Monday, November 21, 2022

Panic at Twitter and Google

The other day it was so sad to see workers of Google and Meta loose their jobs.

I saw chains of people moving the contents of their friends apartment down the road to another apartment.

They are just kids with no parents to guide them, never having lost a job like this they are in a panic,I really feel for them. Imagine that you are working remotely just to turn on your computer to find that it has been wiped remotely and your job is gone.

Shocking beyond words.

Years ago I had a guy going to the airport, to the VIP area,

Are you meeting someone? I asked. No he said why do you ask?

No luggage, If you are meeting someone it would be a run back into town.No everything I need is on the plane.

He said he was starting a company in Dublin and he wanted office space for 1,000 workers to start.

I suggested 5 offices of 200 well linked together. I knew of a commercial property company which could help him.

But he would have to build. I never give my personal number, I just gave him a wrong number.

So what do you make in your company of 1000 people to start off with?

We make nothing John. We sell information. You are spies I said. He laughed as we pulled into the VIP area. 

What is the name of your company I asked.

Google he said. I never heard of it. But you will he said as he walked to his jet.

He was as polite as anyone, many of his minions they would ignore you when they get into the taxi.

They might even tell you to shut up.

Its a pity that I didn't take his number.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Got my taxi taxed !

The motor taxation office has been closed for the last few years and there is very little information.

One of the lads noticed that my car was not taxed and he told me to go on line and do it,

So I found a number and I told the lady what I needed. She made an appointment for 10.00am.

So in I went by bus and tram. A half hour later all my papers were stamped and in order.

I gave the number to a bus driver I met outside and as I was coming out he had got an appointment there and then and he was coming in.  He was a happy camper for sure.

We have Saints for all kinds of things.

Patron saint of Ireland S.Patrick

England has St.George

Travelers have St.Christopher

Lost property St. Anthony

Hopeless cases St.Jude

I lost my credit card holder a week ago, high and low St.Anthony said 'Its where you left it'

No help that fella. 

So I looked for around 2 hours and then there it was on top of a box of business cards under a perpetual motion thing. Do you know that you can buy fobs that can track your car, your suitcase, and your credit card holder for under €20. 

Not a bad idea. I had one for my keys once.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

So the DHL delivery man is crossing the river

 So if he brings the fox first.

Then the swan will eat the grain.

If he brings the grain first the fox will eat the swan.

So he takes over the swan and goes back for grain.

When he takes over for the the grain.

Then he takes grain over he takes the swan back to the other side again

Then he brings the fox back over again knowing that he cannot eat the grain 

Leaving the fox and the grain together he brings over the swan again

When he reaches the house he gets a big tip.

An ancient puzzle

Sunday, November 06, 2022

A puzzle

 So a DHL courier was given the job to deliver a swan, a bag of grain and a fox to a very important customer. 

The road ended and there was a river. But there was a boat.

The boat would hold one thing at a time.

If he brought the fox first the swan would eat the grain.

If he brought the grain the fox would eat the swan.

He scratched his head and worked it out.

So you think about it and see how he solved his problem.

Its a golden oldie.

By the way that American lady came up trumps, I guess she just needed a poke.

So back to business.

My Son is sitting the PSV test again and let's pray that he is successful this time.

There are a lot of things going on with the tests.

People who pass the test who cannot speak English and other strange happenings.

Some African countries will not give a character reference for their citizens, yet they become taxi drivers