Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas 1916 Christmas 2016

And how was it for you?
Bizzy bizzy for nearly everyone.
It is amazing how people migrate right across the world for the festive season.
One little girl in the taxi was heading across to Israel, the site of the happening.

Hotels and restaurants were flat out doing special dinners for staff outings.
If people thought about having the staff outing in mid January on February the restaurants would give them a much better deal.
As for travel you could go later at half the price.
But all creeds have their festivals and travel is a big part of everything.

Christmas day is a day when I go out and do a few jobs. There are a good number of poor people who don't have cars and they are going to visit graves and grannies who enjoy the special day.
On St.Stephens day on the North Circular Rd a row was going on and the entire belongings of a girls life were strewn across the road, I drove into a filling station and bought plastic refuse sacks.
My plan was to load the things up and take her to Apollo House which has been occupied by homeless people.
Just as I was coming back I got a HailO call, a short one so when I arrived the situation had cooled down. As I looked over a police car pulled up and though there was still a good bit of personal belongings strewn around the Garda stayed in the car for a full minute before driving off.
I know that there are good police, but the useless ones need a good kick in the arse.
Another came down from the direction of Mountjoy station, turned down the wrong road and was gone.
Then the girl came out and she was in a hell of a mess, crying and showing her midriff and no coat.
No words were spoken apart from the destination "Christchurch"
The kid was not much more than 16 if she was even that old.
I told her to keep the taxi fare the man had given her and I hope it didn't go on drugs.
I had a son who went wild. He was much younger and it took a few years to get him help.
One "Family therapy group" told us that we were worrying for no reason, he was a city boy and knew his way around. He really took charge then.
I went back to the therapy group and offered to take them around the city between 10 pm and 2 am to show them what goes on.
They declined.
I then asked that a more senior person look at the session to show them how they had undermined our authority.
A 14 year old person should not be running wild for 2 or 3 days at a time.
Strange to say that session "had not been recorded"
A prison officer and youth worked spoke to him for 3 hours, no change for a few days then he worked his way back to us.

The other video of Gerry Lynch is gone
 Here is the man himself.
No doubt that song will bring a tear to many en eye, from Gaza to the Bronx

Have a wonderful 2017

Monday, December 19, 2016

Must be Christmas time

There is no stopping it now. Only 6 days to go.

I find it all a bit much, people drinking too much etc.
In the papers I read of 2 cases involving murder suicide involving children.

So from now on we will all start to make the world a far better place by starting in our own corner and working outwards.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lucky day

The scrap yards are full, don't add your car

Elvis singing in the new year, I can't wait

Liffey Valley Christmas tree.

Driving as many miles as I do in heavy Dublin traffic I have to be lucky all the time.
Like winning the lottery every time I buy a ticket. But we cannot afford to mess up.
Coming from Shirreff St through the 5 lamps I took the inside lane to turn at Killarney St.
A cop on a motorbike stopped me and read the 20 questions, pausing to say to my passenger
"What are you smiling about? Theirs a €60 fine for you for you for not wearing your seat belt !.
Then he asked me how many years I had been driving?
A move like you just did..BANG and your no claims bonus is gone.
"Cop yourself on "
He jumped on his motorbike and was gone.
He had made his point and all the cars who had seen what happened were gone.
Lucky day.

Then on Sunday I drove for an hour for nothing and was turning for home when I was hailed from the street in Ballsbridge.
Ashbourne (A €50 job) A wonderful tired lady going home.
Then when I turned for home again I decided to go via Swords and I turned on the HailO app and bang I got a job to Dublin Airport.
Then I headed towards Northbrook and I got 3 lady's and a guy heading to a town further on than Manooth ! The girls were in pajamas and dying and the party must have put the dying days of Sodom and Gomorrah in the shade. One chided the other about who she had slept with the night before.
I won't fill you in but when we arrived at the store at 12.30 (Which was supposed to be opened at 11.00) A large group of men were assembled and photographed the girls in their pajamas as they got out of the taxi, the waiting men cheered and took photographs.

