Sunday, February 27, 2011

Puker from the O2

Paparazzi wait for Usher

A spoof election poster.

Waiting for Godot at the Westbury

Look who's back in town.

Its Anna Livia the Flossie in the Jacuzzi.

Portmarnock strand.

Well here we are, after the smoke has cleared after the elections there are only 2 or 3 politicians from the old guard left standing.

A walkover.

The "Greens" are gone as well.

Well we can hope for a new dawn and a new beginning.

The sarcastic move by the minister to defer the 9 year rule did not wash with taxi drivers either.

I was heading home around 9.30 pm when a Garda stopped me at the O2.
"I have a very sober girl and a very drunk girl, would you bring them to their homes for us?"

Both girls were hairdressers and they looked great, almost like film star fantastic.
A bad night out for both girls though.

Her sober pal said that she had eaten nothing since breakfast and had worked all day before drinking vodkas on an empty stomach.

So we loaded up and headed off. The sober one kept the window open and the door locked in case she fell out. Sure enough the retching started at O'Connell bridge and continued down as far as Heuston station. Then the dry retching started and carried on for most of the journey.
Sharon keep your head out the window, we don't want to have to have pay to get the taxi cleaned.
It was a e40 fare, her pal was busy getting the sick girls boyfriend to meet us when we arrived in the far off suburbs.
He was not one bit happy to stop his nights drinking and come out. But he was shocked to see his girl friend blubbering like a baby,then she passed out.

So he got in and we set off the mile or so to her house.
It was a fine 4/5 bed double fronted house, detached.

When we stopped he opened the back door and she fell out on to the road. No matter how he tried he couldn't manage. The fireman's lift over the shoulder, or one arm over the shoulder of 2 people. But this limp girl was a problem. The more he tried to lift her the more he pulled off her clothes. If he had gone on the way he was going she would have been stripped naked.

To make things worse he would not take the help offered, I hope he didn't break her teeth or give her a black eye from dropping her.

When I came back into town I drove straight into the car wash and had the outside cleaned before the puke dried off. Then clean the little splashes away with baby wipes. Last but not least Fabreze spray to kill the Oder in the car.
I remember before the smoking ban using this every night before going to bed and the car would be as fresh as a new mown meadow in the morning.

I hope you are not reading this over breakfast!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

603 ? Wow

Savoy cinema O'Connell St.

A fancy clock again on the same street

A nice bit of street art opposite the George pub tells me that I have posted 602 times.
This is 603.

A guy at the rank told me today that "There's a guy who writes a taxi blog and there is an awful load of crap on it".

Well, like television my lad, there is an OFF button!

I was tired after my travels and today is my first real day back at work.
The morning was slow enough, then I diverted from my usual route and picked up one of my regular customers. A Polish girl working in finance, she has things of interest to tell me all the time. She is looking for Gidaffis money as it joins the financial system.

I shot around until noon when I went home for breakfast.

My oldest son has found a job in London and he came home for a few days before he starts work, he has been looking for a long time too.
So I spent some time with him and brought him to the ferry.

We arrived just as the Swift pulled in and I joined the taxi rank.
After a few minutes he checked in.

Shortly after that I got a fare from the ferry to Ballsbridge.
A very interesting guy (and if you are giving any talks in Dublin call me)he is an ex policeman. Welsh by race, worked in London and now works freelance as a private detective.
His last big success was solving "That murder in Hong Kong where the British girl was murdered and dismembered.
I had to ask how such a case could be solved?
"Its a jigsaw puzzle, you find a few pieces, then you find a few more, then the pieces start to fit together, and you get the whole picture, there is a method."

After I dropped him off I picked up a doctor just back from Melbourne going for a job interview, a happy bright girl, not so full of doom and gloom as the native Irish are at present.

Then loads of doctors and medics going to the conference center.

A nurse from Manchester, a nurse from Edinburgh married to a doctor, 3 nurses from Denmark, a doctor from Slovenia.
A mother and daughter from the O2 to Bewleys Ballsbridge, then to Heuston, heading for Waterford.
The X factor was taking place in the O2 as well.

Then a girl just after getting a spray on tan.She has a big wedding on at the weekend. She was still a very light color, but it darkens overnight,so she said.
You know the old song, "I have often heard it said ,from my father and my mother. That going to a wedding is the makings of another"

Then I got a fare to American soil.
The daughter of the American ambassador got in with her own daughter.
I have never been in the grounds of the residence, a beautiful house with stunning views of the Wicklow hills and the Dublin mountains, its right in the middle of the Pheonix park. As you turn to leave the house Abraham Lincon's bust is facing you.
I couldn't take any photos as I didn't want to be arrested as a spy!
Here is a link to an old post which shows the entrance and the story about the famous Pheonix Park murders.

