Friday, February 29, 2008

The Welsh are coming..

The gates to Welsh heaven.(Just for you Eddie)

Nice motor.

The tree of life which is to be found at the Central Bank

The central bank is built in a funny way. It hangs down from the top supported by pillars inside and is held up by large screws!

Well I have been working away like a one armed wall paper hanger.

Going like mad and getting nothing done.
Still with the boyos from Wales coming over to play a bit of Rugby at the weekend,I will need some rest for the weekend.

The paper work and delays on that car has me worn out.
To be honest you would need to be a mind reader to do it right first time.

Guess what feature this Prius has?

Sat nav.TV.Blue tooth and AUTOMATIC PARKING !
All of the stuff will have to be tweeked to get it into English.
But I ask you.
A car that parks itself.
I won't do it until I have studied the manual, when I get one.

Interesting people jumping in and out.
A great looking student doctor from India,educated in Brunai.

She tells me that the Sultan remembers me well.
He has a new wife and a new baby.
There is a guy who has everything 400 + top of the range cars and a fleet of jumbo jets at his beck and call.

Another girl from Peru, student in Dublin.
The girl who sold me Belgian chocolates Brazil.

Or the Chinese student who I thought was playing computer games in the car.
No on the Play Station he had his text books.

My kids only have games on theirs.

Don't travel the world .
Let the world come to you.

Drive a taxi in Dublin.

Hers is a piece which I found funny.
Its an example of the young talent out there.

Look if you have a weak bladder or you are asthmatic, take a pee and a puff then click on this then follow her on to part 2. ETCERA.
This is what happens when the public gets their hands on th airwaves.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

New arrival

This is my new "baby"

Engine as clean as a whistle.

This was the only damage (which was declared)apart from the flattest battery in the world and it was hard to get a new one.

After a months wondering my car which I bought in Japan arrived in Dublin port aboard the Asian Vision 186. I went down to the quay to collect her and it is another world down there, the guys race down the ramp of the ship into a martialing area, 4 cars followed by a fifth. Formula one stuff! The guys park up the cars and run into the fifth car and race back into the ship again. They do it all the time,so they are really good.(Or should that be rally good)
But smashes do happen.
There was a few smashed up new cars going to the panel beaters and to the crushers yard.

It was a worry I had paid out my penny and had not got my bun!

But all is well and I have a super car.
Pity all the displays are in Japanese.
I suppose I should take lessons so that I can talk back to it when it shouts at me.

Dublin is in a state of shock this weekend.
Sad news for the Polish community as 2 Polish men died from stab wounds inflicted by a 16 year old nutcase.
He went home after a minor row and got the screwdriver and stabbed them both in the head.
Young Polish men who came over here to make a better life.
People all over Dublin are shocked and stunned.
We know that this could have happened in any city over the world,but it is so tragic and the area where it happened is not a really bad area.

But we as taxi drivers we have to face down these scumbags every night of the week.
What confuses me is thatI see the Garda camped in the verge of a 40 MPH straight stretch of road handing out tickets while at the same instant stolen cars roar through housing estates.

You can't take away the licence of a 14 year old in a stolen car because they don't have any licence to take away, so you take away the livleyhood of an honest citizen who just happens to be an easy target.
I have no respect for this, tax collecting.

Reminds me of the miners strike when I was young.

When I was in Blackpool a taxi driver who brought me back to the airport told me that his night driver got stabbed in the head with a key by a punter.

Black cabs in the UK have a protective screen (which we don't have)and he got his hand through the opening.
In the struggle the driver lost control of the car and crashed.
The car was a write off.
His insurance was only third party so he was at the expense of a new cab.
His night driver quit and now he has no night driver, he would have taken me on there and then.Imagine Blackpool from an innocent Dublin taxi drivers eyes.
What would I have made (should this be maid) of the "Flying Handbag" pub.
The mind boggles.
Me and Lilly Savage coming home together of a night as you do
If you are reading this mate tell me .
Did he get 20 hours community service?

Bet the punishment did not match the crime.

Do tell us if you logged on!

Once upon a time a long time ago in Tallagh they were having problems with joyriders, the Garda were called.
But they did not come.
The residents group met the local Garda who told them that they were very busy but the welfare of the community was their prime objective.

Well time passed an things got worse.