A handy€100 + in an empty few minutes 
Still if you do not make money now you are sunk for the period after Christmas where there is no work.."The herring days"
Not much else to report except that I was almost home when a Phillipena girl asked me to to take her to Ballsbridge for a job interview in the Intercontinental hotel.
She is illegal, been here 5 years.
Imagine not being able to go home knowing that a tap on the shoulder might come any day and you would be kicked out.
Trump needs a good kick on the ass to make him see sense as well.
She rang me later, she got the new job ! 


Thursday, December 08, 2016

On this day 8/12/1980

OK I don't know how to move this out of the way.
On this day 1980 I was working in the international telephone exchange.
Suddenly the word came out "John Lennon has been shot"
Total chaos.
Guys in the know rang their mates in TV and the press.
This is how things were back then.
No mobile phones etc.I was one of the first people to hear about Chernobyl !!!

So we remember you John
Happy Christmas

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Nether a borrower or a lender be

MC5 SOLD British number plate
Christmas tree in LiffeyValley shopping center

The bane of the motorists freewheelin bikes

So sorry for not keeping up.
Work is picking up and I am slowing down.
I should have taken a few weeks off in Sept October.
God there has been a heavy death toll on the roads over the past few weeks.
My own son who lives in Northern Ireland spun off the road on black ice and wrote off the car.
The children were not in the car at the time and only his pride and his wallet were hurt.
At least he didn't buy another Vauxhall car to replace the one he lost.

I had my brakes done, new discs and pads. Headed down the road only to find that I needed double the distance to stop. Brake pads and new discs need time to bed in.

Workwise things are going strong.
There was a really great girl in the taxi from  the Czech republic,
very stern on the fone she was, giving out like mad.
"I am sorry that person owes me money and I go to get it back."
I told her what my father told me.
"Never lend money to anyone! If they cannot take care of their own money they will loose yours too"
She paused for a minute.
"You have a wise father"

Little things about her told me that she was a hooker with a really big heart.
She got out and after she paid and tipped me €3 and she blew kisses to me from the footpath.
It would be great if her life turned around. She needs a big brother.
I have never had a bad experience from a lady of the night.
If you respect them as normal people and don't judge them they might just surprise you in the best possible way.

Today it is 17*C like summer. Warmer than Spain.

I must start keeping a note book and recall more information next time.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

A brand new place to visit

Howth village has an exciting new venue and if you want to take your better half out this just might be the place. Its new so take advantage now and go now before it gets really busy.
Boqueria is a new restaurant, it is a right turn just after the port then up past the garda station.

Have a look at the website click here

Then listen to what the chef has to say.

Give them a call on 01 8322932

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Somehow this section did not publish in the last posting, so here it is again

Trace your roots here in Nassau St

A mural at Coolock recycling plant

Sometimes the best laid plans goes really wrong, through no real fault of anyone.
I had a pick-up to do and had set my alarm for 2 warnings. The first one went as I was dropping off a job
then in an instant another job came in.
Now I should have cancelled the new job as it had come in without me wanting it
BUT I figured that it  might be a shortie and it may be going in the same direction.
Boy was I wrong.Then everywhere the traffic was stopped and try as I could I couldn't get back.
Just as the traffic loosened out I got a call and a heap of abuse from my original booking.
She was right, somehow I should have cancelled the other call and looked after her .
But I cruised on towards her address anyhow, I was there in 10 minutes then as I was coming out of her address her new HailO cab turned into her street.

Then we were busy 4 dudes waved me down, I had a feeling.
"Have you booked another taxi?"I said.
"Yes we booked Uber"
My car is branded head to to toe for HailO.
"Don't wave down anyone when you have a booking. Its very busy now, by the way Uber has surge charging"
When it's busy you pay 3 or 5 times the rate.So off I went.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

You loose and then you win

Trace your roots here in Nassau St
Coolock recycling plant

Sometimes the best laid plans goes really wrong, through no real fault of anyone.
I had a pick-up to do and had set my alarm for 2 warnings. The first one went as I was dropping off a job
then in an instant another job came in.
Now I should have cancelled the other job as it had come in without me wanting it
BUT I figured that it  might be a shortie and it may be going in the same direction.
Boy was I wrong, everywhere the traffic was stopped and try as I could I couldn't get back.
Just as the traffic loosened out I got a call and a heap of abuse from my booking.
She was right, somehow I should have cancelled the other call.
But I cruised on towards her address,I was there in 10 minutes then as I was coming out her address her
new HailO cab turned into her street.

