Saturday, August 31, 2019

GAA football final

Unless you have been in hiding or you live in Norway you might not know that tomorrow is the all Ireland football final.

Dublin V Kerry

One way that our forefathers tried to make us unique was to encourage Gaelic games.
Hurling and football.
The football has plenty of ball handeling with conditions.
The hurling is fast and furious

Soo take a look, I am sure you can pick it up on Sky


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Time to kick the bear I think

I am going down to Andrew my computer to have my computer exorcised and to have all the evil spirits banished in the hope that I can load photos again.

One day I saw a girl who was in the care of a group based in Islandbridge, she was in the care of a "minder"and as they waited to cross the South Circular Rd. he put his right hand across her left shoulder and started to fondle her breast. She shuddered and the lights changed.
Later on I went into the place but could find no one to complain to.
So I wrote a letter to the person in charge, re a serious sexual assault on one of your patients..
To this day I have had no reply.
The Garda in Kilmanham said that they could do nothing as they would have to see him in the act.

My son was visiting a friend in a laneway parralel to Batchelors walk.
I was waiting in the darkness for him to come out.
There are many call girls in the apartments along there.
A big black BMW came up the laneway and 2 guys got out. The driver went to the end of the laneway and turned and came back down, then he waited for the other 2 guys to come out.
Just as they walked to the car a tall goreign girl came over and started screaming at the biggest guy, then she threw a punch. The driver had come around behind her and he hit her such a punch I swear you could hear he neck snap. Down she went and they threw her in the boot like a bag of coal..
Then they got into the car and started to drive away.
I started my car without turning on the lights and got their number.
I dialed 112 and the muppet that took the call told me.
"We would need a missing persons report before we could act"

So outside a laundrette with a flat upstairs which had a video camera pointing at the front door.
Two travellers were in a white van, they had a Chinese girl between them, she was in floods of tears and they were shouting abuse at her.
I grabbed a pen and the newspaper and wrote the number down. I checked it with my passinger.
I explained that she had been trafficked, "How could that happen?"
There was a big publicity drive about anti slavery, so I wrung the number, no reply, I sent an email no reply. and I rang a few more times.. No result.That night I contacted the website "Stopthetraffik"in the UK. I gave them the details and at 9.30am I got a phone call from Scotland Yard, thanking me for my efforts and that they would intervene.
At 3pm or so I got a call from a very irate Garda. "What are you doing contacting Scotland Yard for?"  He went on, so I made a signed and sworn statement to be met with
" the regestration number you gave does not exist"
It would have to exist !!!
So where is this going ?

A mental hostital in Northern Ireland Muckamore Abbey comes into the spotlight where it is alleged 1,500  crimes of a sexual nature took place in 6 months......I wonder how many whistles were blown before this came to light.  
In care of the state my arse

Monday, August 26, 2019

Is Summer nearly over?

I saw the first school girl in her school uniform wating for the bus home.
On Sunday I brought a German mother and their 2 daughters to their boarding school in Dalkey.
I must take a look out for the swallows going and the arrival of the Brent geese who come all the way from Greenland to spend the winter around Clontarf.
Time and tide wait for no man for sure, there are 2 things you can bet on for sure Death and Taxes
I have that mountain of papers out and on Wednesday I go to my accountant then I can sleep for another year.
I had a young couple in the taxi from Paris going to the Pheonix Park to see the deer.
When we found the deer and it was time to get paid the credit card machiene would not work, on all 3 cards ! "Sacre bleau"
So what to do?
They would be spending an hour with the deer and then I would come back and collect them. OK?
I did a few jobs and I got the call to go back.
On the way into the park I got a phone call from my first customer of the day Dublin port to the airport. "Is my wallet in your car?"
It was not in the car and he just said "Ive been dipped in the airport"
You have to be so careful. An American tourist was stabbed with a screwdriver in Temple Bar.
A beggar asked him for money and he gave him some change.
Then he demanded more money for his friend before stabbing the American in the belly.
He finished his Irish holiday in hospital.

On credit cards, if you are going abroad ring the credit card provider and tell them.
If they see "Unusial activity" they will block your card as happened me in New York

Two Canadian women in the car and I asked them if the Prius was a big deal in Canada.
Our dealership had one with one million Kms on the clock, no big repairs, shock absorbers and wheel bearings.
A customer crashed it one day and wrote Bernie off and it was like loosing an old friend..

 A Great Great car.

Oh yes the French couple? They went to the pass machine in town and got 2x€20 notes and fair play to the guy he corrected me when I was giving him too much change.
I was giving the change of €50. When you go out of your way to help people they will be loyal.

Doing the tax like I do, all at the end of the year is a killer.

I promise to be a bit more German in the way I do it in future.


