Monday, September 16, 2019

All packed

All packed up its a 3 am start so I have to go to bed now

If you are a Dublin taxi driver make sure to join into the taxi drivers special day out
Sept 21st Paddy Drac has passed away but Circus Vegas and the Garda band will be there.

The phone number I have is 087 1213344  or 086 3701215

One thing for sure you will never complain about anything when you see how these kids cope in spite of  their problems.

Its the first time I have missed it

And just to keep you thinking

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Off to Spain

Two chancy lads

A bicycle designed by a nutter.

Why would you think he was an electrician?

This is a house built from transport containers in Ringsend

Dublin V Kerry Replay on SATURDAY

Good luck to all

So here we are at the end of the Summer and the weather is fantastic.
I am heading to Spain for a wedding. then we stay on for 2 weeks visiting Grenada and the local sights.
The weather will probably better here, cooler and sunny.

I have still been thinking of a job I brought from Clontarf Castle hotel to the German bank in Eastpoint. She was very pretty and dressed so well.
At the end of the trip she paid me and said
"This is the best taxi ride that I have ever had in my life by far"
I have the child lock on the outside door on the back and I opened the door to let her out.
As she got out she slipped her arm around my waist and gave me the gentlest kiss on the cheek, it was like a butterfly touching my cheek..
"Thank you"
And she was gone.

Later that day I found out that the bank had sacked more than 200 traders.


I drop a note to my God to look after her.

My last bank Rabo bank a Dutch bank closed down their Irish operation because


Well thats what an ex employee told me.

Well I was in a store and a big display was up selling Santa Claus baby grows with Santa hats.
The notice arrived last month about Christmas partys.

A good few years ago when I had a 6 seater taxi I was waved down by a group of gloomy people.
Their boss had invited them to McDonalds for their Christmas dinner!
They were sure it was a joke,
It wasn't
The boss arrived and bought them all a happy meal and left.

They were really angry, one guy was really witty he said

"He didn't even let me pick out my toy"

As they emptied out two guys went into planning mode.
One of them had been brought in to rescue the company from going bankrupt a year ago,
if he could save it he could sink it!
He joined in a hurry and had not been asked to sign non disclosure contracts.

"I will place a few bombs and he will soon find out that he has no company, then you guys will be working for me"
 When the last guy was getting out I asked him how long it would take?
"Six months, he will not see it coming"

What an asshole !
Why would you antagonize your staff like that ?

What goes round comes round  

Sunday, September 08, 2019

A simple tip

Toyota Proximity key front and back

Remove the concierge key

With a knife or screwdriver prize it open

there is the battery (Open from the back)

Here is something you can do.
Do it while sitting at a table so you are in control.
Try to get batterys with corresponding make and numbers I got 10 for £12 from Amazon.
Once upon a time I was told by a garage that they would need to replace the battery in my key.
They wanted £20, I just popped over with the spare key and when I checked the "Faulty" key fob they had taken the battery out..

One last thing. On a hot summers day you took off your jacket and threw it into the boot of your Porsche
You close the boot and the car locks itself ??????? They do that !
The keys are in your jacket pocket now locked in the boot and you are locked out.

Try this. Ring home and ask someone there to get the spare key from the desk.
Now for a drum role .
"Hold the key to the phone and when I count to three press the unlock button on the keys"

You turn your phone to speaker and hold it to your lock the magic begins

Not every car will pop open, sometimes you will have to do it twice

Worth a try anyhow.

always have a spare key if you have only one key and it is put in the washing machine the replacement process is around €2,500

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Dublin is cosmopolitan now

Sometimes you wonder if the guy was qualified

This is a house in Ringsend made from two storage containers

An unfortunate accident, the Lexus is only a few days old

A money making machine on the Clontarf Rd

A really good idea

I had an unusual morning, the first job was from Istanbul in Turkey, internet chap.
An Indian lady going to Blanchardstown
Two guys from Uruguay to Ranelagh
Then a guy from Eritrea   
The last guy was surprised that I knew where it was or that I knew anything about the country.
Ethiopia beside Eritrea has many strikingly beautiful women, they are also the fastest runners on earth.
They are very hard to catch for sure.

I hope to be back on line soon.
This computer has been wiped but it is not working like it should work.