Saturday, October 16, 2021

Work is hard to find

I went out today thinking that it was Friday and all the usual things were not working for me. Then I went to the ordnance survey office to buy a map of South Armagh where my son lives only to be informed that it was Saturday !

Well that explains a lot.

I worked Heuston station and Connelly station as the Dart (Trams ) were not running, When business is slow I walk up and down along the waiting cars and if I meet someone I know I talk to them to pass the time. At Connelly station I met a guy and asked him to move up so the last car could join the rank safely, he did it begrudgingly. A few minutes later an elderly lady spoke to him and went away in distress, I tried to stop her but she walked past me and spoke to a security officer and they went away. Just so I would know I went over to ask him."She was only going to Heuston and I told her to get the Luas. There were no trams.I hate that kind of behavior, taxi drivers turning down credit cards and short runs, short rung often bring better jobs and bigger tips.

Later in the day I picked up 2 guys from Malaysia to St. Stephens green. When they are getting out I nearly always check the seats for phones or wallets, there was a Collibri lighter on the seat, look you left something on the seat. He picked it up and asked the other guy if it was his and then put it into his pocket. It did not belong to either of them and yet he took it.

Folks ! Beware of Karma, you ignore it and it will come and bite you in the ass so hard that you will not know what hit you.

I picked up a girl near Raheny once, she was running and being chased by a bunch of Gurriers. Jesus thank God she said and she told me that she had prostituted herself to get drugs and the bastard had sent those lads to rob her. She talked about this and that and I dropped her close to St.Patricks cathedral. when I went a bit further I picked up 6 lads going to Lucan. The journey went OK, then one of the guys found a fone when they were getting out. After some discussion one lad said that it was his. I know that it belonged to the girl. 

What should I have done?.

Show me the phone. Now tell your mates to ring your number, If it rings OK if not it goes back to the proper owner,

I hope Karma Zapped him good o

Then 4 guys in a taxi did a runner. a few minutes the taxi driver heard a phone ringing in the back somewhere. He found it and answered it.Hello man I dropped my phone in your taxi. Would you bring it back to me and I will pay you what I owe you?

Ok said the taxi driver, but first we will have a competition See if you can identify thesr farmyard sounds? Mooo. Cow Very good. Cluck cluck  Hen Brilliant Bow wow Dog Fantastic. Now the next sound you will not identify. That will be the sound of your phone going into the canal,  GGGGGGGghhhhh

Monday, October 11, 2021

Taxing times

 Its that time of the year when we the self employed write up our tax returns.

Some guys are honest while others write in the greatest works of fiction that anyone could not believe. One driver told me what he paid last year and I had paid 3 times as much. "Yore mad to pay so much" he said. "Well will they knock on my door or yours?"On the day of a check up.

Chuck Feeney the most celebrated person I ever met (Google the name) he told me that stress is the one big thing to get you. I told him about my tax return due in next week. I had done no preparation.

"Death and taxes, you can't escape either. Do it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly,then half yearly and you pretty much have it beaten and no more stress"

We had visitors this weekend my sons family, they were off to a wedding in Carlow and dropped off their older kids for 2 days with us. Minding kids is the work of the younger generation. But they are good kids.

Then my keys went missing! I did thank God have a spare set, but they really have vanished.I have often said to you if you buy a car with only one set of keys get a duplicate made straight away.

We had a car with lost keys here at my house and the owner asked me to ring a Toyota garage to get new keys made. The price came in at €2,500. Wow! It had to be towed to the garage and the locks changed, then the immobilizer changed.!!!

A few days later the keys arrived from China, she found them in her luggage.

Then the other big thing to happen was that I broke the washing machine, I didn't mean to do it but I was given a pile of sheets to wash and one sheet was folded up neatly and I just popped it into the machine, when it came to spin it was like a concrete block on one side of the drum and it ripped out the bearing.

Just so you know.

I  am starting the audio book of the Steering wheel university tomorrow, so give me 10 days?

Thursday, September 30, 2021

I am looking for a yoke !

I am sure this happens to everyone, you are looking for something and you don't know what its called. Its made of plastic and its orange, 2 ft.long with a scoop at the end. You use it to clear gully's.Ah yes said Mr Edge its called a gully gobbler and you can get it in Kellys building  supplys around the corner. I have 3 gullys around the back of my house all partially blocked.

In 20 minutes they are all freed again.Adam Clayton of U2 fame took his stage name The Edge from the hardware shop in Fairview. 

The photo below is the Google HQ

A teckie guy in the taxi listened to me while I complained how Google staff demand fixed prices and other concessions and with everything on the card they do not tip.

His answer still has me wondering. "When you work for a high profile company like Google you are entitled to discounts and you would be foolish not to avail of them" So I must give the highly paid discounts and their company do not pay their fair share of tax into the bargain

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

How lucky I am

 I had a lady in the car up to Raheny yesterday. She spoke of this and that and then she told me about how she was sent to a heart specialist and after he examined her he told her that she was wasting his time, you are perfectly well and sent her on her way. 3 weeks later she had a heart attack, lucky for her she was in the right place when it happened. 

If that was me I know 2 very high level solicitors and I would squeeze him for a good few bob.It is always useful to know people, that is why taxi driving widens the scope of your acquaintances.Thinker,Taylor,Soldier or Spy.

Tomorrow I have to go and have my bloods taken, blood pressure etc.

That time of life !!!!!

I had a lovely lady from S. America going to Vincents hospital, she spoke about how Bit coins worked. It is a thing that I do not believe in. I think it is like a Ponzi scheme, it keeps going while people keep putting money in. Who do you chase when it goes wrong?

