Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy holloween

     Exotic flower opens up in all its glory
                       Promotion at Abbercrombie and Fitch
                       Vintage Citroen
                                         Its that man again

The other day on Cork St. 2 young women with the granny and a kid jumped in.
"Quick Mount joy prison and step on it"

Visiting time.

Like most people who live a less ordered life they had slept it out.
All the secret things were discussed and spelled out so the kid did not understand, but he will know it all in a short while.

When they were getting out the young lad said. "Mister we could have robbed ya"
Well then you would have to be locked up in here as well I said.
There are crime families in every country,people buying and selling stolen goods,drugs and breaking into homes and cars for a living.
Even people who buy and sell people, hard to believe but slavery is alive and well even here in Ireland. The slave may be put on drugs and made to work as a prostitute or be forced to work in a restaurant or hotel kitchen, fearing deportation if they are found the situation can go on for years.
They have miserable lives.
I mentioned here before about an Indian man who was working night and day in an Indian restaurant and take away around the Naas Rd area, when he was rescued the courts ordered his "employer" to pay him something like €90,000.
The boss then employed a very clever lawyer and went back to court.
As there was no formal contract of employment between him and the man, he could not legally be termed as an employee.
Therefore he should not have to pay him.

The judge agreed and sent them away.

That judge in England who had a habitual burglar in front of him must have never had his house broken into.
He struck up a conversation with the robber and said how brave the robber must be.It takes a lot of bravery to enter another persons home take their valuables !
Then he let him and his girlfriend off with a caution.
We had a female judge like that here in Dublin as well, one day a hand bad snatcher took her handbag, as he tugged it off her she spun around and broke her hip..
There was always a prison sentence for mugging people every time from her from then on.

Justice and the law is big business, do not be shocked that very few rich banker crooks will be going to prison.
The bankers own the politicians.

Supply and demand, that's the name of the game.
When supply is low prices go up, this improves supply and the prices go back down.
In the taxi industry there was a very limited supply 2,500 or so in Dublin, so many cars had 2 drivers. Some taxi plate owners had 3 or more plates. The value of these plates had gone through the roof.
Some drivers will tell you that in divorce settlements the wife got the house,he got the taxi.
Then deregulation came It was argued that the council had created a monopoly, which is against EU rules, so new plates were issued without limits to their number.
Now with so many taxis in Dublin the same plate can be bought for €1500, though with the non transferable rule comes into force soon they will  become totally worthless.

At least it was not as bad as the Tulip bulb mania read here  which happened long ago in Holland.

The part that is sad about the present situation is that more and more taxi drivers are fleecing their passengers and the regulator is not being proactive in dealing with the situation.
The HailO system gives you a lot of protection in that regard.

Did you hear about the police man who gave a taxi driver a ticket for speeding?
What will I do with this said the taxi man.
Put it in your pocket and when you get 3 more you will get a bicycle.

Take it easy out there and get a good fast reverse gear.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shop early for Christmas

                                 Yes folks shop early for Christmas
                              Glass art on display at the Solomon gallery
                                              Be wise advertise.
                                  Girl carries naked man through the streets.
                                   Just when I have paid my taxes I find this.

I just thought I would share this with you.
2 Americans on the way to the airport at 4.45 Friday evening.

Everything started off OK then the man started asking questions.
"Why is the traffic so heavy?"
So its rush hour Friday evening,
"I will miss my flight"
What time is it at?
"I don't know the papers are in my bag"

The next part puzzled me.

"Why didn't you come on the N3?"
This is the direct route, I get a bus lane most of the way as well.
But I will check on the map where the N3 is later on.

So we arrive at the airport and the total is €26, he pays me and gets his change and walks away.
Before he gets too far his wife pushes him back to make him tip me.

So I get back into the car and look at the map.
N3 Navan Rd,
So the other taxi driver had gone on to the M50, right past Ballymun, Finglas over to Blanchardstown exit and into town on  the Navan Rd

My trip probably cost 1/2 what he paid before and he was reluctant to tip me?
The only thing I can think of is that he was sore that he had been scalped the first time so he felt bad.