Once upon a time the American ambassador and his wife were driving home, they had an old battered car, one that would not be noticed as it passed through town.
An over zealous garda pulled them over.
"Your tax disc is out of date, so I will be giving you a ticket"
"You don't understand I am the US ambassador"
"Well if you are the American ambassador, then I must be John Wane, give me your papers"
So after looking at his documents the garda says,
"I am sorry Mr.Ambassador I have made a mistake"
"That's quite all right Mr Wane, have a good night" said the ambassador as he drove away.

I don't know how true it is, but it is a too good a story to let the truth spoil it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Good news at last

Well I arrived back in Dublin and I hope to hit the mean streets in the morning.

The good news for owners of older taxis is that the 9 year rule has been suspended.

As of yet I will not use the word abolished.

So this beautiful Jag can still ply the city streets, all leather seats Air Con. all the bells and whistles.

Why should you not ride in this car when a car 4 years old being driven 24/7 by 4 different drivers is somehow more desirable, just because of its age?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gone away

By the time most of you read this I will be in Blackpool England at the worlds biggest magicians convention.
I as much as anyone need a little bit of magic in my life, even if it has to come from a packet.
The only magic convention that is bigger is FISM which will be in Blackpool next year.
Put "FISM winners" into youtube to see the standard of magic that comes up.

Yes indeed travel slims the wallet and broadens the mind.

beach volleyball in Blackpool?
Why not? but I never saw it played in thermal suits before.

Well my favourate movie was made there.

Bernard Bilis is coming, so for you French speakers.

Yes you can see by his moves that he works all the time

Here is one guy who will be there, A bit of magic from Lennart Green

If this stops on you, look for him on youtube.

So look after yourselves.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valintines day.

The conferance centre all lit up for the IFTAS Irish film and TV awards.

Romance is not dead, I said.
You don't get it do you?
Breakfast in bed !

Today it's St Valentines day, when restaurants put their prices up and us men get ripped off !.
Well if you ever come to Dublin town. Go to Auigner St Church to see the relic of St.Valentine. A "rub of the relic" and your love life will be sorted.

I wish to thank all the beautiful ladies who were transported through the mean city streets over the past year.
May Love fill your lives and happiness rest on your elbow always.
Just thought I would let you know I love you all.
If I was bysexual I am sure I would love the guys as well.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Secret

A run down Dublin doorway.

Is this a sign to wish you a happy Chinese new year !

Some of Mabel's flowers, After all you are not 101 every day.

Remember a while back someone told me about a book called "The Secret".
Well the idea is to concentrate on the posative, try to do good things and good things will happen. But the book goes much further than that, a bit too far for me.
I do believe in Kismet, that no good deed goes unrewarded and no bad deed goes unpunished.
The guy whose camera I found was very happy with its return. He sent me a bottle of whiskey, I really didn't want a reward. I am happy that the camera with its 180 photos found its owner. A Soney camera with 10.4 or so megapixels. A mighty camera.

In conversation with someone I was talking about a footballer from Crumlin who I met a while back. He is an utter gent and signed autographs for everyone and was so polite.
I was walking to the plane beside him and I told him how happy I was to see how he behaved towards his public. "These people pay my wages, I love what I do and when I was young playing football is all I ever wanted to do. So I say thanks to them for paying my wages"
So we went our seperate ways.
Talking to someone tonight I will put a spin on how good this guy is.
A young man died in London.
These lads had all played together when they were young.
Someone rang the footballer with the news, he rang Dublin. "I'm sorry to hear about Paddy, have you made arrangements to bring the body home?"
On hearing that there was no plans made he said. "Leave it to me"
He flew down to London, brought the body home to Dublin and paid for the funeral.

That same guy has given thousands to Crumlin Hospital and to Alder hay hospital in Liverpool. A really good person.

I have been reading about Patrica Kluge only a few years ago known as the richest British woman in America.
She has gone bust and her house called Albermarle has been sold by the bank today. She started asking $100 million and though she dropped the price to $34 mill she still got no offers.The bank said enough! Going,,,Going Gone!
In many ways it is very sad, many of her friends would be wealthy socialites who will shun her now. What a strange world she moved in, a world that was in many ways "Smoke and mirrors".Wearing the right dress, driving the right car, the correct shoes. But all for nothing.

