 Indian or Pakistani people were crossing when one of them fell to the ground screaming the side of his face had been slashed open with a blade.
He fell to the ground screaming while 5 burley bouncers looked on from the door of the nearby Centra shop they watched doing nothing.

I saw loads of violence through the night but around 3 am the "Guardians of the peace vanish" You would not get away with such an attack in New York for sure.
One other guy I picked up at 4 in Baggott St. and he told me that he was hemmed in by 2 men and a woman. The asked him if he wanted to have sex with the woman, when he said no they told him he would have to pay them anyhow because he had been looking at her. Just then 2 unmarked cars pulled up and a van came and took the 3 of them away.
They were delighted with his statement.

Guess some of them were working.

Bring back FLOGGING.
That is one thing that would be an inexpensive cure to a lot of crime.
I am sure they could find a "Christian Brother"to do the job.

Don't forget the metior shower on Monday.
Try to get out of town away from the city lights.

In the middle of this you pick up the Sunday papers the headline read that Topshop line of clothes modeled by Kate Moss,which are sold by (5) billionare Sir Philip Green (who pays no income tax) are in fact made in Mauritius by workers who earn 4 quid a day.Who would have ever thought it. A 12 hour day 6 days a week.For 24

Employed by a man worth more than 5 billion, who pays no tax using a loophole.

They should stick his loophole around his neck!.
I hope there is a hell for him and his kind.

Now for something completely different.
Next time I will give you a 10 pub guide to Dublin.

The 7th annual Festival of World Cultures, on August 25 and 26, celebrates Ireland’s multicultural diversity and features concerts, club nights, fairs, markets, dance, street events and workshops.
Up to 250,000 people are expected to attend this year as 70% of events are free to the public.
More than 800 artists from 80 countries such as Uzbekistan, Mali and Mexico will perform at 40 venues throughout Dun Laoghaire town,which is only 20 minutes away on the Dart.
The festival will feature Dun Laoghaire Mela – Ireland’s first ever festival celebrating the culture of the South East Asia.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

100 Postings

Two ALIENS stand at the entrance of a Lucan housing estate.
They caught me by surprise the first time that I saw them.

Clontarf, morning time at low tide at the wooden bridge. A lone mucker digs for lug worms.They must be valuable as they are always digging, they sell the worms to fishing tackle shops for bait, if you take the 130 bus out from the city you can go for a walk along the beach you will be fit to eat an Irish breakfast after that.

A fashon moment on fashonable Grafton ST as 2 models make their way up the street after a photo shoot.

Well this is my number 100. Hope I am not repeating myself.

Its funny how even the most alert and experienced of us makes a simple mistake.
The other day I was heading along the North Circular Rd heading towards the Mosque when I was hailed by a Chinese man. Great he is in a hurry home. He opened the passenger door wide."Wait here one second". The door was opened wide and If I drove forward the door was going to get bashed on the pole straight ahead.
I opened the seat belt to reach over to the door as quick as I could and get it closed.
Too late.
Out he came with a drunk woman, one hand on the collar and the other hand in the waistband of her jeans. He expertly landed her in the passenger seat in a few seconds.
If you were ever at the airport and you see people come out? Then someone comes out with a suitcase on casters, with one hand they effortlessly drive around all the people.
Well that was how expertly he steered the drunk into the front seat of the car.

Waaaaaa Waaaaaaa Waaaaaaaa. She roared Where are you going?
waaaaaaaaaa.MARBLE ARCH BAR.

After a few times bursting into fits of keening (no tears)

"Me poor mother,I buried her today" The journey continued amidst roaring and shouting until we arrived at the bar . The journey lasted forever.
"€8.60 Please" "Me pooor Mudder" as she tried to pull the money out of her tight jeans. I got out and helped he straighten up so that she could get her money out.
She picked up her bag and headed off to the bar. I grabbed her and said Money please? You have the money in your hand, says she. No thats the change for €20.00, I have it ready in case you gave me a 20.Once more she headed off.
Spinning her around again I blocked her path to the pub.So she pulled out 2 €20 notes. Great! were getting somewhere now,or so I thought.
Then she handed me a €5 and took the change from the €20 from my hand and yet again she made to make her escape.I put one hand on each of her sholders.(Never do this as it leaves your middle open for a punch)Look give me the €20 and you can keep the €5 as well.
Then you can go into the bar and I can go home.
No more messing, cash changed hands from both sides.
Then she picked up her handbag and walked off as straight as a die, not a step wrong and not a tear on her face.

I don't know if the whole thing was an act to this day.

On looking around I saw tough,hard men and women approaching,all with grim faces.
You could see that old scores and grudges would be settled for the better or for worse on this day.
Large Irish famlys often have deep devisions which can turn into open warfare at funerals and weddings.

Well here we had the making of World War 3.

I headed off and told a few lads at the rank to pass on the word on the radio to stay clear of the area for the rest of the night.

The moral of the story is never stop outside a bar as you are stepping into a well prepared trap. The barman will hold your door and shout into the bar to his helpers who have the drunk collered and ready for dispatch.

