Thursday, April 30, 2020

May Day

To all the workers
Happy May day.

So It is finished if you go to Amazon and put in eBook "The steering wheel university" you will see it.
I have a few days to make changes and when I get someone to help me to size the cover I will get it printed, still the eBook should keep you busy.
Over the many years of driving I have met many people, some I would not like to meet again.
But others were pleasant and interesting.

Just a small one.
I had an investment manager in the car and I asked him had he any hot tips?
This is what he told me.
"Shopping centers, we believed were a great investment and we had invested several hundred million in them. One day I had a flash of inspiration and it changed everything.
The world has changed, rents are far too high. People now shop on Amazon.
Did you ever notice how shoe shops and book shops are disappearing.
Amazon ! Everything has changed.
We sold all our retail investments."
So I asked him what was good "Gold is best"

It reminds me of the story of the Polish man whose family had come to Britain when the war began.
They were weavers and settled in Yorkshire and opened several spinning mills making cloth.
He himself moved to London and when the older generation died out he inherited property and a gold tiara. To keep the property safe he got a storage box in a bank.
He put the tiara a very precious family heirloom into the strong box.
The cost of storage was paid by direct debit and he went about his life.
One day he needed to get the deeds of a house out of the box and when he went to the bank and opened the box the cash and the tiara were missing.
This is incredable
He went to the bank manager who said that the bank is not responsible for goods left in a storage box.
After all who knows what is in the box.
The way these things work is.
You go to the bank with your pass and ID a clerk takes you into the vault and he uses his master key which allows your key to open the box. Then you take it to the table and when you are finished the clerk comes back and you both lock it back in, neither one alone can operate it.
So there was no forced entry!
Cash and valuables were missing.
He went to the police, they said that as there was no sign of a break in there was nothing they could do.
He requested that the CCTV footage from the vault be reviewed and the bank refused.

So he took out a full page advertisement in the Times newspaper explaining his plight.
He must have taken legal advice because banks like to sue.

So be like Chuck Feeney, spend your wealth don't hoard it away.

This is why God made me poor.
But he made me rich in other ways.

I knew a Muslim girl who was having a very tough journey through life.
She had marriage and landlord problems and I helped her to move house.
When the final load was brought in I said that of all the people I know
you would be the first person that would benefit if I won the lottery.

Her eyes opened wide.
Never say that If Allah herd you and granted your wish the devil would take away
the one thing you have that is so precious.
Your wonderful sense of humor.

I hope that she got her life back on track.
I have not met her in years
narju 'an tarqud fi 'aydi allah 
May she rest in the hand of God

So in the book there is one very important chapter on the day I met this very remarkable man.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Its coming to get you RUN RUN

If I put what this is about it would be taken down.
Watch it now it will be gone soon.

Its coming  Run Run away

You are locked in so you have to listen to this.

Sunday, April 05, 2020

War of the Worlds

This whole thing is mad!
My wife will not let me leave the house except for walks in the park.
Our son is sent to do the shopping which meant that I have time on my hands.

So I got stuck into the book, chapter So I went to Kindle publishing and tried to download my work (To keep it safe) After 6 goes it said I had downloaded it successfully, I went to bed.
I opened up word and my 10 chapters are gone. I hope the nice people in Kindle have it or I will have to start it all again.
It is really strange how the stories which have been held in my head pop out for their moment in the sun.

Remember the "War of the Worlds" how a whole nation were shocked into believing that the Martians were coming? and peole went wild in the streets.

I feel like this whole Covet19 is like that.
But with the complete idiots in charge of government there is no real way of knowing where facts really lie.

Something is not right for sure.

Perhaps it is a foreign power sabotaging my efforts.

There is one taxi book that beats the hat of anything I could write
"Tales in a rear view mirror" By Donal Ruane 

Just a minute the nice people from Amazon are going to help !!!!!