When we were busy 4 dudes waved me down, I had a feeling.
"Have you booked another taxi?"
"Yes we booked Uber"
My car is branded head to to for HailO.
"Don't wave down anyone when you have a booking.Its very busy now, by the way Uber has surge
When it's busy you pay 3 or 5 times the rate.

Then this girl with soft voice arrived and you just knew she was a star.

Éabha McMahon

Éabha McMahon
Éabha began her singing career at 9 years of age, when she was chosen by Veritas to record an album
for the children’s book, Beo go Deo. She then began singing in the traditional sean nós style, taught
by famous singers such as Máire Ní Choilm, Séamus Mac Mathúna, Moya Brennan, and Íde
Mac Mathúna. Éabha went on to win the under-18 All Ireland Oireachtais final at the age of 15, she
was reigning Leinster champion from the age of 13 to 17 in the Fleadh Ceoil, and five time Dublin
champion in the Fairview Feis Ceoil age 14-18.
At the age of 15, Éabha was appproached to audition for Anúna, (the Original Riverdance choir) and
in 2005, Éabha became the youngest member to join Anúna. In 2006, she went on tour to the US
where the Anúna Christmas Memories DVD was recorded for PBS and reached the top 10 in the
Billboard charts that year. She also went on tour to Holland and Germany, as well as singing in venues
such as the National Concert Hall, Dublin Castle, Stormont, Farmleigh House and Kilmainham Jail.
In 2015, Éabha headlined a sold out solo show in New York City, in aid of Kylemore Abbey. She is
currently developing her first solo album which she will be releasing in 2016.
Éabha is a fluent Irish speaker and was brought up singing and speaking Irish at home in Dublin.
Éabha is delighted to begin this new journey and she is very proud to be representing her Irish roots
with Celtic Woman.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

A gold nugget

Some people get into the taxi and tell you the most fantastic story's about their lives.
Others will hardly tell you where they are going.
So it was today when I did a U turn an picked this fantastic lady outside James's St hospital going to Beggars bush.
After a bit of banter she started to open up. "The Polish people are only doing what we had to do when we were young. I left home when I was 16 and I worked in London. I left with a pal and we got a job as auxiliary nurses in a hospice run by the nuns.
There was 17 in our house and no money. So as the oldest I was the first to go and I sent every penny home. We also got a job as barmaids in a dance hall at night, we worked hard.
The other girl was very hard to get up in the morning and try as I might she made me late for work a lot of the time.
Not surprising as we finished our bar jobs at 2.00am
Then one day I couldn't get her up so I went into work alone.
I said that the other girl was poorly and I was called into the office.
To cut a story short she got the sack and then she asked me to leave as well, the matron drew me aside and said that if I didn't break the link with her she would drag me down and I would go nowhere.
So young and foolish I quit as well.
We went into a McDonalds and as were talking I noticed that one of the girls working there had an Irish accent, she was from Carlow. I asked her if there was any work around and she helped us.
She brought us around to a big hotel in Oxford Circus, just like that, we were in luck.
Chamber maids living in! The next day we were issued with uniforms. On the first day of work I went into wake Mary up and she wouldn't stir..

Fuck this for a game of soldiers I said.

I went to work and she got the sack on her first day.

I worked there for 12 years.
Then (She gave me the date and time) I got into the lift on the 6th floor with my supervisor. There was a big mirror opposite wall of the lift and I glanced into it.
Then there was a horrific bang and I woke up in hospital 8 weeks later.
The lift had collapsed, we had fallen 6 floors and survived..
She recited broken pelvis, ribs back shoulder all her teeth gone fractured skull etc etc
She spent time in a metal cage supporting her injurys,
Later she was shipped back to the rehab unit in Dunlaoighre.
The specialist there said that she could forget about ever walking again so take it from there.

