Friday, January 21, 2022

Murder most fowl again.

 A poor unfortunate music teacher out for a jog after school was attacked and in murdered in broad daylight.

The Garda have him (We hope).But people do not feel safe especially women.

OK Enough doom and gloom. 

I did a few mornings, it was slow VERY slow, but I am healthy in mind and body so I will keep going.

On the brighter side restrictions are being relaxed and we can creep out from our hiding places once more.

The Blackpool magicians convention is a go. 150 Magic dealers and scores of the Worlds top magic names.

A few years ago I met up with this well dressed American magician and we talked for a while. He suggested that we stop for coffee, so we sat at a table and after 10 minutes this fantastic looking woman came over (Kiss Kiss) and sat down, then a second one even more beautiful. Then a third. Wow

I had to ask him what his Cologne was called? Why do you ask he said?

Its attracting the women like bees to the honey jar.

No John you don't understand I am Franz Hirrari and these are my showgirls.

In the trade showgirls are known as box jumpers.

A joke I heard a few years ago about Las Vegas.

A guy and his wife went there to celebrate.

They were going to walk along the strip and go for a meal.

His wife was very slow getting changed so he said that he would meet her at the entrance. 

On leaving the lobby he met a Goddess of a woman with an over exadurated bust and make up that would put any woman to shame,she caught his glance and she came over.

"What do You think honey ? Would you like to have some fun for$200 ?"

Sorry that is too much.

"Well give me an offer and we might do something"

$50 is what I would spend.

She stuck out her ample chest and said. This you will never get this for $50 and off she goes.

As they were coming home after dinner they meet again and the Lady looking at his wife says


Saturday, January 01, 2022

2022 Cheers

But I won  in spite of all that 2021 threw at me here I am 1/1/2022 are  kind of stuck by a bug we cannot see.

This reminds me of 1999 wen the Mellinium bug would strike and kill us all.

Computers would stop and planes would fall from the sky as the computers clocks would not recognize the 00 in the date.. But we survived. Just about.

Now the bug changes by the month, but most people who get it are fine in 24 hours.

Something seems the same about the big panic and the reality of the situation.

Folks my new years resolution is to stop doing the lottery. Today was my last day. 

But I won !!!!!!

A few years ago I checked my ticket on the scanner and it said "Its a winner"

First prize was 30 Million Euro..Happy days. I checked it again and went to bed.

The next morning I double checked it and went into the Lottery HQ with my bank details, passport etc..

"This ticket is a winner I said" she put it into the machine and said "You have won a ticket into the millionaire raffle". That was a non winner.

I argued with the young lady that it should say "You have won a prize" which is very different. 

But I digress

I won €45 with no 00000 following

A guy I worked with once won £4.7 million Punts

His brother rang me and asked me to come to the party of celebration.

I declined as I was starting a big electrical job the next day.

Months later I saw Terry (Not his real name) on Talbot St. He looked like he had been beaten up.I stopped the taxi and he told me how a shower of thugs turned up at the party he held and wrecked the pub. Then he was getting 2 sack fulls of begging letters every day.

The end for him came when the IRA (Or someone calming to be ) contacted him and demanded £1 Million or they would kidnap his nephews and nieces.

He went to the Garda and they told him not to worry that they would "Look after everything" So he asked them who it might be? and they said "We don't know.

So he went to live in the USA, in Montana and after around 6 years he came home.

He is a nice guy, too nice!

You have to have a plan B.

If you read this trash you will know that I met the most generous man in history once. God what he told me on the trip in from the airport would sell for thousands.

So who was he?

Chuck Feeney       Google him ! There is a great book

The billionaire who wasn't by Conor O'Cleary 

Mr.Feeney invented duty free shopping 

He decided that God did not give him the money to spend on a lavish lifestyle.

So he used his fortune to improve our lives, He built Limerick university, he invested over $1 billion in Irish education. He also built a 200 bed hospital in Vietnam, Cancer research and altzimers study. and all in secret. His office was on Baggott St.

So folks if you do win tell no one Not even the cat.

The only way I found out about Chuck Feeney was thanks to Obama !

He wanted to know who was giving money to other political party's, so he brought out a LAW that you could not gave away more than $1,000 anonymously

So I drove him to the press conference where he declared that he had given away $8  billion dollars

Such a humble man. I only found out who he was when I bought the paper the next day.

I know that he will help me to distribute my huge Lotto winnings wisely

But my new years resolution is to quit the Lotto.

But to the rest of you I wish you good luck and remember

The lotto is just a tax on stupidity !

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Jerry Lynch - U.N. International Day of Peace - 21st September 2010

Well here we are almost at another Christmas, so I bring you Gerry Lynch who will remind you that things are not as bad as they might be.
Did you read in the papers how they decided to deal with the refugees who were trying to get into Poland?

The loaded them into airplanes and sent them back to Iran. After all the heartbreak fleeing from terror, they were just sent back.
Hardly a very Christian thing to do.

There was another child murder in Britain, this time a 16 month baby girl. I hope that they are well beaten up in prison.25 years.
So last week I went into the office and had my insurance changed back to social and domestic,
I will not be working until February.Its not worth the risk even with the screen in place.
We have anew granddaughter and we have been driving up to Armagh in N.Ireland a 400 Km round trip every week. My grandson Caleb has caught the bug so now I am in lockdown and self testing.
I feel fine though.

