Thursday, November 28, 2019

I won the Lotto !!!!!

It has been a very strange day for sure.
I checked my Lotto ticket on the app last night,


Wow! for sure
I clipped the ticket to my float and went to bed dreaming of my new life and all the people who would be receiving mystery checks for Christmas

I slept well and woke up at 7am.

What would you do?
Well I checked again. and I had won..
Nothing about the amount though.

I worked until 10.30, then I went home for breakfast and I took the bus into town.
The 130 bus stops at the Lotto HQ.
Checking that there were no cameramen around I went in.

The lady took my ticket and checked it.

"You have won a €3 ticket for the millionaire draw."

Just like that my balloon was burst..

She told me that up to 10 am the next day they don't know the amounts, then I checked the ticket on the app again and she was right €3 ticket for the draw/
I didn't win there either !!!

So back to work again tomorrow. 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

A bad bad boss remembered

The good old model T

A new hotel opned opposite Guinness on Jamess St

Its called the pump house appartments London bridge rd.

I have been lying low at present.
This period should be a period of rest for taxi drivers everywhere.

Next month is Go Go Go

People are hard to figure out, for sure.
The other day I got a call on the FreeNow app and I went to the house. After a pause I rang the number, no reply. One ring is often enough to alert them to your arrival, but no, so I rang again.
When she came out she said that the app was telling her that I was 8 minutes away, if she had looked again she would have spotted that I had been outside for 8 minutes.
She was quite short and said that she was in a hurry and she was going to be late.

One day I will just stop the taxi and tell someone like that to get out and try to fly!!!

One story for the book and I don't remember if I told it recently.
I had a 6 seater taxi when I started off and I was flagged down at a McDonalds, a full quota of passengers and they were gloomy.
They could not believe what had happened.
Bit by bit the story unfolded.
This was the company night out and the boss asked to meet them all at McDonalds at 9 pm.
He arrived and he bought each one of them a "Happy Meal" (No I kid you not)
They thought it was a joke, but no With everyone with a happy meal in front of them he wished them Happy Christmas and walked out.
One guy calmed them down and we dropped the workforce home one after the other.
The guy with the knowledge told me what would happen next.

He was brought in at the last moment as the company was going under, when you work fora  computer company you must sign a non disclosure agreement.

BUT in the rush they had not asked him to sign one.

He had a list of all the customers, his total method of operation and in 3 weeks time as soon as Christmas is over he would totally sabotage the company and re employ all the workers.

When your workers burst their guts turning your company around the last thing anyone should do is to punch them in the stomach.

People do strange things for sure, no party would have been far far better.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Strange beasts roam the land

A good few years ago I brought an English lady to the crossroads on Sundrive Rd.

On the way in I asked the usual question "What do you do for a living?"

She was a criminal psychologist specializing in murder.
She had done in depth interviews with most of the infamous criminals in the 20 years prior to our meeting.
One person who took his thoughts to the grave was Ian Brady the moors murderer who with Myra Hinley killed a large number of children in the late 60s, Myra did talk to her at length for many months, a dark and disturbing tale that haunted her for years.

We spoke about her subject in detail and then she asked me what I thought of these mass murderers.

I said that if there is a God then there must also be a Devil, whether the killers are mad, or deranged .
Evil stalks the land for sure.
She was giving a talk to a group of Garda and asked me to sit in. But I was young and the business was hopping.

I had a car with a really good radio and I was listening to it when they stopped the music for an urgent appeal. an infant 2 year old boy was taken out of a shopping center by 2 other children.

The toddlers body was found beaten to death on a railway track.
Jamie Bolger a 2 year old child beaten to death by 2 10 year old children The boys were just 10 years old.

Then here we have a 14 year old girl raped and murdered by 2 boys who were around 13 years old.
The boys in question thought that they were too young to be punished they scowled at the judge and ignored the court.
But they got life terms in prison.

A trial is coming up of 2 parents who beat starved and raped their children, I believe there are over 200 charges pending.

Taxi drivers notice things
Keep your eyes open and take note
You alone might notice something and just by reporting it the pain for that person might stop. 

Monday, November 04, 2019

HALFORDS A warning

I had a headlamp out and one of the side lights as well.
A guy on the rank told me to go to Halfords in Coolock.
So I decided to give it a go.

The girl on the till said €9 for the main bulb and €5 for the small one.

So I said go ahead. Will I pay you now?
No you pay at the end,

Job done and I went in to pay. "That is  €36.41"

Yes that's right and she showed me the bill

Small bulb      €4.20
Main bulb     €17.20
Fitting bulb    €9.00
Small bulb    €6.00
                   €0.01 (Free car check)
VAT            €6.81

Total           €36.41

€36.41 is a long way from €15 for sure.
Which might explain why she wouldn't take the cash before the work was done.

Anyhoo as they say in Canada.
I won't be making that mistake again any time soon.
This is the year when I plan to switch over our entire fleet of 4 cars to LED bulbs
A brighter and longer life bulb

An interesting guy in the car going to Clontarf.
He told me that a few lads in a pub tossed out the idea of selling rings on line, when the net was young..
It seemed like a bad idea but they got a guy in Australia to do them a website,
To get your ring size you wrapped a piece of string around your finger and that gave them your ring size.
They got rings from Lebanon and Turkey and with good photography it started to work really well

Then (Before Amazon etc) they got a call from her majesty's VAT department. They wanted to know how the business operated and were told that it spanned the globe, now many companies do just that, but the man from England stopped him talking.
You have two choices Cece and desist OR hire a team of lawyers and we will do battle.

So now I work in internet security.

He told me that that Princess in Nigeria would never send the the €6 million

Its a Pity that

I was talking to a friend who worked in security (As I once did) and told him of a guy who had attended a house after an alarm activation, he looked around found nothing wrong, set the alarm and locked the door.

The next day he was called into the office there was an engagement ring missing worth €32,000
and he must have stolen it.
The police quizzed him and he was left in a room to think about giving it back.
In work their most trusted employee was supervised and demoted to more menial tasks.
After a month or so he went back to the police station to see if there was any way of dealing with this problem.
He met the Garda who had quizzed him.

"Oh its all right.
They found the ring the next day
Did nobody tell you?" 

The older I get the more I become Larry David

Friday, November 01, 2019

Ghools and vampires strut their stuff.

Gorge Bernard Shaw Poet Playwright

This is a restaurant in Northern Ireland

Bord Gas theater

Our conference center

The Sam Beckett bridge

Halloween is a Celtic thing !!!

The Irish brought it to America where it was put on steroids and it expanded to what it is today.
In Ireland we put a scooped out turnip with a face carved and a lighted candle inside it to scare away the evil spirits which walked the land on that night.

Talk of weird things
a schoolteacher got into bother for having sex with her 16 year old pupil.
So the legal minimum age for sex is 17, she was around 23..

This all should have been held "in Camera"(behind closed doors)
Already naked photos of the teacher have arrived on my computer.

Social media has warped the minds of young people,
"Send me a photo of your boobs" soon turns into a major blackmail situation.
Right or wrong I will not make moral judgment but if you ask any doctor in an inner city practice he will confirm that 13 and 14 year olds present as pregnant on a regular basis.

By the way the teacher got 12 months in prison and will remain on the sex offenders register for all of her life.

Well they saw the law is the law
They also say The law is an ass.
Make your own mind up