Fuck him I said..

So I went from a wheelchair to a zimmer frame to crutches then to 2 walking sticks to 1 stick and here I am today, no sticks.

I have more metal in my body than a bicycle.

God must have had something in line for me when he didn't take me that day.

As I said some people will hardly give you their destination
Others will give your their entire life's history.
She was a real gold nugget

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Best little country

 Truly we have a beautiful country. Howth head
     Glendalough Co. Wicklow
Grafton St. Lights

A lady from Bolivia got into my taxi. She had missed her flight, and was stuck. So I brought her to a cheap ish hotel near the airport. She works in Turkey. So I don't know which flight she missed.

"Look have this trip on me" I said

She told me how much she loves Ireland.
Very few people would look out for each other as the Irish do.

I often brought home lame ducks and my wife put her foot down as it upsets the household.
No more strays or waifs is the rule.
She was a nice girl though.

Last Sunday was a national day of mourning for the dead on Irish roads 600 or more die every year.
We will remember at least 2 each.
Let it not be your turn next to kill or be killed.

I picked up a guy going to Monkstown, Right here I said
Then right here so. No came the reply again.
As we reached Brewrey Rd he said.
"Where the hell are you taking me?"
So we swung around..
Left here ? No! 
Then its left here? No!
We were back where we started and he says.
"If you don't know where you are bloodywell going you should use the sat nav!"

Have a nice day...

All joking aside one small member our extended family got a real kick in the backside last week.
Little Timothy a bright healthy 8 year old was taken into hospital with suspected Leukemia. 

So if you have a God say a prayer, if not say one anyhow. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

A super moon tonight

The Christmas decorations at the Westbury hotel.

Tonight the moon will be closest to us than it has been since 1948,
So find a break in the clouds and take a look..
Unless you are a weir wolf that is.

Strange things happen, 2 of my local coffee shops closed and I remembered that the guy who owned "The Loft" on Graften St also own a shop on Merrion row and another at the Point complex.
So I popped in.
What a welcome the girl gave me. She came around from behind the counter and gave me a nice big hug and a kiss. Mauritian people are wonderful.
I must go there for a while.

Work is picking up for Christmas and though the extra money is great I will look forward to January and February the "Herring days"when we rest up for a while.

At one of the gates coming out of Dublin port there was a grotto with the Virgin Mary.

Well our Muslim brothers it is alleged have told the Dublin Port people to take it away.
So it has been taken away.
The refugees have fled from countries which showed no tolerance  for minority people.
Now they are trying to press their intolerance on us.

This is a very dangerous game which is starting.

A group of Muslim vigilantes who were taunting English girls about their short skirts got an awful beating from local youths, In France riots have happened and Muslim women have had their veils torn off and burned.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Leonard Cohan RIP

 I never did this before, but Leonard Cohan died and I found a perfect epitaph for him

The wonderful Mary Black
Turns out to be Tom Waits..


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Upwards and onward

    Inside the convention center looking up
 Bold people being transported to the courts. Irish Prison Service
  This big box is a Barbie toy ??????????????????
Garda HQ Phoenix Park "Puzzle central"

USA elections ! What an event that was.
It reminds me of the time we voted to reject the Mastricht treaty.
We voted NO and we had to vote again, until we got a YES.

Work wise I have been like a bumble bee going from job to job.
If you are a taxi driver you can work mornings, afternoon, evenings and nights.
Each shift is different especially nights with drunks and runners.

So it came to pass that I got a job to a place where you need to have a pass to pick up a passenger?

A guy rang over."Take me to Crumlin and back here again QUICK !"
Straight through the port tunnel over through South Circular Rd up to Drimnagh to pick up his passport.
Then back again.
Something like €70 plus tolls.
One thing for sure is that he will never forget his passport again.

