Monday, September 24, 2018

A miricle

So we had the big day out for the less privileged children of Dublin, 200 or so taxis a 20 Garda motorcycle escort and then off to a big party with singing and fun in Leopardstown.
It has been going on for more than 50 years and Johnnie Walker our super taxi driver who started it all off is still on the go. Paddy Drax is another long time attendee.

So I was trying to get the photos up but my computer is acting strange.

I have met a few heroes in my day and last week there was a documentary about one of them.

Orla Tinsley got into my taxi years ago and I never forgot her, she was out of breath and turned out to become one of my super heroes.
"No I haven't got asthma I wish I had but I have CF. Cystic Fibrosis"
She went on to tell me about her condition and that the only cure was for someone to be killed and she might get a new set of lungs.
What was on her mind on that day was that she and others had raised money to build a special ward to isolate CF patients and the hospital that it was attached to had filled it with ordinary sick people.
This in turn would mean that the unit could never be used for the purpose intended.

She told me not to be sad when I told her that she was a wonderful brave person.
"I am a fighter, don't feel sorry for me.I never want anyone who met me to be unhappy."
True to her word I did feel inspired.
I told her that there would be no charge for the journey, the only pity was that it was not longer.
"I would love to give you a big hug as well, but I don't want to kill you?"
She laughed "I couldn't think of a nicer way to go"

And she was gone

That was a good few years ago

She is doing creative writing in New York and she crowd funded a lung transplant.

SHE GOT IT !!!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2018

The eve of the big day

Tomorrow is the taxi drivers big day out, I will take the morning off and hoover the car to get it nice for my passengers. Then drive out to Palmerstown to collect them and bring them all to Parnell Square where the Garda band will play and then they set off down O'Connell St, then the band will stand to one side and the Garda motorcycle escort will bring us to Leaopardstown race course where further entertainment will follow.
Then around 3. pm they will all head home again and wait for another year.

Last year they had to send off for more taxis and those scumbags charged for the trip while everyone worked for nothing.
So if you can make the effort to join in come on !!

Above is the floor of the entrance to the Clayton hotel in Ballsbridge it used to be a school for the children of Freemasons.

The first 3 photos explain a recent plumbing adventure I had a while ago.
The cold water tank was overflowing, I sent up the "plumber" twice
He didn't fix it and in the dry weather you could see just how much water was being wasted.
So into the attic I went and found the water tank and I saw that the ball of the ballcock was under water, so I went to the plumbers merchants and got the metal plate shown and a new stopcock just to be on the safe side.
The small metal plate stops the plastic tank from bending when pressure is applied.
Bingo the leak is now stopped.
All through my life I have learned that you have to rely on your own instincts to get things done.

Like a carpenter that hung a door and when you opened it it hit the ground.
The solution he said was to take a piece out of the door, I asked him to put a level on the door to see if was hung plumb, then he walked off.
I got a level and took out all the screws bar the top one made it plumb screwed it back up and it swung perfectly.
The next day he was shouting "If you knew so much about it how come you are not doing it?"
The builder overheard him and sent him home for good.

C'est La Vie as they say in Google.

Even my Citroen car had the wrong spark plugs in the manual ?
That really took some figuring out but an Lebanese air frame mechanic helped me through the servicing, he had cut a sinew in his hand and spent 3 or more hours showing how the car worked.

So if you buy a 2CV you must use Champion L87Y spark plugs not the short reach ones in the manual.
 Off to bed now and great things will happen tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


 Our thoughts go out to the family's of the dead and missing on this day.
Everyone in the world remembers what they were doing when they got the news.
It was an absolute tragedy and still not fully solved.
We cannot forget.
God bless you all, may peace come to you and may you all meet again in the next life.

An old abandoned car takes its last ride

The monument to the Duke of Wellington in the Phoenix Park

A large silo leaves Guinness's. This put the USAs airforce on full alert as they thought they were Scud missiles.

Boys and girls
If you drive a taxi in Dublin this is for you.
The taxi drivers special kids day out is on the 18th of Sept 9 days away and 1,200 kids need to be picked up and brought out Ring 086 3701215 and put down your name.
When you do it and see the smiles on their faces there is no better feeling.
As you drive off in convoy to cheers and smiling faces and when the tourists see what is happening they wave and smile and many of them cry with happiness.

So come on boys and girls take the day off and get a free t shirt and thank your lucky stars for your blessings.
Ring 087 1213344  or 086 3701215 to express your interest.

God I am so lucky with the fantastic people I meet.
Today I met a Nigerian doctor going to Blackrock, she was ebony black and had the brightest eyes and the most beautiful smile you ever saw.
You would just know that all her patients will feel better as soon as she walks over to their bedside.
Sometimes you just know that she is has a really special place in Gods plan.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Taxes are done now for a short rest.

A                                                   Irish People love Brazilians and they love us.

This is a great idea. Put some fruit into a paper cup, cover it in cling film and put small holes in the cling film with a biro, the fruit flies go in and cannot find their way out. Then you pop it in the compost bin.

A nice new Triton shower SILENT IN OPERATION

Life happens when you look somewhere else for a second.
The swallows are gone, the Barnacle geese are on the move and the kids are all back at school.

Soon the clocks will go back one hour. But not if BIG BROTHER can stop us.
The EU want to impose their rule on us once more. If you are in France  the clocks one hour ahead of Irish time or GMT. Then as you head to America the clock changes again and again.
A few years we left the clocks at summer time and the children had to go to school in the dark. Quite a few children were killed on the roads and the powers that be decided that changing the hour to give us daylight in the mornings was a great idea after all.
Then if the UK leaves the EU we will have to change our clocks as we pass north and south through Ulster.

Some people will go to heaven
Other people just might not
You decide !

4 guys jump into a taxi and at the destination they jumped out and ran off.
The driver looked into the back of the car and saw a passport on the back seat.
So he brought it home and his son found the culprit on facebook.
What do you know he was going on holiday the very next day. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Taking the passport he threw it on the open fire.
"You're going nowhere!"

Now to my way of thinking a quick phone call.
Negotiations could have yielded €100 for the passport.
So the guy could learn his lesson and go on his holiday.

This way no lessons were learned anything.