One thing that has happened since the taxi numbers has increased beyond supply is that some taxi drivers will take any opportunity to scam their passengers, the regulator is not doing his job at all so they get away with it time and time again, so they feel more confident to do it again.

This is why the HailO system gives the passenger some protection with its trace back system.

I think I will have to grow a thicker skin !

One thing that every taxi driver should have in his tool kit is a plugging kit.
It contains a pointed file a needle with a big eye at the point and few strings coated in tar type compound.
So Its Saturday night and you hear Click Click Click Click coming from a wheel.
Yes folks you have picked up a nail. It will stay up until you get home, Jack it up a bit and pull out the screw, if it has gone through you have to file out the hole and push the string in and back out, then cut the ends off.

Sound as a pound and done in a jiffy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This is me driving a Firrarri 360 Yippie !

Royal hospital Chelsea
          This is the house where Bram Stoker lived in when he was in London

Well today in the morning I got 4 HailO jobs, strange thing about that is,  but for those jobs I would have found no work at all.

A lady in the taxi told me about her friend who was training to become a nurse. 
To make ends meet she did some babysitting . So one morning she arrived to take up her duty.
The husband who was supposed to be minding the children was asleep in bed when she arrived.
There was a 3 year old and a small baby..
So as she was getting the baby dressed the toddler told her that he had given the baby her "medicene"
So she asked what he had given to the baby and he showed her an empty Paracetamol bottle.
The father was woken up and he didn't know how many tablets were in the bottle, he thought only a few, so she would be allright. 
Being a nurse she scooped up the kids and headed off to the hospital.
At this point the mother phoned her and told her to go to the local GP instead but she kept on to the hospital.
As it turned out the baby had taken 5 tablets. 2 would be a normal adult persons dose so 5 to a baby would have been fatal.

Well done !

Did the parents give her a bonus?

Well no they deducted €50 from her pay. 

That was the difference between the doctors fee and the hospital cost. 

I don't think Paracetamol is sold in bottles now and I know you cannot buy more than one pack at a time.

Next thing you know they will be selling rope by the inch in case you try to hang yourself.

The best thing to do would be to write to the small claims court, putting your side of the story, adding mileage costs and parking 

I am sure she would win.

What do you think?

Then there is the falling property prices and crash.

A case is coming into the commercial court on the 22nd of October concerning a house at Gorse hill Vico Rd Killiney. The 2 daughters are fighting to keep the house which was partly used as security to borrow €71 million for property investment by their parents.
The house was valued at €30 million in 2006 now it is worth between €6 to €7 million.

Now in any mans books that is a hell of a drop..

There is always someone worse off than yourself.

Monday, October 15, 2012

William Rowan Hamilton

On the 16th October 1843 vaery clever mathamatician was walking with his wife allong the Royal Canal around Cabra. In a idea came to him.

Not having a note pad he scratched in on to tbe brickwork of the bridge
i2 = j2=k2=ijk=-1 

It has to do with vectors and the working out of how high you would have to aim a rocket and at what speed to hit an exact spot a distance away. 

It has many many other applications including computer animation

Here is what they say about him in Wickipedia 

Today on the 16 a walk takes place to the spot where he scratched his formula

Quaternions by the Royal Canal | Ingenious Ireland


If you can't go you can click here for a podcast of a previous event

So head off to take a goo at Maths week here

Just thought I would share that with you.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Priory Hall

                                       Priory Hall

                                    A deserted development on the other side of the road

One year ago the residents of an apartment block in Donaghmede were evacuated from their homes owing to poor construction and fire safety.
They are still out of their homes today
The powers that be are passing the buck and refusing to take the blame.
The fire safety officer never inspected the building before they were sold

This could happen to anyone, yet all the certs and checks did not add up,
A march has been organized for today to support them.

I got this first hand from an insurance claims investigator who inspected a different apartment where one person died. There were 57 fire doors missing in that complex.
A lot more people might have died if it had not happened on a bank holiday weekend.
The company which did the work had closed down and the guy who had signed the fire safety cert was now an employee of Zowe developments which had built the complex.

No one was arrested or charged.

Friday, October 12, 2012

We are being robbed !