So I said are you visiting? No I am a patient, a pause and then she that she was going for chemo therapy. Poor child. 

I will tell you about Ann Walsh in Australia, she was a nurse and she had a cyst on he ovaries so they went to operate.Sadly it was cancer and it was attached to her liver and her ovaries, the type of cancer was inoperable, so they sent her home.

Now she is a fighter and she took on the Bristol clinic diet plus meditation and after a couple of more depressing visits to the hospital she stopped going there. The cancer stopped growing after a time and started to reduce in size. Then she got pregnant and had a difficult time. But she chanced to continue with the pregnancy, the baby boy was born and the cancer took off again. She passed the child over to her sister and went back to her regime. Then the cancer stopped again. Then it got smaller and smaller until it is gone completely. The baby is 30 years old and she is healthy and surrounds herself with her grandchildren.

Stress is a big factor in our modern lives and we need to reconnect with nature.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

A trip to explore the mentally disturbed

 Sometimes you say something which unleashes a flow of thought that you had not expected.

He had worked in bars around Dundalk and he had come across a few lads who were active members of the IRA. He told me about methods that they use to recruit new members. Really interesting. He also spoke of Narcissism and how a girlfriend he had gave him a really hard time. Then he gave me the name of a box set Surviving Narcissism and another book called the psychopath test. The box set I downloaded on to Kindle and I have read a few chapters already.Sometimes you would need the help of books like this to get you through the day.

Bolt the taxi app is great, it doubled my income today. The first job I got I did not use it properly so I did not get paid. Down at Heuston train station there was a representative from FreeNow trying to recruit drivers and I told him of my gripe with the company. "I will fix everything" he said. "You will charge me 15% commission and not speak to me when I have a problem. Bolt only charges me 10% and they are happy to listen". Most companies when they reach a certain point loose their compass point and go off course.

A wonderful lady from Peru going to Vincents hospital. I asked if she was visiting, but no she was the patient. Going for radio therapy. We do not treasure our good health while we have it. I said a prayer to my God to bring you good health and happiness.

2 guys from Waterford going to the Mater hospital "Did you guys ever hear a person from Newfoundland talking?" They had never heard the accent. A truly broad Wexford accent.

They went every summer from Wexford to Canada to fish for cod which were salted and put into barrels. The British would capture the Wexford sailors and put them into the navy. So one year they decided to stay on.The winters are really cold in Canada and in the program I heard they asked an old Escamo. Were those Wexford men who settled here in the beginning tough?

"Tough ! They would go out on the ice and fish for hours. We couldn't do that.

They were fecking Polar bears."

I had a barrister in the car and he told me about a Garda cursing and shouting abuse at the taxi driver. He decided he would protect the driver and the Garda turned his wrath on him.

"Who the fuck are you anyway?" On hearing that he was a barrister he backed off.

I will make a report he told me.

He was surprised that I told him that this was common enough, 

Time to sack a few of the bad ones

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Halloween around the corner

 Halloween is coming up, time to dress up and have fun.

Not many people know that it is an Irish thing. A night for the dead to rise up and walk the earth. When it hit America it really took off. But it started here.

I went into the Hq of Bolt a taxi calling app and signed up.

When the first taxi app came along I joined it with great enthusiasm it was called Hailo, then it became MyTaxi and it changed name again to become FreeNow. Along wit changing name they also cared less about their drivers. Well they take a percentage of your taxi fare 15%

plus they used to take that 15%from your tips as well.

My gripe with them is that my car was wrapped with the MyTaxi logo and I went to have a screen fitted at a price of e50. When I went out the guy said that it would cost e100 because I had My Taxi logos on the car. I had removed the word my from the car so it was Taxi,Taxi.

No compromise there, so I paid and twice tried to get them to change their minds.I even wrote a letter to the manager marked private. He has not replied.

So today I joined Bolt and the app looks really good, the staff are friendly, so I feel it will be a goer.. So download Bolt on your fone, it works in many European citys. 

Drivers they are on 17 Percy Place, hook up with them.

There was a kid in the car on Sunday and she was rehearsing the alphabet right to Z, all the questions 20 to the dozen. I had to ask her mother. 

"She is nearly 2" What a knockout kid.

I saw another woman who was with 4 kids. I remember her. She is a traveler and when I brought her to Ballyfermot  years ago she was en route to America for a wedding, but she had no passport and had come back to Dublin to get one. She wanted to fly out the next day and she had brought very few papers with her.I doubt if she ever made it.

She was a very bright lady I guess her mind was on a different track.

There is really very little work out there I got 2 airport runs which are a bonus one off to California and the other off to Poznan in Poland. I often wonder if there are any plain girls in Poland as all the ones who came here are so pretty and well educated. They make shopping in Aldi and Lidll a pleasure. They are capable of much better jobs. 

God bless them all.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

RIP Terry

Last Sunday we drove up to Coalisland Co Tyrone to lay Prof. Terrance McDonagh to rest. He was a professor of economics in Galway university, where he arrived from America to make the journey home from his ancestors came from in the black 1850s in the time of the famine. He married my wife's best friend and they moved to Galway.

He had many friends around the world and he was appalled by the great divide between the rich and the poor. His service was broadcast via the internet and we were joined by people in Japan, China, Peru, Venezuela, Canada and Cuba.

You could listen to him talking about how things should be,

He will be greatly missed.

Then on the way home (2 1/2 hours each way from Dublin) I heard a sound which I had not heard in years "Beeep" then the power in the car got less.

I had run out of fuel.

But the Prius has a battery which brought me into Swords !!!!

(HD) Toyota Commercial - It's a Trap! (Toyota Corolla)