Once I had  a girl (repeat story) from Venezuela going to the airport from Adelaide Rd  it was on Sunday.. When we arrived at the airport she said "My sister has my wallet and my credit cards, go back to her and get them for me"
She didn't even have her fone but I said that the best thing to do was to ring her sister and ask her to come out with the wallet and I would collect the taxi fare from her tomorrow,
If I had done the return trip it would add €60 to the taxi fare and she would probably miss her flight.
Happy days!
Good job well done.

The next day 8.30 I rang her sister   No reply no reply
4.pm nothing

I rang a few more times and at 10 pm I sent her a text.

"I brought your sister to the airport and I could have brought her back to you to collect her wallet.
By coming back I would have made an extra €60!
But by chance she would probably have missed her flight.
So today you are playing smart with me by not answering your fone and shafting me for my taxi fare.

I hope there is a God"

Then I turned off my mobile.

The next morning I had a text THE REPLY SAID 

"My battery was flat, come, and I will pay you"

You just don't know.

I went to a play last night by the Sheridan brothers Jim and Peter
Meet the Quare fellow
About the life and death of Brendan Behan it's great stuff, but not comedy.
Click here

Donald Trumps the White house

I don't believe it.
But the people have spoken, and we are where we are.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Deja Vous ?

Here is a link to a story

Just to show that people needed to be vetted

Click here

Friday, November 04, 2016

Pumpkin gone.

                     Cuban cigar shop on Grafton St
             Happy Halloween in Clontarf
  In Smithfield "Brown bag films" Click here Home to 80+ cartoonists and 3 company dogs.

Well there go all the witches hookers nurses and vampires gone for another year.

Business is picking up, at least for the weekend it did.
But you can only do one job at a time for sure.

One guy from Canada really threw me.
A girl walked past with a dazed expression.
"Another wasted life" I said
"My 2 kids are drug addicts, I haven't seen them for years.
They just made bad decisions"
Its not what you want to hear.
But in his favor you sometimes have to break away from bad situations so they won't drag you down
Dublin is packed with drug dealers and addicts.
Methadone clinics are all over the place.
They give them Heroin to keep crime down. Outside the clinics they deal drugs and so it goes on.
I cannot understand why anyone would stick a needle in their arm and poison themselves, knowing what the outcome will be.
One guy in the taxi once gave me his business card and told me that when I cracked that one to call him and we would lecture the people in every country in the world.
"Even the best brains cannot crack that one"

When I was going away I posted away my motor tax papers to renew my tax disc, on my return I had my PSV license and a receipt, I though that the tax discs had been done away with, but I checked.
Then I rang the motor tax office. The lady checked and told me that the license had not been issued.
But I would have to have a form stamped by the Garda to get a duplicate tax disc.
The point that it had not been issued at all means nothing to her.
But I had to follow the rules.
The next day I had the form stamped and went into the tax office. At 3.25 PM they closed the door in my face. ( Closing time is 3.30)
So On Tuesday I went back in and I was seen in a few minutes.

Sometimes you have to wonder what it is all about.

Yesterday the quays were blocked with rickshaws No tax No insurance No income tax No papers of any sort.
Wait until someone gets killed. Then we will see what happens.

Its a ticking time bomb.

One wise old lady told me
"Leave no money for your kids
Leave them debts !
When they have paid them off they will remember you forever.
Give them money and they will spend it and forget you"

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

One good turn deserves another.

 Watin and hopin and prayin to catch you
A city Mural (South Lotts)
     Happy Halloween
Sweden was a big magnet for refugees when the shit hit the fan in Syria and in Turkey.
And so it came to pass that a girl with a broken foot hailed me.
She couldn't walk across the road to join me and I got out and helped her to the car.
She was only going 40 yards!!!!!!!!111
"I need you to take my credit card and go into the Centra and get me cash, then I have to go to the doctor across the road."
I explained to her that that would be a very dangerous thing for her to do, I could clean out her bank account.
So I took €90 on my credit card machine and gave it to her.
While the software was loading I asked her where she came from? Turkey she said.
Then she said that her credit card was Swedish and would it work? It did.
So I gave her the cash and supported her across the road to the doctor.
At the door of the surgery she said
"You have been so good to me, you gave me the cash and you didn't charge me for your time.

