Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not too different here.

I had to go to the police station on Monday, high up in the mountains here in Crete.
When I was there a Scottish guy came in and tried to report a dangerous situation as he saw it.
Roadworks had been going on and traffic had been diverted to the right hand side of the road.(They drive on the left here)
That section was now completed the left hand lane was now back in use. But the line still showed the traffic coming to Pafos that they should head into the right lane with a continuous white line. He had seen a girl knocked off her motorbike and he didn't want to see anyone badly hurt.
It was a bit like some kind of comedy as he drew diagrams, the policeman adding a few waves onto the place where the sea was.
A second policeman stopped by.
"No that is not a police matter, it is the responsibility of the Municipal road authority"

He almost lost it. "Look if someone gets killed will it be a police matter then?

Give me an awns er?

You are just a heap of useless shit"

Off he went.

The second policeman came back in and told the first officer to bring him back in.

There it ended, by the time the first policeman got out the Scottish guy was gone.

I passed the spot today, nothing has been done to change anything.

There are hundreds of cones lying around, all it would take is to move 10 of them across to define the correct line of the road.

Is there not a crime called "Reckless endangerment?"
Knowingly placing persons in danger and doing nothing to protect them.

Perhaps the Scotsman and myself are "Pissing against the wind"

We are kidding ourselves.

The people in charge don't seem to care and when I published that piece about the junction on Alfie Byrne Rd no one commented.

The road safety council did not comment and the Dublin Corporation tells me that a green light means proceed with caution, even though the road on your left also thinks they have right of way.

Still if someone dies, will they sing a different song?

Friday, June 26, 2009

You leave the shop and then

Well here I am in 30 degrees of heat, you go away for a few days and everything starts to happen.Charlies Angel and Michel Jackson die. What next?.

It reminds me of the night Barrry White died.
I had this Australian girl in the car and I had the news on low, when I picked up the news of his death I turned up the radio.
"Whats that ? Barry White dead? I can't believe it, Oh My God. This is terrable news"
This went on for 10 minutes or more and I just had to cut in.
"Have you got your passport? or do you have to go home for it first?

It took a few "What do you mean? and I don't understand".

So I had to explain that she must surley be flying out for the funeral seeing as they were close.
Drink and drugs cloud the way we feel and act, nether she or I had ever met or known Barry White, to tell the truth I never even bought his greatest hits.

Funny to think about that night, she was telling me(before the news) they were buying an apartment where I was dropping her off. I said no way at all as there was a very rough element living in the area. That morning about an hour after she went in a man was stabbed to death in the lobby of the apartment complex.

Business here is not so good either I went into an Irish bar last night seating for 250/300 there was 8 people inside and a few women and kids outside.

There are very few guests staying in the hotel as well..I guess they are hoping that things will pick up in the future.
A frend of mine who is in the travel business told me in January that they had reduced capacity by %40. They felt that with the recession that no one would be going away and they didn't want to be stuck with holidays that no one wanted.
I had never thought that the Budget Travels and Sunways of this world don't own the hotels, they just buy rooms as the feel they might need them.

So until we meet again I must keep up the jet skiing canoeing and paragliding.
Your job will be to keep an eye on the lads in the Dail till they go on holidays.
Keep the other eye on Kathleen Doyle the Taxi deregulator.

No photos this issue. I hope no one gets killed on that East Wall junction before it is made right.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A little question for the Corpo.

Just something to keep you thinking.
You are driving down East Wall rd. Heading for Alfie Byrne Rd.
You have a green arrow saying its OK to go right.
Now this road is marked as being a main road which goes around the corner.
Now look at the second photo. A green light.
And Green means go?

Now this is the view coming the other way,remember the other side has a full green light and you are coming either head on or on to his left flank.

Well this is what Nial Bolger of Dublin Corpo,thinks I should know.


I bring your attention to page 82 of the rules of the road March 2007 addition re. traffic lights and signals.

It states that a green light is not a right of way, it is a licence to proceed with caution



Well I should also give you his first reply.