One day as 2 cars drove past with seconds between them.
BANG ! BANG ! Both barrels of a shotgun,one shot each into the back of each car,the gunman was taken away in a flash by motorcycle.
Within 20 minutes there was 6 police cars in the street.

The cry was
"we can't let people be taking the law into their own hands"

Funny thing was that the "Joy riding" stopped

Now I don't approve of it BUT.

They have a thing in Asia called summery justice(have a look on youtube)

Perhaps when the law is a complete fiasco this is what will have to happen before things come right again.

An Irish lady judge was very lenient on muggers and handbag snatchers.
(if you are involved in the courts you will know this)

One day she was standing on the footpath when a snatcher took he bag.
He didn't beat the lard out of her he just spun her around, but with the impact she broke her hip.


9 Months later on the bench.
handbag snatching !
First offense 12 months.

Next case.

I suppose you have to stand in the front line for a few weekends we are sick of it all.

A Parish Notice

I am putting this on the blog hoping that someone who knows this lady will read it and recognize her.
She was standing at the bus stop at the Frascatti center the other day.
Forgive me if I am being a bit blunt here, but I thought she was a tramp.

Her shoes were untied and she had stains all over her pants and coat.

She was going to buy a bed in Sallynoggin. When we got there she wanted me to wait and bring her back to Blackrock again.
Happy days.

Now she was e75 short of the price of the bed, which meant going back home to Blackrock for more money and back again.(a good few extra bob)

So ever the gent I chipped in with the money, hoping with experience to the contrary that she was kosher.

She was a lovely lady and lived up to my hopes and dreams, she paid in full and tipped well.

Boys and girls take note!

Having seen the signs of dementia in my own mother I can tell you this lady needs help.
She was married to a doctor,now a widow and lived near Avondale(home of Charles Stewart Parnell)

Not a lower class area.

She has 3 sons All doing really well.
One a is a Barrister married to a state solicitor.

The others she told me about.

But with Mothers day around the corner,people are going to get together.

If you are reading this and you are one of her sons look at mum a bit closer.

I couldn't see what was happening to my own mum at the time.

But I can see it now.

I think if you are close to the situation you cannot see it!

One of my friends is a doctor and she told me that she would value MY opinion of her own child's health over her own opinion.


Because I am detached, not because I am a doctor.
She brings her own son to the doctor.
By the back door OK.
But she never even self diagnoses herself.
Is that mad or what?

Elderly people are getting fooled into taking out these "Equity release" loans.

This is a great big con.

Take a look at the terms and conditions.

Boys and girls.

This would have been you house if you had looked after your own flesh and blood.

Now it belongs to the bank.

My own mother sold land and I don't know if she was ever even paid for it.

That is in the past.

Another thing.

Kids should do is give a few bob over now.

Think about it now.

You were never too shy when it came to looking for your pocket money!

Now its their turn.

They are too proud to ask for anything.

Well there is food for thought!

Well back to the car. TV, Reversing camera, all the bells and whistles.

The down side is that everything is in Japanese.
But its a fantastic car to drive.

Its great to have toys!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't get on to the computer much I nearly have to beat the head of my son to get on, but he is out tonight.

Must go out to make some money too.

Little joke.

Chinese new year.

Year of the Rat.

But you know every time I am writing a cheque I keep on forgetting.

I write down Monkey instead of Rat.
Perhaps its not funny.

But Chinese people find it great.(Try it)

I have no time for TV.
Well we don't have shows like this except on cable or satalite.
But you would be stupid to watch something like this and even more stupid to take part/

Monday, February 25, 2008

Back home

This is the ship Riverdance which ran aground on the beach in high seas off the coast near Blackpool,if you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see the men on the right standing on the hull,this is no small boat. I very much doubt if she can be salvaged.Perhaps if she was further out to sea,but as you see she is lying flat.


This is the dealers hall where magic tricks are sold.
Magic just doesn't happen you know.

This is the main lecture hall so you have an idea of the scale of things.

Back home and back in the saddle tomorrow.

Blackpool was the tops for a seaside holiday from the early 1900s until the early 70s. Then the package holiday came along with the promise of sunshine instead of rain.So Blackpool went into decline.

I overheard one guy telling his mate that he found 2 pubic hairs in his bed when he pulled back the sheets.
I can tell you now by his reaction he would never make a taxi driver!
At least they were not attached to anything,you can't go lower than that.