Will you give me a hug?".

You can never give away a hug,
She is a really good kid 25 or so.
I wished her a good life.

Sometimes a little bit of kindness can go a long way, nasty people create shit for themselves all the time. So be good and be lucky.
Do someone a favor and just say "Pass it on"

My old car had a problem one of the linkages for the wiper was broken and Judy was quoted €700 to have it fixed. Judys husband died a year ago and she has 2 young children.
Some people will never get to heaven, such a price.

So I dismantled the wipers and looked at the problem. I went to 3 scrap yards no joy.

Then back at home I had a brainwave and went to ebay.  £60 stg it will be here next week.

So as they say, it is all timing  click here

Sunday, October 23, 2016

God is good

 A wonderful sunrise for the early morning people
 Motor for your bicycle? Made in China

Surrounded by Idiots for sure he took the cheap option.
There was no RSJ (Girder)put in and now the building is falling down.
And where is his builder ?.
Gone      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who came to me in the last week.
The children's Cancer doctor from the Philippians. the financial analyst from USA, the actress who has been knocking on the door of fame.
You are wonderful! Keep the faith I am sure you will be a Comet among the stars.
The German and Dutch girls starting in Oracle good luck.
To the guy who told me "What would you know about property?"

I have paid off 5 mortgages in my time sonny and I didn't sell all the houses.

A taxi driver told me to stop using HalO or the tax man would "Clean me out"
What kind of an idiot would under declare his income so that it wouldn't even cover his income from the HailO system?

At the ferry today some drivers would not accept a "Pay with HailO" job because it would show up on their bank account.

You know I have the best job in the world.Really !
I meet people from everywhere, take a slice of their experience, go to another fantastic country.
Then I go home for breakfast.
Honestly I have met people from every corner of the world.
The Amazon jungle ( A wonderful tiny woman) 2 Inuit (Esacamo) lady's from Canada.
Years later I hold them in my heart.
I have only met 2 Native American Indians.

So if you like people taxi driving is great.
If you hate people be a taxman..
You should see the letter they sent me.

Chuck Berry turned 90 !  I went into a coffee shop in Capel St. and told the Barista.

Who is Chuck Berry ?

John Lennon once said.
If there was no word for Rock An Roll
It would just be called Chuck Berry.

Enjoy  the energy of 90 and 66 year old

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Money worries

 London taxi drivers shelter, just a few left.
 H&M on Dame st. Take a look at the lighting... All L.E.D The red brick building is the Bank pub.
             3 pressure gauges, all gone mad. New batteries sorted it.Front 35psi back 33psi
 A flower display from the Westbury hotel

On my return to Dublin I opened my post to find a letter from the Revenue commissioners.
Not nice at all !
Pay within 7 days or we will call in the Sheriff,take you to court etc.etc.
The money is not due until Nov.10.
I don't mind paying tax as I know that not one red cent will ever be wasted, every cent will be used well and accounted for.

Once I had a man from Persia  (Iran) in the taxi. We were going to pay various suppliers for plumbing and building.
A very very interesting man.
He held a good position under the Shea of Iran and he had to liquidize all his possessions and flee for his life. Gold paintings,artwork and cash were carried 1/2 way around the world and he came here to Ireland. Property was what he knew best, so he bought houses and offices and hotels.
He built up a good team of tradesmen and the work went on.
Then he was accessed for tax.
"You owe us One million and 28 thousand pounds !"
He spoke of how not only was this figure wrong, but that he had invested millions in the country, providing work for many people well into the future.
"But I must pay or there will be trouble"
He said that they had now appointed an accountancy company, something he should have done at the beginning.
He paid the Million and said that he would give them the 28 grand next month. They flipped and told me that the sheriff would come etc. "When I borrowed the balance from a friend then they were asking me where he got the money from?"

My friend next year no tax!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Taxes are for little people"
    Leona Helmsley  Its a link
But Donald Trump and the wealthy evade and avoid tax all the time.
Philip Green of Topshop and,Topman. famously pays no tax. His money is payed to his wife as share bonus, she in a resident of Monaco and the money comes back to him tax free.