When I win my lotto it will be spent where it is needed, not on me.
I hold Chuck Feeney as my mentor in these matters.
Money is a tool, but like a magic wand you use it wisely

Talking about money the Euro has become bigger and even bigger. today I got a 2 euro from Slovakia, welcome to the club boys and girls! Sometimes when I look at Italy or even Ireland I think. Would you like to share a check account with someone so feckless as those countreys?
Just in case you get into my Prius.
A US inquiry into faults with Toyota's vehicles following a series of recalls has declared that the cars are free of electronic faults.

Reports by Toyota owners involved in accidents suggested that the cars had 'minds of their own' and were prone to surges of acceleration on occasion.

More than 12 million of the Japanese company's models were recalled in 2009 and 2010 as a result of the scare.

Floor mats, sticky accelerator pedals, software faults and steering problems were all attended to during the recalls.

Electronic, software driven models were largely blamed for the surges in acceleration during one of the bouts of recalls.

However, the ten-month report, conducted by the US Department of Transportation, found that driver error was responsible for the acceleration - not electronic faults with the cars.

Officials even enlisted the help of top flight engineers from the NASA space agency when conducting the inquiry.

Toyota, the world's largest car manufacturer, saw its profits jump by 5.2 percent in Tokyo yesterday (Wednesday February 8) and rise by more than four percent on Wall Street overnight as a result of the news.

Speaking to the BBC, the American Transport Secretary, Ray LaHood said: "There is no electronic-based cause for unintended high-speed acceleration in Toyotas,"

He continued: "We feel that Toyota vehicles are safe to drive."

US officials also stated that mechanical problems that were fixed in previous recalls by Toyota were believed to be behind the acceleration problems.

Toyota was reported to have paid the US Government $48.8 million (£30.3 million) in fines as a result of the recalls.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Gary Moore

Gary Moore RIP.

I hope he is jam min with Philo in heaven as you are reading this.

That will be quite a gig.

Go on take out that old air guitar.

We had very strong wind over the weekend. Gusting and twisting.
A lady on Wellington Rd was killed by a branch from a falling tree.
People walk around all the time talking on mobile phones and listening to music, as a result they have little chance of hearing that cracking sound that gives you a split second of an instant of warning as to the danger.
I don't for a moment say that she was not being attentive.
I enclose a photo of one of the trees near by, I reckon a tree surgeon is needed to top and thin this lot.

Kudos to the Dublin taxi driver Karl O'Neil who sprung into action and saved a baby's life. The crowd of people were surrounding a woman with a child. When he found that the baby had stopped breathing he loaded them into the taxi and headed to the Rotunda hospital shouting "blow into the baby's mouth" as he drove.

All is well now, so taxi 21112 well done.

Nothing so exciting for me.

On Sunday I went to the Olympia to see Sharon Sexton as Liza Minnelli in "Under the rainbow"

But she is much much much better live, what a show, what a strong wild voice,she never once lost her Minnelli American accent.

Today I found out that not only have all bus fares gone up 5 cent but the number of buses have been reduced as well. This morning there were many hands out for taxis.

My second customer was from Venezuela heading for East Point for a training course. She worked here and was transferred to Spain and now she is back here doing a course.
Funny thing about her is that I couldn't understand why she was complaining that she was sooo late.

"I was supposed to be here before 9"

It was the taxi meter you were looking at.

The time was 8.50 ! The taxi fare was 9.30

Then I picked up and dropped close to the Grand Canal Theater.
Just around the corner a couple from Venezuela going to Dun Laoighre.

Just a tip for the wise. Memo to self:the level crossing at the Merrion gates is very slow in the morning, I should have gone up through Sandymount and towards Ballsbridge.
But guess what they did for a living? They were musicians and they played Cuban music at the Dun Laoighre world festival of cultures, what great event that is.
They play Cuban music and laughed among themselves about the impish humour of the Cuban people when they were there learning their music.

One other group who are not short of money at present is the Irish oil co. DCC.
They expanded into the UK and bought up loads of small oil companies in England then they started a website(It is alleged)"" you would go there to find the cheapest oil and the DCC price would come out trumps. Even though their price was in some places 65% more expensive.
Someone smelled a rat and found out who ran boilerjuice and now the serious fraud office is involved. Compare last week Cornwall urgent delivery of 500 liters of oil Consols oils 317 Stg compared to 522 Stg from boilerjuice.

You have to hand it to them it was a good plan.

Now it is your last chance to see "The Field" I do hope that it goes well, it is a powerful play Brian Dennehy has the role today.
Ray McAnally played the leading role when I saw it last, he was in line to do the movie when he died.
(I held up his BAFDA award once!)
You might remember him from "The Mission" as the evil bishop!
That was one good movie.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Strange models?