One fact is that Blackpool had more tourist beds than all of Portugal.
Big conventions are held there now. Labor party conference, pigeon fanciers,magicians etc. The magicians convention is the biggest of its kind in the world, but its too big really.Even too much ice cream is not good.

So I had 3 days of lectures, displays and 2 shows plus competitions to see.

Sad to say the standard of showmanship and magic is nothing much to write home about.

Happy news that Tommy Cooper has been honored with a statue in his home town of Carphilie in Wales "just like that,BOYO"

On arrival at Dublin airport there was a bit of a delay getting off the plane.
We had to exit by the back door,on walking past the front door we could see why.
A little truck which is used to unload baggage had collided with the stairs as it came down. At least 6 people with clipboards writing reports.

Sorry to have missed the Scots playing Ireland at rugby, but you can't see every dogfight.

Went to the port to see if my new car has arrived from Japan.

I saw the Kamakazi drivers taking new cars off a transporter, man they really move.
4 cars out chased by another staff car which brings the drivers back to the ship and then back again. They just drive into a holding area where they are sorted later.
This transporter has a quick turn around time.

A few phone calls, then I learn.
My ship is coming in tonight, provided the winds drop off and the quayside is clear.

I bought this car on the net.
I have not seen it or kicked the wheels.
I don't know if the company exists or where my money is.

I can only describe the feeling as akin to expecting a new "Russian bride"

What will she really be like?

Will she like the dog?

Will she be a dog?

Perhaps I am making a mistake.
Who knows?

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Blackpool tower and the other thing from Egypt

I hope we won't have to fly home on this plane again,look at the tape.

Well I am on a countdown to the Blackpool magicians convention now.
Held on the last weekend of February it is the largest convention of its kind.
Magicians from all over the word appear, thousands of the feckers.

For one weekend of magic.
Loads of magic dealers come too.
What is a magic dealer?

A person who sells magic tricks and illusions.

One like this
Or even like this

I won't do stats here but If it can be halved, vanished,doubled,substituted or even penetrated it will happen here.
Here is a really good magic act.
I wonder if that ship Riverdance that ran aground a few weeks ago can be levitated back to sea?,don't hold your breath.
There is nothing like a good magician.
There is nothing as good as seeing someone who is good at their job in action,thats for sure.
Be they singer, dancer,taxi driver or magician.

This man lost his arm from the shoulder, he drew himself up to become one of the greatest magicians in South America. He works cruise ships all the time.

Well Spring is here and it is time to take out the paint brushes and sweeten up the house and garden.

Just as well really as last night was so busy with taxis all over the place.
400 taxis every month coming on to the streets and thousands waiting to do the PSV test.
Lets hope they have English as a requirement.
Last night the conversation was about Arnotts store in Henry closing down this summer and 600 jobs going.
How many will dream of earning e200 a day driving a taxi only to find that they are lucky to take in e60.
House loans will still have to be paid!
The kids won't understand that daddy made a big mistake.

With the way things are going we will have more taxis than New York AND Paris combined.

Come on, number crunchers work it out.
For a population of 2 million.
More taxis than New York AND Paris combined.

Talking about good taxi drivers.
Not like poor Jim Still more and more taxi drivers like him are passing the PSV test.

Paul Golden the hypnotist died last week and at his funeral the Cantor spoke these words.

Anyone who has lived and not loved someone
or had not been loved by someone in return,
never lived.
Anyone who loved and was loved in return
never died.

Still it would be nice that someone would say nice things at you passing rather than "Where's my money going to come from now?"

Here is a moment from a taxi journey a few days ago.

I picked the girl and her little daughter close to Brunswick Street.
Very chatty, the type of person who will tell you their whole life story,in the most intimate way, because a burden shared is halved.
Within 3 minutes she told me she had been a Heroin addict and when she found out she was pregnant she stopped and went for treatment.
She was homeless staying in the hostel beside the North Star homeless shelter.
The single girls get art classes and different things to stimulate their days.
The women with babies cannot go to classes because the creche was not open.
They are bored with little to do and as you can imagine there is a lot of pent up energy which sometimes finishes with punch ups.