Now there are many videos about "New World order""
Just in case you don't know

The moral is stay out of debt.

Friday, October 14, 2016

A premature return

Kreativ dental clinic in Budapest
Look at this unfinished apartment block It has been left idle for 10 years.
         A chandelier sits at the front door.
                          Look closely the keys are in the front door.

I am back again!
Not their fault but mine.
I was at the Kreativ (link)dental clinic in Budapest you see.
It is really good.
But I didn't want to say too much about it until my treatment was finished.
The last time I was there they did the groundwork for what was supposed to happen over the next 21 days.
They gave me a letter and I didn't read it.
I was supposed to have 2 extractions in Dublin at least 3 weeks before I went back.

I didn't do it and so they took the teeth out and sent me back home.
Its my own fault.
We all make mistakes.

Thats why God puts a rubber on the end of a pencil, to correct mistakes.

So I was making an unplanned return and needed to get home.
I tried Bus, Train and almost hitching.
But I got a seat from Ryainair for the price of a kings ransom..
Still its 48 hours + any other way.

I am sitting here not sure what day it is.

But tomorrow is another day.

look at this, these are brand new cars and they don't even take out the leather seats.

Monday, October 10, 2016


 This is new filter and old cabin filter from my car (also called a pollen filter)

Keep up the good fight I am gone "Walkabout" as they say in Australia and I won't be back till the end of the month.
So drive safely and remember there is another job or taxi around the next corner.

Saturday, October 08, 2016

I am a Millionare at last

Wow I am  Millionaire again !

Yippee But it is only in Florint  the currency of Hungary.

Still if the pound Sterling keeps falling this is what €300  might look like.

I am going away and I had a camera system fitted to my castle.
It records 24/7 and alerts me on my mobile in case of action.
The dog and my son will be here so I really have no worry's.

Cameras are everywhere, in the bank, in the supermarket and on the street.
From last month I have gone back to video recording in the taxi.
When I get around to edit some clips I will show you the action.
A guy from Oman told me that his sister is living with her boyfriend close to the Google complex.
They bought a portable camera system called "Little Bird"
(Remember your mother used to say
"I know what you did  a little bird told me "

The landlord rang them to say that a plumber was coming tomorrow at 11. am and would they be there?
No was the reply but they said it would be OK foe him to let himself in.
The landlord assured the guy that he was dead sound as he had used him for years.

At 11.10 his hidden camera alerted him to a visitor to the apartment. 3/4 hour later he looked through his camera via his mobile fone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck me the assole was dancing around the apartment in the NUDE he was going through the bedroom drawers and acting like a nutcase.

He rang the police and they were very keen to see how this would pan out.
His landlord was also summoned and asked not to ring the plumber on any account.
They entered the apartment  and caught him..

His apartment had been defiled and he is furious.`
There is no logic in this.. You are on camera all the time.

Years ago I picked up a merry girl in Clontarf going to DCU in the early morning, 
I was instructed to bring her via the Ballymun Rd. 
I talked to her and she seemed normal enough until I pulled up at the Collins Ave entrance of the university.
She flipped suddenly and called me a scumbag and how I had driven her around the long route while pretending to be nice to her.
I asked her to sit back down and drove her to the Ballymun Ave entrance to show her that it is entirely sealed off for building work.
Get back in and I will bring you around again. 
She threw a £10 note into the car.
I said here is your change.

Stick your fucking change she said.

I threw the £1 coin back at her and told her that she had more places to stick it than I had.

Then I drove away..

Around 10 am a Garda from the carriage office rang.

Very aggressive he was 
"Get in here you you, abused a lady last night and you are in trouble".

I told him that everything that was said in the taxi was on tape and that I wanted her done for deformation of character. 
So a superintendent came on later. 

We went through it again.

I will ring you back on this.

Its all right she has withdrawn the allegation he said.

Well no its not all right I said.

She took away my good name and without this video you would deprive me of my livelihood.

So after a bit of toing and frowong a compromise was reached, 
She wrote a letter of apology and gave a check for £50 to the woman's rape crisis center.