Then they come charging out and you have their problem.

Getting them out of the car can be a hell of a job, even with experience.
A drunk tinker is the worst nightmare ever.

One of the other bloggers has a hell of a story about 2 guys bringing a guy to hospital, Quick, only to find he has a butchers knife sticking out of the middle guys back, and theres a gallon of blood in the back of the cab!.

The taxi population has expanded beyond all reason,last Friday night you should have seen hundreds of taxis all with their taxi lights on. The queues went the full side of St.STEPHENS GREEN,all down Dawson St,College Green rank was full. There were no punters around even at 3am. It was like the Carlsberg ad .
You have to take the bad days with the good days, hoping things even out.
School holidays are nearly at an end believe it or not many of them drive taxis after school.

A Friend of mine in Queensland has sent me 3 texts yesterday, "Come on over were going to Kimberley for 4 months in motor homes, you'd be home for Christmas"

We have had so much rain that it would take very little to make me go "walkabout".

I was going to do a posting about Ireland's rich list from the Sunday Times, but there has been a big tidy up and its gone into the bin.
Sean Quinn is the richest man in the land,not bad for a lad who had to leave school at 15 when his father died.
Education would probably held him back.

But anyhow with all their riches if your health fails all the dosh in the world won't bring you good health again.

Piece of mind is another thing that does not come with wealth.

So keep your needs within your income and let the tax man worry about everything else.

Remember Monday the 13th we are supposed to have a fantastic metior shower, they say for best results you have to go out in the country away from the bright lights.
Well if its a clear night I hope it will be spectacular.

Have a nice week.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


If you click on the photo you can read it better

When I was in Boston I was crossing the bridge towards Boston MIT.
On the way back I saw this plaque on the bridge.
Harry Houdini was the best magician for publicity that ever lived.
He made his escape handcuffed, from inside a bag which in turn was in a wooden crate. Nailed shut with chains around. Now theres a thorough for you.
He escaped but he tells the story that he came up under the ice and he found a pocket of air and took a breath of air.
Then he herd his mothers voice calling him, he followed her voice and found the hole in the ice where the crate crashed through.
Much to everyones surprise.
In fact there was no ice on the Charles river that day.

Well hardly in May.
But he would never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Many magicians are mad. Genius and madness are very close.
Houdini made up stories all the time.

I am reading a great biography about him at present.
"The life and many deaths of Harry Houdini". By Ruth Brandon. Random Press.

My hobby is MAGIC I have loved it for years.
My wife hates it as it involves bondage penetration.Making something out of nothing and making nothing out of something.
I used to do the odd magic trick in the taxi until an American lady nearly had a hysterical fit in the car,I really thought she would die.

Yes she thought of the only 2 of clubs in the deck..Big deal, she was holding the deck in her own hand at the time.
No really look.
Then the magic.
Look at the rest of the cards,she had named the only printed card in the deck.
All the other cards were in fact blank. Not only on the front but on the back as well.
For ages.
I thought she was going to die.

In case you don't know if you click your mouse on any colored word it will take you to a magic act from you tube.

I wish I could do this when stopped by the police
Stay with me for a while. With a deck of cards you could amuse people for quite a while
by doing a simple trick or three.
My wife asked me to get her something with diamonds in it, so I bought her a deck of cards.
Do you get the idea now?

You don't have to fly like David Copperfield or own lions and tigers like Seikfreid and Roy to do magic.You just have to entertain and these people are working all over the world

Steve Martin did a great magic act

Korea has a magic hero in Cyril Takayama
Look at some of his work he is great, and quite modest too, that is important.

Don't try to be like Penn and might die from lead poisoning,or worse.

For my friend in Madrid I introduce the rest of the world to Juan Tamariz

One of my magic heroes has only one arm from S America Rene Levand. I saw him at a magic convention, later on in the day he was talking to some people on the steps of the Winter Gardens(Blackpool). He stepped back and came falling down the stairs into my arms, I caught him in a bear hug as I did not want to catch the false arm and loose him.
All I could say to him was "I am one of your greatest fans". He is a very old man now see him if you can, he works cruises mostly out of S America..
One of the English magicians said, he's not bad but why the bloody hell could he not speak English.
He thought he was finished when he lost his arm. He is a hero in magic, the audience here in this clip are magicians, if he performed to real people they would go through the roof.
One arm only. How can he do it? His left arm as well.
His translator is Tina Lenert who has a fantastic magic act which is so magical origonal and funny. It has brought her around the world many many times because it is a silent act.

From The USA look at Fred Kapsand who would not laugh at Tom Mullica

Well then there is Paul Daniels and who can forget Tommy Cooper.Tommy hated people to look at him and he suffered badly with nerves.We had a great trip once from an old WW2 cabby who worked for Thames television, what a job he had to get Tom to the studio on time.

And our very own Keith Barry back at work after his horrific car crash.

So learn a magic trick, make your customers change vanish and take if from behind their ear!

Have a look at