Thursday, July 23, 2020

Dublin winner! Euromillions €49.5 million

Wow what a prize.
But money causes misery... Its true.
Too little and too much.
A friend of mine won around £4.7 million in Punts and his brother rang me up to come to the party.
I really wished him well but I had commitments in the morning.

A few weeks later I met him and his wife on Talbot St, he looked as if he had been beaten up.
I asked him what happened nd he told me that few of his friends had turned up to the party apart from cousins and then around 20 gangsters turned up and drank the pub dry. Then they smashed up the place.

Every day he got 2 sack fulls of begging letters and people calling to the door.

One day a man approached him and said that the was from the IRA and if he did not get €1 million he would kidnap his nephew..(Peter had no kids)
So he went to the Garda who said that they would look after everything, "Who do you think they are?" he asked. They didn't know but how the hell could they protect anyone then.

He went to live in America and kept his head down after around 8 years he came home and lives quietly in Dublin.

The jackpot was €30 one day and I checked the ticket on the app.
"Its a winner"
I checked it twice more and it said it again winner.
I would always say that it should have read, congratulations you have won €5 etc.
But the jackpot was won and I had a winning ticket.

I checked the ticket in the morning again.
No change

This is the winning ticket 
So I got my passport, driving license and and bank details and headed into the Lotto headquarters.

She took my golden ticket and said  "Yes you have won a €3 ticket in the millionaires raffle" 

I was shocked and she told me that it takes until 11 am the next day for the system to calculate your winnings..   I stood there doing my impression of a goldfish.

When I got home she that must be obeyed gave me hell.
"What was your plan? What was going on in your head? "
It took a week to settle down.

Then I met a wonderful man who worked it all out.

Chuck Feeney the man who invented duty free shopping had it all worked out.
I brought him into a press conference and the next day I read about him.

He became a Billionaire and gave it all away (Look for the book the billionaire who wasn't)

Most rich people do not flash the cash, why would you do that?

Anyhoo  God must have a plan, that's why he keeps me poor 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Starting to return

So back in February/March I took my taxi off the road.
Then the word came out that you have to remove the green stickers from the front and back windows.
Then I wrote a letter to the insurance company to suspend my insurance.
Later on the word came back that your car would need to have a suitability test before going back to work €40 I believe,strange how they believe that the car would have morphed into something it was not 3 months before.
The world is a weird place for sure.
I was caught talking on my mobile phone and took the slap on the hand, I sent back my crediit card details only to get the form back because I had not put my address on the back of the form.

But they knew it !

So a few years ago the Banking system went bang.
The response of the government was to use credit to shore up the banks.
They even took a few grand from my pension, my own money.

They took it.
"In the national interest" was the mantra.

Billions of Euro was borrowed !

My grandchildren will be paying it back.

Here is a clip which has been doing the rounds of the taxi driver forums.

Have a look.

Am I missing something?

Magic is my hobby but I don't think that even David Copperfield could pull off this stunt.


Sunday, July 05, 2020

4 th July

Happy 4th of July to all you over in the USA

Friday, July 03, 2020


Most of us have sailed through this crisis unaffected.
I said most, not all.
There are lots of newspapers available on the internet, I got one called the Epoch Times, it is based in America and it is against the communist party in China, a Chinese friend of mine who says it is very good also pointed out that it goes a bit too far in reporting the TRUTH.
Here is a clip from the business section.
SSP group to lay off 5,000 jobs. Coffee and sandwich shops.
Macys posts $3 billion loss
NPC who have franchises for 1,200 Pizza Huts and 400 Wendys files for bankruptcy
JC Penny went bang
H&M to close 170 stores by end of 2020
Airbus to shed 15,000 jobs

But there is good news for someone
Gileads flu vaxcene which RELIEVES the symptoms will set you back $2,340 a shot.
It won't even cure you, only relieve symptoms.

Face masks on sale for €1 each, cost of manufacture 10c

Near Las Vegas there is an Indian reservation of the Navajoes Indians.
They have been hit very badly by this pandemic.

But for that tribe the war in the Pacific would have turned out very differently
Click here and to add insult to injury after the war they got no medals or pensions,
Mr Obama did go some way to make things right for them.
I read that an Irishman who was working in Las Vegas has been helping them out.
Good man 

History is tough for sure.
I came across an article written by a black woman. It was about her heritage and slavery.
We are talking about masters raping their servants and when they fall pregnant the offspring are ignored.
I know that that happened in all the big houses of the aristocracy all over Europe.
Anyhow here is a link to her here but it does not mention her heritage I found it here. Interesting to say the least. People are not one dimensional, they have many facets and like a diamond ring if you look closer you might see a completely different picture.
On slavery. It is little known that thousands of Irish were enslaved and forced to work in the sugar plantations of the West Indies.

I have been very lucky in my life to have met wonderful people and quite a number assholes in my life.

Have a look for my book The steering wheel university on Amazon

Here is an example of both.
A business man going to the airport and he asked me for a receipt.
Then he snatches it from my hand and runs off even though I am shouting after him.
A policeman was standing by the door and I asked him if I could run after him.
"No! But I will solve the problem for you" and he got on the radio
15 minutes later a red faced protesting entitled businessman was taken back all the way from the check in desk.
"I paid, I paid and I have  a receipt to prove it"
Well that proves nothing I saw you run away and the driver calling after you.
There is a camera in the taxi, would you like to go down to the office and we will put the chip into the computer?
"I have missed my flight now and its all your fault" he shouted at me.
"No sir its your own fault, pay him now and give him a £5 tip for not prosecuting you for theft".

As the businessman went off the garda turned to me,
I said a big thank you and he said you are very very welcome.

Hold the good things in your mind until we meet again.