So happy Christmas to one and all
May 2022 bring you happiness and may all your wishes come true.
I bought myself a calendar with supercars on it. 
A special car every month.
I did tell you about the time we went to Donnington Park and I drove a Ferrari round the track?
Well the instructor asked me what thought of the car?
"Well its a super car, but I was expecting more speed.
What speed were you doing he asked.
Around 80 down the straight 
You were indeed. But it was 180 Miles per hour.
You can try this one over here that is 200 + after that its formula one for you.

May all your dreams come true.

Saturday, December 04, 2021

A tale so so sad


A small boy called Arthur Labinjo-Hughes aged 6 years old was beaten to death by his step mother.

Social services had been alerted but did nothing. His grandparents asked to take the child into their care all to no avail. Arthurs mother was in prison for killing her lover, so this is why he was sent to the care of his father.The litany of abuse that the lovely child suffered is beyond horror.

The cause of death was a fractured scull and in the post mortim they found 130 other injuries. The head of the department in the UK that was in charge has resigned as she had hard questions to answer.

A beautiful child with blue eyes and blonde hair.  All we can do is to say a prayer and move on.

Also in last weeks paper was the case of Tony Hudgell who had both his legs smashed so badly by his parents when he was a baby that they had to be amputated. He is a bright lad smiling while playing football with his crutches,

There were other stories and I came across a book on KIndle called Secret Slave By Anna Ruston.

Her story was that she came from a dysfunctional family and she was kidnapped by a Pakistani taxi driver. He held her captive locked in a room for 13 years while he beat her raped her and starved her.

She had 3 children during this ordeal and each one of the children were sold while they were only weeks old.    From a psychological point of view it should be reading for every police officers training.

The saddest part of the book is in the end,when she escaped that she could not face her accuser to have him locked up and the only time that she saw him again was when he arrived with a demand that she would never come and claim back her 3 children  (That he had sold) I hope she gets the courage to go ahead some day and send him to prison for a long long time.

So google this Guy Sebastiao Salgado He is a photographer from Brazil and he took the most amazing photographs, he was very celebrated and he photographed people in times of great personal tragedy.

There are photographs of children at deaths door looking at the camera, their eves pierce right to your soul

He was showing his work all over the world, his health started to fail, the doctors could find no solution until s friend of his wife's told him what was wrong.

"When I look into that dying girls eyes something inside me dies every time I see her. You look at the every day and you remember that she died and there was nothing you could do to help her, except to show her dying face to the world. You have to put this all behind you and rebuild your life"

So he went back to Brazil to where he came from. The rain forest had been destroyed and he has spent many years rebuilding the forest with its hundreds of different plants,

So like Sebastiano I will have to considerate on positive thoughts and happy things to allow my spirit to regrow. 

This photo shows thousands of native people carrying ore from a mine deep in the jungle. The cost of bringing in machinery was high while life was cheap.

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York (Official Video)

Hi folks if you have been here before you will get this at this time.

So much sadness and utter despair around at this time of year.

I am out again as even though I am now triple vaccinated my wife wants to make sure that I am safe. That will be 4 shots that I have had.

Here is an exercise you should try if you have a modern car.

With the Prius you put your hand on the handle it unlocks. 

You put your foot on the break pedal and a light comes on on the dash...The car starts and off you go.

A driver who worked for the UN showed me how easy it was for him to copy my signal and drive off in my car. That was around 10 years ago.

Anyhoo as they say in Canada. I came up to the car. Nothing..! I took out the back up key and got in. 

Still nothing.

I was beside Halfords and got a battery. I popped it in and everything was go.

Later on I had a brainwave. What if this was to happen when I was not close to a shop?

I went down to the shop and bought 2 new batteries.

Then I opened the glove compartment and there for the world to see was a spare battery !

I must have been through this before.

Here is something that could save you a fortune in the future.

You locked the keys in the car (In a Prius you can't) There is a spare key in your desk.

Ring home.

Explain your problem and ask the person at home to take out the key.

Hold the key to the phone and press unlock. 

Then you put your phone on speaker and after she presses unlock into her phone you hold your phone up to the car and  HEY PRESTO..

Saturday, November 20, 2021

I found my watch

 One thing I like to have is a nice watch.

I would never spend a fortune on them, I had an Omega, but it is lost. A fake Rolex and a few of Aldis best.

The other day I found an old watch that I bought in a market for £40, I was pushing the boat out bit I liked the watch. It was a Boliva , I liked it anyhow. A few years later the watch stopped and I went into a watchmaker in Lucan to get a new battery. I asked if it was a good watch and he told me that it was only a cheap Japanese movement so it was worthless.So around 9 months later it stopped working again and I took it to the late Tommy Cummins in Fairview. 

His prognosis was not good. 

There is a broken cog on one of the wheels. OK I said throw it in the bin.

Well if I paid you £400 for the watch. 

Then I repaired it and put a quality bracelet on it.

Having done that I could bring it to a collector and make at least £300 profit.

Why did you want to throw it in the bin?

So I told him what the other watchmaker had said.

He needs to go back to watch school for a while.

Tommy died a few years ago. a real gentleman 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Eric Bogle - The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

The eleventh hour

 Armistice day on Sunday and the dead of the first world war were remembered.

Quite an emotional thing, thousands of young men laid down their lives to protect their freedom.

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