She was on something and looking at the footage you could srr her eyes rolling back in her head at one point. Something like that movie "The Exercist

The Garda show that footage to trainee Garda . 

The new dash cams are great high definition and infra red as well. 

This is a good US show about how video helps..

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Things going worse

 Movie time on Sheriff St
   Sad to see 2 more restaurants closed up
  Cultural institute of Saudi Arabia now in Sheriff St

High rents are closing down places and also "lease expired".
So it was that my coffee shop closed down.
On Sunday the guys working there knew nothing about its closure.
The suppliers will be left hanging with overdue bills.
It is a sad situation.
A few months ago the Loft shop with restaurant overhead closed down on Grafton St. and the staff were not well looked after.
Life can be very hard for a lot of people.

Two mute brothers lived in Bluebell out on the Naas Rd. One was totally dependent  on the other for everything. The provider died and the other brother died weeks later.
No one had been in contact, no checks made by anyone.
It is sad that their next door neighbor didn't even know their names.
Seems like they were having trouble with vandals as well.
A lot of people need to hang their heads in shame.
Garda are investigating why social services were not more involved.
A very sad situation indeed.

I was down around the back of the four courts and at the back of the Capricuan friary where they have soup kitchens there was a group of Romanian gypsies packing food parcels into buggies.
I don't mind destitute people being fed, but this lot were really taking the piss.

Good news in the UK press a solicitor and his wife have been jailed for befriending elderly clients, looking after their affairs and stealing their money..
In Ireland they would have been told to "Say 3 hail Marys and sin no more "
The Beak got most of the money back and sent them both to jail.

Bloody awful how the vulnerable people get caught.

While I am on the subject a customer told me how her mother had dementia.
Three men came to the door and told her that they had done building work for her and she hadn't payed them.
They brought her to the bank where they demanded that she withdraw her life's savings and hand it over.
They were never caught.

But if they were caught is there a prison that would punish them enough?

Take a look at the Russian prisons

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Sam for Dublin

Here is the Sam as it visited the taxi drivers special day out.

Dublin has won the all Ireland GAA football championships holding on to the Sam Maguire cup for the second year in succession.

Click here to get more information on the road to Sam

Big celebrations tomorrow.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Its a hard job and you need to be lucky

 A taxi lies on its side at T1 at the airport.
It will take the driver many months to pay for this.
I hope no one was injured
 The building which stood idle for years rises up to become the new central bank
  A line of cement mixers wait to unload
 Dublin's first big skyscraper rises up from the ground.
Its not even Halloween and they have arrived.
I may be wrong but the shelf space that they occupy could be selling other goods.

As I sit here the negotiations proceed between the bus drivers and CIE whether to go on strike on Saturday or not.
Whether they work or not I see a big solution on the horizon.

Guess what? Privatize the service!
The strike action has been suspended for now.

A very interesting lady in the car who works with film companys she tries to get them to make movies in Ireland and she swung it for Star Wars to be made here.
She knew her stuff all right.
"The problem we have is with electricians and tradesmen going on breaks instead of working to deadlines in cooperation with the movie".
I can help her there as I know a few well qualified lads who lost their shirts in the crash.
She had done the tour of Glassneven cemetery and had a few interesting things to say.
Do you know where the expression "dead lucky" comes from?
A lady in Skibbereen was buried with her jewels and robbers dug her up and when they tried to cut off her finger she woke up!!!!!!!!!!!!11 She was really dead lucky.
Her tombstone says "buried twice died once".

Then "Dead ringer"
People who were afraid of being buried alive would have a bell put into their coffin.
If they woke up the could ring the bell.
Dead ringer.

I wouldn't have minded driving her a bit further.

Here is a video of a guy with mental problems 
John Healey he wrote about his life. He was never paid for the book and threatened to kill the publisher. 
Beatrice Coogan wrote the big wind. She had to take the publisher to court before being paid..Tim Pat Coogan her son told me that the pity was that she never wrote another book, but they were in her.
and here is the film about John Heeley.
Put on the kettle..its good