I am not a criminal all I am is a homeless person she said.
One of the women in charge said to me "You are the kind of girl who would be taking cough bottles behind our backs"
I am clean, they take urine samples from me when I go to the Methadone clinic, she can't even take that as proof.
To add insult to injury she sent me up to the Methadone clinic today even though I feel well enough to go another day without it.
I wondered was this person a frustrated nun,"No she's not"
Still i do think it is very important to treat everyone fairly and to supervise and train your staff properly.
Journey over., The fare was e8.
"Heres a e10 keep the change, and God bless"

Now I just thought You would like to know what its like in a Russian jail

Well this must be every Parents nightmare, the cop dosen't seem too upset.
If the picture goes blank click on the blank screen and it will come back.

Here is something to keep all you hot blooded men going until the summer

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentines day

Butterly business park site of the Stardust

The Stardust monument in Coolock

Every year around this time Northside families recall again a moment in time that will never be forgotten.

A moment frozen in time,which because of cover ups and fudging the wounds continue to stay open.

On Valentines night a fire broke out in the Stardust dance hall taking the lives of 48 young people and blighting the lives of hundreds more.
This year it will be 27 years since it happened.

The windows had bars and the fire doors padlocked and chained shut.

Stories abound of heroes,people escaped and went back in to get their coats and cowards who rushed to move their cars instead of helping people.

There was no one held to blame and the people who survived got no counseling or emotional support, no compensation here.

There were collections made but like the early morning mist it vanished, where to no one knows..

The people who owned and ran the club were never held to blame, as always in Ireland.
All you need is a politician in your pocket to escape from the law.

There was never closure for the relatives, this year again they will ask for an inquiry.

I couldn't find the photos on my computer and when I went up there was the beginnings of a get together with well known TDs coming to "Pump the flesh".

I worked in security a few years ago,going from pub to club through the day.
It was cash in transit and I often saw locked fire exits and blocked escape routes. Not to mention key boxes at emergency doors with the keys missing.

This could all happen again.

Perhaps this year some fire inspectors will be appointed to make spot checks on pubs clubs and hotels.

If its not right you are closed down.
Do it twice and you are out of business.

I won't hold my breath.

But I would like to be there when those who are guilty of the Stardust disaster meet their maker.

Song By Christy Moore

On a lighter note there is a relic of St Valentine in the church on Auinger St.
There is supposed to be a black Madonna there,but she's not black.

A little scumbag got 7 years for beating up a taxi driver.

Found guilty of kicking him on the head and stomach as well as bighting him
The driver got a fractured skull and lost 12 teeth.

When this happens they very seldom catch the perpetrator,I often hear tales of assaults.

Never get out of your car, let it go.

Taxi drivers.

Carry a gun! Like In the movie Taxi driver

This is the classic example of picking up the wrong person.

It was not the guys fault though he had drug problems since he was 14.

I know that a few taxi drivers relations will make his time in jail a time to remember for the rest of his life..

WE are just trying to make a living.
Just get in,tell us where you are going, how you would prefer to get there.
Then pay up and GO.

No more "you should have gone that way!
I never go this way."

We could go through a hundred X a hundred variations of this.

Stolen from TAXI TALES another blogger

Well you know how much I like to watch crashes here is a good crash clip

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Spring has sprung and the flowers are opening up.
The birds would deafen you in the early morning.

Well the Euromillions was e130 Million on Friday.
What would you do?
Now dream on

Well the Chinese new year came in and not a Dragon did I see.
The list of things was great but I am sure some of you saw it all.
Maybe next year.

I have a "Parcel" coming from Japan, so I just took a look see how DHL is coming along.
Date Time Location Service Area Checkpoint Details
February 08, 2008 16:54 Cebu - Philippines, The Shipment picked up

February 08, 2008 20:43 Cebu - Philippines, The Departed from DHL facility in Cebu - Philippines, The

February 09, 2008 00:43 Manila - Philippines, The Arrived at DHL facility in Manila - Philippines, The

February 09, 2008 04:18 Manila - Philippines, The Departed from DHL facility in Manila - Philippines, The

February 10, 2008 17:00 Brussels - Belgium Departed from DHL facility in Brussels - Belgium

February 10, 2008 18:50 East Midlands - UK Arrived at DHL facility in East Midlands - UK

February 10, 2008 21:42 East Midlands - UK Departed from DHL facility in East Midlands - UK

February 11, 2008 03:24 Dublin - Ireland, Republic Of Arrived at DHL facility in Dublin - Ireland, Republic Of

February 11, 2008 08:20 Dublin - Ireland, Republic Of With delivery courier

He arrived at 11.20 not bad.