 This is a Billion €uro and last week Mr.Noonan gave that much to un secured bond holders of the AIB bank.
To put it another way that is twice the amount of money we expect to get when we sell off the state forests later this year.
Not only was this money paid over, but it was borrowed money as well.
Yes we will be in debt for generations.

so Email

Tell him its not right by you as well as from me.

By thee way the only reason that money is being paid back is that the powerful bankers would demand that the people responsable would be held to account .
Even in Iceland where blame was placed on a few people, no one went to jail.
They just went bust, not into permanent debt.

Well well.
I had a lady in the car who told me in no uncertain terms that all this financial crap that is going on is in no small way MY FAULT.!

I have spoken up on countless occasions, every time I went on holiday I brought back real estate broshures  and compared prices among my friends, there is no point in telling your elected representative rhey don't listen either.

Remember when someone told Bertie Ahern ( the minister of finance with no bank account) that this economic model was madness. He told them to go and kill themselves.

Just in case you thought that this was an Irish plot.

Go tell them George

Monday, October 08, 2012

Taxi muggers out there

Just a quick note to all taxi drivers regarding recent attacks on drivers.
The first one 4 am picked up a passenger in Lucan going to Castleknock.
A black youth friendly enough, made a few phone calls en route.
On arrival he asked the driver to stop and said his mate was coming to pay  in a second.
2 black youths approached the car and as the driver let down the window he got a punch to the face and the other guy jumped into the back seat and used the seat belt to try and strangle the driver.

Well planned and executed,the driver wil not be winning any beauty contests for a while.

The second time the 3 guys were picked up together, eating chips in the back, quite happy until payment was asked for. same thing punched to the head strangled and robbed Lucan was the area.

Drivers who go through such an ordeal are traumatized and are unable to work for long periods.

If you have any idea who these punks are  tell the Garda.

Just be careful out there.

I also hear that "Deep heat" spray can make an excellent anti mugging deterrent.
Or you could use an  antiperspirant spray

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Steve Jobs

 Could this inspire you?

Friday, October 05, 2012

October arrives

                                 Fridays food fair on the canal near grand canal dock

                  This is a must see, great acting (Not too many laughs)

              The face in the middle poster has been in my taxi a good few times.

                           Hilton Hotel Kilmanham, best toilets in Dublin

                                           Taxing matters on the table

                                          Another view of Sam Beckett bridge

Well another week gone and we are into a new month as well.
Where does the time go?
This week 5,000 high flying legal eagles descended on Dublin for a bar council conference.
All short hops €10 but it all adds up.
It ends tonight then there will be one almighty rush to the airport tomorrow.
Conferences like this gives professionals the chance to network and spend some face time with someone that they have been doing business with over the phone but whom they have never met.
You know after a few seconds talking to someone that they are as sharp as a razor or as thick as a plank. One guy from Chicago was raving about what a great city Dublin was "but I need to know where to eat?" is the place to go.A few more questions, seconds later he held out a €20 for his €10 fare. "Keep it I appreciate your help"
Another lady from London talking on the phone.
Talking" business" in public.
We arrived and stopped outside the conferance center and she must have said the same sentence 40 times over, still talking I had to tell her to get out, fumbling for money and then she waited to get 20cent change and her receipt.
In 20 years I might have made only 4 calls for longer than one minute.(Yes I had a Motorola brick) I would never discuss business in public." I am away, so I will ring you when I get back" is usually enough.
Still if she could not concentrate on what she was saying she was more than likely be burned out.
If you ever saw someone like that you would know exactly what I mean.
A Boston lawyer told me once that he makes his staff take 6 months off every few years to avoid burn out. According to him when people have a breakdown they seldom reach the same level of brilliance again.
Boston is a great center for law, many of the best of the best come from there.

Back to the HailO system, still going great.
(It is a mobile phone app which calls the nearest taxi up to you in a few minutes)
It is now in London, Dublin, Chicago,Boston, New York state and Toronto.
Imagine when you are in any of these places you can hail a taxi with 2 taps on your phone.

I know I had to get rid of my old Nokia phone for an I phone, but in the first month the phone and the years bill has been paid for already.
The customers are a better class of person as well.