Thursday, July 27, 2023

Off the road

 My PSV licence has lapsed and I must rest up until I get it renewed.

The post below is a hell of a story of how a London cabby drove to Cairo !!!!!!!!!!!11

We lost Sinead O'Connor RIP. A very troubled and strong willed person with a passion for song.

I herd 2 things about her on the radio. During the 90s she went on TV and tore up a portrait of the Pope to the shock and horror of the people. Only then did the general public began to act about the clerical sex abuse towards children.

The other story was how a young waiter lost his wallet with his weeks wages inside. She was with a guy from the press when she found it on the street, a photo was taken and the photo found its way on to the evening papers. When the young lad went to collect the wallet it was empty. He rang the paper and an hour later Sinead arrived at the Garda station demanding all the money stolen by a Garda be returned. All hell broke loose and superintendents arrived.

Long story short the Garda commissioner went to the boys house with a letter of apology and the money..

Her poor son had mental problems and was supposed to be on supervision a few years ago but sadly he took his own life.

God bless them both.

Together again at last.

I Paid a Taxi $10,000 to See How Far it Takes Me!

Friday, July 14, 2023

Emergency Emergency

There was a problem in London and my wife and I had to go. Its a busy spot and there was a lot of coming and going. Taxis in London are a hell of a lot cheaper than here. But the tube and rail are as cheap as chips.

We were in a place called East Ham. This area is settled by Indian and Pakistani people. 

Boys first names in Galway threw up a surprising result. The most popular name for a boy was not Seamus or Sean but Mohamed.

Changing times here for sure.

On the way home I spoke to a very interesting lady from Limerick, she has many irons in many fires and she told me how she guided women's groups into action to get the law into force that you cannot take photographs of female people without their consent.To make the point they sent more than 2,000 photos of women in compromising positions, all the photos were taken without consent.

This situation has now been passed into law and having such material in your posession will land you in jail.

As we were talking she congratulated another girl further back. "Do you not know her? Olivia Rodrigo. Her record is number one in the Irish charts this week"

So there I was surrounded by greatness.

Today I noticed that my mobile phone was bulging. I showed it to the lads  who nearly had a shit fit. "Its going to explode, turn it off, put it into the old saucepan out the back" 

So now I have to buy a new phone. Where does all the fun end.

I had to go to the ferry to bring my son home and it was strange to say that there was no taxis there. So today I got up at 5.30 and popped down. I was the only taxi there and I got a 20€ job, I just kept being lucky and was home by 12 noon.

My youngest son has passed the PSV test and he is doing the paperwork to become either a second driver (A cosy) or I will retire and win the Lotto and go to live in the South of France.

Well you have to have some plan !

I don't like to talk about passengers but I was telling another driver about this coloured girl who is a barrister and she goes to Dun Laoighre, she is from Cork and one day her father rang her when we were on the move. God we had this wonderful outburst of 10 minutes of conversation in her charming Cork musical accent.

So so different. If you could bottle the lilt you would get €50 a bottle.

He has had her as well and we both agreed that it was a pleasure to drive her 

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Murder bloddy murder

 The papers come by computer now and I have been getting the  UK Times on line for a few months when suddenly they cut me off !!!!! So I tried to get a paid subscription and they wont connect me.

There has been some awful murders of children in England over the last 2 years. Are we loosing all control over out emotions? I don't know perhaps God is telling me not to read such stuff into the future.

I met another driver who I have not seen since the Covid. He has gone from taxi driver to chauffer. A good car and a sharp suit plus great contacts and the gentry come along. He looks and acts the part very well.

People who have come up the hard way tend to look out for their kids and guide them along. He told me that his lad is a qualified accident claims investigator and he got a taxi from Howth over to Tallagh. Soon all the alarm bells were ringing and he asked the driver to stop. This just made the driver go faster. No amount of shouting would make the driver slow down. In Clontarf the Garda were stopping cars and the rogue taxi turned up the Malahide Rd. to avoid the checkpoint. The Garda gave chase and stopped the taxi.

The driver had no licence and had been given the taxi by his brother, So there would be no insurance either.

At his trial the passenger really explained all the negative aspects to the incident and the judge decided that the best thing to do was to deport the driver who had no respect for our laws.

The other drivers job arrived so I didn't find out how the owner of the taxi faired.

My days are often filled with slices of reality.

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Yankee Doodle Dandy - Jimmy Cagney

To all you Americans.
Happy 4th of July.
You have all been missing for the last 4 years, and boys oh boys you are all back here with a bang.
Remember drive on the left and look to the right. Plus when you are renting your car record it with your phone which is set to video. Then you cannot be blamed for the scrape which was there when you got the car.