My car sits in the panel beaters garage waiting for his magic mallet to knock out the dents.
I suspect it will cost me e1 per thump.

The weekend went well there were people out celebrating again and the usual panic after closing time when the city becomes the "night of the living dead" when zombies roam the streets.
The busy time is getting shorter every month.

We have taxi traffic jams now!

Its hard to know who is safe to pick up, so I had written down the arrival times at the airport and went out when flights were in.
People are likely to be well behaved when they are jet lagged.

Still you are better driving past 100 people than picking up one "headbanger"

There is an example of the kind person who would wreck your head.(Canadian)Well here we go there are crazy people in Canada
I have warned you.

400 more taxis are hitting the streets every month, saturation point has well and truly been reached and passed.
Loads of the old guys are giving up,sad really after 20 years and more.

Well here is one guy well on his way to passing his taxi driving test.

Well if driving a taxi gets too hard I know plenty of guys who could give this guy a run for his money.

Well this next piece is x cert
Or should I say XX cert
Then there is money to be made in making up products for people to buy.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Year of the Rat

Who stopped Giuliani?

Here is a shot of Malissas garage (New York Hack)

The Chinese new year slipped in quietly enough, I had a Chinese lunch in Parnell St today and the waitress told me she had not seen any of the celebrations herself apart for the Dragon who danced through all the establishments in Parnell St. They are just one after the other around there.
Strange thing about Chinese food is after a few beers you have to eat Chinese food,perhaps the food contains the antidote to alcahol.
Anyhow there is 3 days of festival click here
Moore St once the heart of auld Dublin with all its butchers shops and stalls selling fish,fruit and veg are winding down.
Once the air rand out with cries "Lovely oranges 50p a dozen"
The dealers were very sharp witted.
"Take yer hands of dem Herrins,
Dere not like yre auld fallas thing,
Dey wont get bigger with de feelin"
There are some butchers but nothing like there was.Funny thing I saw Troys shop in Burnt Oak near Edgeware London.
He used to have a tape playing. "Lovely pork chops"
"Hows about a few lamb loin chops"

Everything changes now one side of the street is completely closed.
That side of Moore St was home to African hair braiders,Chinese phone fixers, Russian DVD stores, Indian electrical goods shops. You might have been anywhere in the world.

Well today I did a bit. 3 Chinese people going to Prison, great discussion as to which one, found out it was Clover Hill prison (The prison which wins awards every year for their cooking)
One of their friends was picked up by immigration and now faces deportation.
I spoke to them and they told me that they have to bribe officials all the time to escape deportation. She speaks English very well and she invited me to her restaurant
for a real Chinese meal,(Not the Western menu) I look forward to that and learning about these e20,000 payments.
I would like to herald in next years Chinese new year with a parade of the corrupt officials down the street and ask the Chinese people to pelt them with rotten eggs and fruit.

The other memorable fare was a guy going for a job interview over the other side of the city. He had been working for the same tobacco company for 29 years and now it was closing and leaving Ireland.
He had a perfect work record except for a few years he had to take off owing to Cancer, he has the all clear now.
He had loads of time before his interview which was just as well as the early morning traffic is no joke.

I wish you the very best friend,
tell all your mates NOT to become taxi drivers
but for yourself the very best of luck.

I have been chasing round to get panel beating done, the number of places which have closed down is amazing. My man just let me down flat.
"I know you were booked in but 3 people brought cars in in front of you"

I had problems with ignition and went to 3 garages "its a new starter motor you need"
I knew enough to know that was not the case.
I went to an auto electrical place and told him my story.
Out with the electrical meter......
"Its the ignition switch at the back of the key.
Common fault with taxis.
You get it I'll fit it "
Over the M50 and back with the part -e100.
20 mins fitting it e60(no recept).
Still I now have the problem solved I would have been down e400 for a new starter and the problem not solved the other way.

A German guy put it so well when he said that "Irish people do not know the concept of service".
In hotels etc you get it because its foreign staff.
But go to a garage or a body shop its a different story.

This is why Polish painters and plasterers are doing so well.
They come when they say and stick to their quotes.

Back to the top photo an American fire fighter in the car told me why Giuliani would never become president of anything

Guess that defines the word RAT

Makes you think.

