Sunday, June 09, 2024

D day

We have not had another world war yet in my lifetime thank God.
So many places in the world are suffering now. That war in Ukraine will cause widespread suffering and food shortages.
So many years ago we took our trusty car and went to France. It happened to be the anniversary of the D day landings and there was loads of veterans and WW2 vehicles on the ferry. Our son was very young at the time, but we were told loads about what happened on the day.
Later that day we stopped for a meal and we placed our order. A young English couple stood up and said how much they enjoyed the meal and asked "Ou est la bord de la Mer?" (Where is the seaside) The waiter took great delight to make fun of them. Walking down between the tables like a circus clown and in a loud voice. My wife speaks fluent French and she stopped him with a shout like a bullet would.
Masseur, are you completely mad ?.
But for the parents of these people and the sacrifice that they made in the war you would be speaking German today. The French did not account for themselves well during the war.
So we will not be eating here today and We will be contacting Ies routiers to inform them of your behaviour.
We left the Café to a huge round of applause.
You don't mess with my wife.

Monday, June 03, 2024

Blackrock clinic

 My wife is ill. Its not life threatening but she is bad enough.

She has sciatica its a pain in the lower back and down the left leg.

It has been going on now for 8 months and this is the reason that I had to hand the taxi over to my son.

We have been to different doctors and we are still no closer to a cure.

We went to the Blackrock clinic and they did a small operation, then 2 or more follow up consultations.

Then the bombshell came that they would offer us no more help !!!!

I phoned and asked that someone would ring me back. When this did not work I wrote again and threatened them with exposure on the blog.

A holy nun rang and spoke to my wife. Absolutely no apology.

We deal in accident and emergencies and special procedures.

We do not provide aftercare !!!

With all their skills and wonderful doctors we are on our own