It is hard to believe that this place is 20 mins from my house.
When you are at the summit in Howth it is like being in the middle of the country.
Boy or girl?

There is something man ish about the way she moves what do you think ?

Jean Paul Gautier has caused a stir,his top model is a MAN, or so it seems.
Now look here

There are a lot more photos here

It is all so confusing.

But here is a girl who gets better looking as the years roll by.

But the walk ?

But boy oh boy.


Today the phone rang and the owner of the camera contacted me!

I had made 5 copies of around 10 photos which had people in them and I had 4 copies sent to different places with my number on the back, then someone noticed the name of a park, which I googled and I found out it was in Birr Co. Offaly.
So I sent the photos to the library there and they found the owner.

We has contacted me 3 times and his sister is coming to collect it next Wednesday.

What a fantastic result.

I know I how he must feel he is over the moon to get it all back.

I have a policy "Do on to others as you would like to be treated"

This is the photo that provided the clue.

So I googled the name in the photo and found out where it was.

This is one photo I would have loved to have snapped!

This week my friend Mabel turned 101, happy birthday.
She got a coin from the Irish president to celebrate the occasion!

I think she wants to collect the complete set.

One day only and it is on this Sunday.

Even I will be there.

So be there or be square!

On the other hand, changing the subject yet again.
Do you live in New York city USA?
Do you jog?

Would you like to help others less fortunate than you?

Wow 3 out of 3 !
Just click here

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The first day of spring

St.Brigid's crosses

Anois teacht an Earraigh,
beidh an la dul chun sineadh.
Is tar eis na Feile Bride ardos mo sheol

Now the Spring has come,
the day will lengthen
and after St.Brigid's Day I'll raise my sail.

Old Irish song

ALSO for my Chinese friends

"Happy New Year"
The year of the rabbit.
So when you are writing a cheque don't put down Tiger any more, its rabbit!.

Now the Spring is upon us, there really is a stretch in the day.
Look into the gardens to see snowdrops and Daffodils popping up their heads.
Soon by the grace of God the mood of the people will rise also.

I had 2 girls in the car today whose lives could not have been more different.
One girl had a baby and told me her life's story in 20 minutes, the other girl I had to sketch in the blanks.

Exhibit A She left school at 16 and had a baby at 20, "Me boyfriend would have nothing to do with me when he heard I was pregnant, so I had to go through it all alone. Her mother suffers from depression and can't go out. Her father is out of work too.
The girls grandmother suffers from altzimers and she, her grand daughter is her carer.
I talked about what she does all day long and suggested that she could do some study at night or do some part time course.
She has no ambition to do anything or to move on.
So I can see in a year or 2 she will have another kid to keep the other one company and God alone knows where it will go.
I would say that her intelligence level would have bee at the level of a 10 year old child, very sad really.

Exhibit B had a qualification in childcare but wanted to do video editing, but she was having problems in getting things to work. So I told her that my son is doing media studies and he does DJ, he mixes and record tracks with his band and perhaps he could point out where she was going wrong.
She told me she had done a course but had not passed the exam.
"Look if you want him to call just give me your card"
she said she had no card and she declined her number as well.

So you have one that cannot be helped to a large extent and another who will not accept the offer of help.
One has great support, the other has no family support at all.

"There's something in your voice" I said.

"No, you are not foreign, but there is something there, like a hint of Nutmeg in spaghetti bollignase, something different"
The conversation veered off in a tangent then came back.
" OK I will tell you, though you have a very good ear.
I was born in Santry and when I was 18 I went to live in Paris, later on I met and married a darling Cypriot man, we lived in Cyprus and in Turkey. After our divorce I returned to England where I met my present partner, a wonderful German man. We live in England and now we are moving house to Germany."
She was a wonderful conversationalist and we were both sad at journeys end.
She wanted to take my number, but with so many taxis around I could be anywhere when she would need me to go to the airport.
One thing she said about when she arrived at the airport, she got into a people carrier and the car was absolutely filthy, it stank to high heaven.
Like most people she had not got the strength of will to make him stop and get out.

Perhaps the taxi regulator should pop out to the Kesh and do a quick check of the sniffy taxis.
If you are reading this and you have his receipt give a buzz to the taxi regulator the Link is on the right hand side. She might do something.

Often when something like this happens you are more angry with yourself for not having the backbone to stick up for yourself.

She said that being driven by me was a truly wonderful experience.

So I told the gill who is into video to watch this.

Also look up "Sundance" on youtube