What did Bill Clinton do on the Kenneddys?

Stay safe until we meet again.
Here is something nice to finish off you week.

Have a good one

Go to the Chinese market in Smithfield.

Monday, February 04, 2008

parish notes

An old vintage van.

Would anyone out there like to guess what this is?

Something I was doing Vanished.
So now I must start again.

The news from here is.

Stories that catch the eye.
A consultant surgeon and his wife have been found guilty of defrauding €700,000 from insurance companies through a false breast cancer claim.

Dr Emad Massoud (aged 52) and his wife Gehan Massoud (aged 45), a nurse, of Woodview, Brownstown, Ratoath, Co Meath were convicted by a jury at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.
They put in a claim against the insurance company for e700,000 claiming that Mrs Massoud had breast cancer. An operation was performed and another doctors signature was put down for the operation. The operation was in fact done by her husband.
The size of the tissue sent to the lab was too big to have come from her breast and in the expert opinion there had just been an incision made and the cut stitched up.
Not much to suffer for e700,000.
Well the aftermath of that will cost them dearly..he was on a good "twist"and when he comes out of prison he will find it hard to get a job.

Chuck Feeneys
friend Dr.Brendan O'Reagan who invented duty free and helped him set up the multi billion business DFS died.
Another person who believed in giving while living.

A young girl who suffered from Rett syndrome and Scoliosis was being denied treatment,she was clearly in distress.
The cost of the treatment in London was e100,000. The child in pain was suffering and the Irish government was refusing payment to treat her.
Operations had been canceled because there was no anathestist.

But then there is a ban on recruiting staff, so staff in very expensive operating theaters do nothing.

While our minister for health flies off to America to watch the Super Bowl and learn what the good old USA has to offer us in the realm of health care.
I would have sent her to the video store to rent "Sicko" by Michael Moore.

Good old Joe Duffys radio program came to the rescue.
A listener put up the money himself.
Then the health board decided to pay after all.
"All A Big mistake " they said

Today is the 50th annaversery of the Munich air disaster
One hero who went back into the wreckage to rescue people was featured in the Sunday times,if I find it I will add his name.
And here is the clip.
Harry Gregg, the United goalkeeper, heroically ignored an instruction from the aeroplane's captain – "Run, you silly bugger, she's going to blow" – and dragged at least three people from the wreckage, Morgans was not found for almost five hours: "At about half-past eight, two German reporters went back to the burning plane. They found me, I was last to come out. They got me back to the hospital and I didn't wake up till the Sunday morning, three days later."
He refused decorations for bravery saying I did what I did at the time.
I am not a hero.
At another time I might have ran away and left them.
But he worked like a bull and horsed people one after the other out of the plane.

So some day you might be faced with the choice.
Hero or Coward ?.

One blogger told the story of how, he wondered would he behave if he was needed to be a hero.
Well one day he saw a car coming at high speed behind him.
He braced himself for the impact,but the car ran up the enbankment then rolled back down.
He jumped from his cab and tried to get the driver out. He couldn't open the seat belt,so he had to run around the car open the belt from the other side, then back around to pull him out.
The car exploded in flames seconds later.
The guy was taken away in an ambulance and the poor old cab driver went about his work.
His next fare completed he put his hand over for his coin clip.


Yes I saw them again Mutt and Geff !
The intrepid pair from the carriage office.
With their IDs hidden they were sneaking around Foster Place like some kind of would be enforcer. Where are you at night boys?
When rogue taxis are there "Bidding" for fares.
Or how in the name of "Sat Nav" do they licence drivers with no English or any knowledge of Dublin?


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Night off,didn't mean to.

This lady walked up and down where the Spire now stands.
She used to preach until she lost her voice.
Then she just walked up and down waving her arms.

This house in the docklands is long gone and a block of apartments stands in its place.

Well I stayed out too late, got up too early,so I will take the night off.
Is there anything thats not on Google?
Dublin slang oddles of stuff.Cockney rhyming slang...we have our own,,
Still its better to rest than to fall asleep at the wheel.
You might never know what happened,I would like to sympathize with anyone who has lost someone recently, and to the families of the Italian people killed near Roscrea last night.
Head on crash.

But notice the number of police cars in the clip
No one is a saint when it comes to speed.