United States
17            More readers in Brazil than in the UK
United Kingdom

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

John calling Earth

This computer is driving me mad.
I told mywife that we have to get a new one, she said I will look to see what offers there are.
4 weeks later we have not made a move and the "Back to school offers" are ending.

Today I had 4 accountants in a row in the taxi, it must be a sign.

John! Do your taxes now!

I keep meaning to take account of my business
And Yearly
But I am not German.

I often thought of getting a Chinese accountant.
Then he would present my completed accounts in Chinese every year.

A taxi driver did a comedy spot in one of the comedy clubs
It went down a storm and soon he was doing gigs all over.
They couldn't get enough of him.

Then came his tax return, so he rang the tax office.

"So you have been doing comedy?
Did you get paid?
Now you want to sort out your tax?
Write down your expenses in a colim.
Write down the money you got for the comedy.
Subtract your expenses from your income and send us that amount within 30 days or you will incur penalties and intrest charges"

Some people think it is a joke 

So very soon we will have photos and videos back again

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Exam results

A very sad time for the parents of the little girl who went missing on holiday, at least they have a body, not like the McCanns..  A sad sad day.

Well it has come around again.
The exam results have come around once more.
How you did on a given day in a particular subject might dictate which path you follow, to greatness or failure?
We have to think outside the box a bit here.
Leonardo De Vinci was no dunce, he NEVER went to school, yet his work places him among the worlds best intellects.
One guy who was in my taxi left school aged12 with no qualifications, yet Arnold Clarke was a multi millionaire when I met him.
"Stupid Paddy" had an idea which transported him to the Rolls Royce brigade.
" It wern't for me, or the money.But I didn't want my grandchildren to have to slave like I had to"

It looks like it is time to buy a new computer, this thing is stopping and freezing all the time.

Here is a bonus, watch it to the end.

What do you think ?

Sunday, August 04, 2019

Galway races gone again

Sorry folks no Photos or videos,

It started on Monday and this year it will have been going for 150 years.
The Galway Races
Its a massive event and a good time will be had by all.
Ireland is famous for its horses after all.
And it's mighty sport.
I was going into town this morning when I went over a sharp bump and the plastic panel inside the front wing came loose and came off with quite a bang.
My panel beater said that it happens all the time.
If you drive a taxi make good friends with a panel beater and a good mechanic either one of them will put you back on the road when you are in trouble.

A Dublin woman got into my taxi years ago.

"I don't want to seem rude but how old are you ?"
When I told her she gave out a big laugh
"There you are working yourself into the grave. For what?
When you die you will leave your kids a pile of money, after a few weeks they will have pissed it all away and you will be forgotten forever.
But if you were my fella you would be on the high stool in the pub laughing with your mates.
Then when you would fall off your perch you would leave them a pile of debts.
When they would have paid off all your debts, one thing for sure is that they would never forget you"

So enjoy yourself when you are alive son.

I picked up an American lady going to Temple bar an €8 journey, she asked me questions all through the journey and seemed happy with my comments. She had asked me if she could pay by card, so as I was setting up the card reader she asked if I would take US Dollars. I said OK and she gave me $50
Keep it
Wow what a lady, I will have to pass it on for good luck.

I cover a lot of miles and I see a lot of things for sure

I was following a car which was going very slow as I was turning left at the  next juction I held back.
The other car in front of me overtook her but she turned left as well.
Then as I went up the road she came to a roundabout and went round it to the right.
She had no L plates bit I wonder what kind of a muppet was sittig in the passinger seat,
She was a Muslim but no L plates or driver sitting with her?

Here is a bad one. From the ferry a guy living in London arrived.
He had missed the flight and had come back over on the ferry. He manages 2 pobs in contral London and he runs a tight ship... No messing or you are out.
He is a qualified self defence instructor and has a black belt. "I can take anyone down with just 2 fingers" He trains kids in London in self defence.
"Knife crime in London is at epademic proportions".

So his daddy deove a taxi in Ireland and he had two passingers in the back. Then he saw one pass a machete to the other, "Just you do as we say and everything will be all right" they said.
He saw a police car coming and he rammed it head on.

The two guys in the back ran away and the cops beat the living shit out of him for crashing into them.......He never drove a taxi again.

So I was watching Judge Judy on you tube.....Best cases

Two girls were in dispute and one of the girls had been stabbed 5 times by the friend of the other girl. As usual Judy got a handel on the situation and she told the girl about a case that she had to deal with years ago.
Four girls on the subway saw another girl with big gold ear rings. One of the girls had a knife and the other 3 girls cheered on the girl with the knife while she stabbed and robbed and killed the girl with the ear rings.
The girl with the ear rings died and the four girls were caught.

Judge Judy found the four girls guilty of murder and though they were only 15 years old they went to jail..

It was appealed but the other judge agreed with Judy.
Just because you are not the one with the knife does not mean you are innovent.

Nice one Judy