Thursday, April 29, 2021

Justice What justice?

 I met an old friend today and I mentioned something about the boys in blue, the Garda Siocana. And we spoke of justice.

A mentally handicapped girl was sexually assaulted near St. Johns Rd I wrote 3 letters to the Garda HQ and to the place that the girl was going to at the time. I got a few replies and one bright lad told me that unless they could actually see it happen there was nothing they could do. My reply to him was that it is just as well that he is not in the murder squad.

So I told this to my friend and his reply was that a young schoolgirl was raped and she had bruises all over her body.

She went to the Garda station in Raheny where she made a statement and a doctor came and took samples.

She heard nothing and went back and was told that there were no witnesses and she should forget it. She persisted and the local priest intervened and told her that if she pressed this that people find out about it would be talking about her behind her back and be laughing at her and she could never find a husband.

"Just forget it " So she finally did.

That was 30 years ago and only a short time ago the mystery was solved.

The man who raped her was the younger brother of the Garda that she reported the assault to.

She will not fight it now as time has moved on.

Justice is a hard won fight.

You need a police force to investigate the police.

I has a lovely lesbian couple who had been through the rigors of the RCMP,

they spoke of how their love was discouraged an many ways.

One of them progressed and was in charge of investigating fraud within the force.

She would go in, tap the phones and computers and plant listening devices in police cars and under desks. If they accessed her records she came up as a rookie, but in fact she was one of the highest ranking officers in the entire Canadian police force. 

This is so they could not pull rank on her and impede her investigations.

They gave me a bottle opener with a Canadian flag on it.

I still have it among my souvenirs

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Did you get the jab yet ?

 So at last I got the jab and I feel fine.

I hope it goes well for you.

It will be May in a few days, I must line up my tanks and army to march through Red square.

What a load of crap all of that is and a total waste of money as well.

Like most folks I am emptying the garage and as I tidy I find many lost things.

Like a disposable camera which I kept in the car years ago in case of a crash, now redundant as all phones take photos and the dash cam never blinks.

Once when I was clearing rubbish my wife was yelling at me not to be looking through the bags,

"Just throw everything out"

Then I found it.

I had been doing a VAT return long ago when I got a call out and had to leave. 

I asked that everything be left there until I got home again.

On my return the table was cleared. Cash, Cheques,Bank lodgment books, check book and £2000 in blue pound notes. 

All gone and she could not remember where she had put it.

Around 5 years later I found it thrown behind the kitchen door in the back passage.

I had to go to the central bank with a passport and a bank account to have it changed to €uro, they don't hand out cash.

Many taxi drivers are working for Amazon and delivering pizzas. 

My son had a wake up call a few months ago. He was delivering a take away meal to one of the richest family's in Clontarf. 

"Dad the never even gave me a 20c tip"

Son the rich do not tip.

I went to great lengths to bring a phone back to its owner once, time wasted and fuel burned.

The woman just pulled the phone from my hand and I don't think she even said thanks as she closed the door.

There is none as quare as folks as the woman said when she kissed the pig,

The builders are back at work and I was up at a building supply center and they are flying.

They were never busier.

Must look at a new career. Where is there a need for something? 

I notice that there are no pork butchers in Mecca !

Perhaps that is a bad idea.

I once met a guy who said that if he had to live his life again he would just love to be a taxi driver. I said it is not a bowl of sunshine, He came back with a list of positives.

You can work as long or as few hours and no one is going give out that you did not start at a certain time or finish at a set hour.Every place in the world if I am looking for something I will ask a taxi driver. If they don't know they will know someone else who will know.

A good idea will pass your ear every few weeks. They may be doing it wrong, all you have to do is to grab that idea and run with it.

He was right and the next day I found out more about him.

Mr.Obama had brought out a law that you must make your name public if you donate more than $2,000 anonymously  Mr Feeney was on his way to a press conference to declare that he was the person behind Atlantic Philanthropies and that he had given away 8 Billion Dollars.

He invented something very simple DFS  Duty Free Shopping.

Funny thing as it turned out we have a mutual friend in common so I managed to stay in touch up until quite recently. 

Yes he did give a tip.

At least I will have an ally for when I win the lotto.

The Euromillions was at €30 million and I had a ticket. I scanned it at 11pm and it came up.

"Its a winning ticket" How much? I couldn't find the amount. 

I scanned it the next day and got the same result.

So I got my bank details, passport and driving licence and took the bus into the Lotto office.

So picture this? 

I hand her the ticket and say that its a winner, she scans it and says.

 "Yes you've won a ticket to the millionaire raffle"

I was like a goldfish, hardly able to speak and why did the Lotto app say its a winner ?,

The computer has to calculate the prize money. Scan it again and it said a €3 millionaire draw ticket. I really hope that they have re worded that announcement.

It was quite a shock at the time.

One thing Chuck told me to do and it worked so well for me was not to put up with bad manners and rudeness.

I had always bitten my lip and carried on but I have booted out 3 fares and I really felt better for it. The second guy was so surprised when I turned off the main road and told him to get out. He offered me €100 on top of the fair if I brought him. But I knew his game, at the Airport he would try to say that I had stolen his money.

One time when the Garda really helped at the airport a guy asked for a receipt for €30 A Garda was standing beside my taxi, but the man never paid. I jumped out but he was gone.

Did he not pay? said the Garda. You cannot run after him, so please wait by your car.

He got on the radio and gave his description. Let him get to security he said over the radio.

We chatted together and a good 1/2 hour later he was brought back.

He protested that he had paid and the Garda said that he was standing there and noticed the transaction and that there is a camera in the taxi if he would like to go down the the station to view the footage. So the man handed me €20. Let me see that receipt said the Garda.

You owe him another €10 don't short change the driver. So he paid me the money while all the time protesting at how he had missed his flight and that it was all our fault.

Sir just be more thoughtful the next time said the Garda giving me a wink and waving me on.

Friday, April 09, 2021

No one cared and disaster happened

 Sometimes things are so bad that you don't believe that it could be true, then everyone with responsibility turns away and say 

It was not my job.

So here it is.

A girl called Verphy Kudi who was 18 went off to celebrate her birthday.

She left her 20 month baby alone in the flat and did not return for 6 days.

The baby left without food or water died of starvation!

Before you all go jumping up and down she had been placed in a special needs flat.

No one, her Parents or social services checked on the child.

Why did no one hear the child's cry's?

That was in the Times 4/4/21

Perhaps the mother has a drug problem?

We will know soon when she comes up to the court again in a few days.

A sad sad situation

It just goes to show you that there is a lot of evil around.

I hope I get back to work soon