Everyone needs to slow down.
Would Lady Di be dead if Jean Paul had just been let drive?

Then back to real life.
If you miss the Chinese new year you will be missing what promises to be a great event.(Use the magnafying glass thing to read it)
Look out for the Dragon boat race on the Liffey and the Asian market in Smithfield.

Just in case you cannot recognize the effects of drugs,here is 10 of the most popular.

Then theres the time you went to court and the judge shows no respect
Now there's 2 dumb people,how can she say she is a real judge?.
While I am at it .Here is a slice of life from Oz

While I am at it here is the Samba soccer moves for you.
Now that is what I call football.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Ireland V Italy

House for sale e57 million+ around e15 million to refurbish.
But you would be living in one of Dublins best roads.

This is a fine example of your neighbors house. Should you buy it.

Whenever I do a posting there is always one thing which I forgot.
Unlike Colombo I do not come back and say *********

Well a train left Heuston bound for Limerick with one passenger on board.
The one guy was blind and was led to the train first,very nice of them.
Then the porter waved to the driver and he took that as the all clear.

Off he went with 300 passengers waiting on the platform.
Where is that guy you see on the movies shouting
"All aboard"
Probably sacked owing to cut backs.

Just a quick word while my breakfast cooks.
Quiet enough night very frosty -2 at times. Snow in the UK fender benders all over the place.

Remember "Old Moores" almanac?
Well he said that there would be storm at the end of Jan and ships would be lost.
An Irish ship Riverdance beached off Blackplool and a second one off the Scilly Isles.
Though he did say in the English channel.
I would demand of the sooth sayer the name of the ship, the date and the time.
Still it was a good prediction.

One of the most memorable fares was at the airport Hilton,a guy I figured to be a drug dealer going down to Kilmore. Started him talking about cars and a Merc I had seen earlier in the day. A sporty red car with 2 bald patches on the back wheels and the webbing on one wheel flapping as the car moved forward.
Looked to me like he had been doing handbrake turns.
When I said I would normally tell someone like that about the impending danger.
But people who drive these high powered Mercs. and BMWs are usually arseholes and they would turn on you anyhow if you tried to tell them anything.
He got all animated hands and arms moving all over the place in agreement.

Fare e7.50. Hands me e20. "Keep the change"e12.50 tip (Theres a Northsider)

Thought I would finish up early and just went home via the green where a large crowd of punters were assembled got Bray and then on to Delgany Co Wicklow.
Workers from Dell!
There was 4 punters and is the custom the first one out gave some money to the last one out, as is the custom,then the second one got out and chipped in. This left 2 girls in the car who exploded at the meanness of the 2 guys.
Then came the full paint peeling opinions of the guys.

Wow I hope I never leave such a bad impression.

The last one was going on and she has great travel plans,New Zealand, Australia, then perhaps Cambodia, Bon Voyage and safe back.

The new road is great and we zoomed back into the big smoke in no time.

Tea in the Spar in Baggott St.
Haunt of hookers and taxi drivers.
A guy was buying one of the Girls a tea, she went off then he drove off.
Thats nice,I thought. Buying her tea to finish the "date"
Happened to be back later and he had 2 girls with him this time.

He seemed to be their "manager" or Pimp

Made the mistake of going to the airport then and had to wait.
While I was waiting I saw a "Top of the range" Merc 08 reg in the queue.
Turns out the car cost around e130,000.
Now my car is worth .50cent and we both get the same payment per mile.

On top of that,with such a swish car would he ever get tips ?.

TIPS to insure prompt service.

POSH on the luggage of Brits going to India.
Port side Out Starboard Home.
(Well now you know)

Missed the first flight in and then got an American guy going to.
"Hilton Hotel in the city center".

His line came from Ireland in the 1700s from Ulster, thrown off the land.
Plantation of Ulster.
He is the first to return.

Still feel like I should have sorted him out fully.
There is the Stakis Hilton, Charlemont place,
then the Conrad Hilton where I left him.
I feel like it should have been the new Kilmanham Hilton beside the jail.

Then of course there is the Airport Hilton where I picked up my biggest tipper of the night.Year..

So today we have the Rugger buggers Italy V Ireland.

There was a beautiful dawn today, every color of violet,eggshell blue and crimson.
I have tried to take photos of these dawns but they just don't turn out right.
You will just have to come and see for yourselves.

Off to bed for me