When turning from East Wall Road onto Alfie Byrne Road we provide a full green light and a dedicated right turn arrow in seperate phases.

When the full green light operates you should proceed with caution as stated in the rules of the road as traffic approaching from Annsley Bridge has right of way. No flashing amber light is required.


Niall Bolger

Assistant Intelligent Transport Systems Officer

Roads & Traffic Department

Well I did also report it to the road safety council who sent it to the Corpo again, that is a week ago now.

So If someone is killed there we can quote the rules of the road,,rather than put a flashing amber arrow instead of a full green light.

Its awful to think that someone will quote you the rules of the road to you rather than prevent a possible death by making a simple change.
My fear is a colision between a motorcycle or cyclist and a van or car.

Bit late for change then? eh.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

All dancing

Perhaps when you started off you rented a cab and became part of a big Taxi family, then one day you went to the depot to check out your car.....

Perhaps there is more to life than driving a taxi,lets try music.

Then put a few steps together.

Now you are getting into the swing of it.

Well if you have an extra skill you might have fun too.

Here is a couple who are all over U tube, but I am told that Andre is too stiff in his movements, I don't know.

Well you know when the orchestra is blindfolded that things take a rye twist.
What was the name of that movie??
But if you kept up the taxi driving you could become a taxi dancer.

Here is another clip of the taxi dancer. I had a link to his website up for ages.
I see he has not updated for a long time.
Tell him I sent ya for lessons!!

Did you read about the female Garda who made a melicous claim that a taxi driver attacked her?
Thanks to a persistent Garda she was found out and now could face 5 years in jail.
Oh its a wicked world all right.

Will you miss me when I am gone away?

See you in a few weeks.

Did you see the new Bicycle stands being put all over the city?
So there will be free bicycles, people whizzing around, not much work for taxis then.

Whats wrong with the bike ?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just had to give you the photos of Boomsday celebrations.
I went to the James Joyce centre in North Great Georges St.
People all dressed up in period costumes.
They have a website www.jamesjoyce.ie

Perhaps next year?

What do you think of the Argentine sailing ship?
Did you know that an Irishman founded their navy?
Not a lot of people know that.

Monday, June 15, 2009


James Joyce tower in Sandycove

Georgian Dublin

It was on this day that Leopold Bloom began his Odyssey that became Ulysses.
So this is a reminder for you.

You will have to ask David Norris about James Joyce.

Some people from Korea were going to Sligo to visit the grave of W B Yates and asked me what I knew about him.
"He was the son of a Clergyman who had tried to make a living as a portrait painter.
He had a brother Jack who was a very successful painter.
He was involved in Irish theater with Maud Gonne and with the Irish freedom movement.
A terrible beauty is born.
One thing for sure,with all that painting and poetry they must not have had a television."

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Take That

One of the heads from the Customs House

Juan Tamariz, the great Spanish Magician

Speed detector van

6 AM and now I get to stop and wind down,going like the clappers all night.
What is seldom is wonderful..
We were busy there was a concert in Croke Park "Take That".
It must have been a great show as everyone was happy, the weather was brilliant too.
When there is a big concert on the people head into town, when they find that there are few taxis around they head for the pubs and make a night of it which spreads the work through the night, great.
At the height of the rush I picked up 3 girls going to Clondalkin, Tallagh and Saggart e63, this trip took an hour out of my night but there was still work in town when I got back, often all you see is empty chip bags rolling in the wind like tumbleweed when you get back..
I was feeling peckish around 2.30 so I went into Burgrer King on Baggott St.
The meat patty was cold when I bit into it, so I went back to complain.
The Indian guy was having none of it.
"Its hot,not cold I just cooked it now"

Listen carefully...Never send food back to the kitchen as SOME cooks SPIT on your dinner and then send it back, with a big smile "Enjoy your meal sir,I am so sorry"

So I trumped his card.."Refund please"
And while he scraped around in the till for my money I let fly with, "You must think I have little enough to do without having to deal with bad service as well"
So I didn't get to eat until just now...Veggie ready meal from Aldi for around e2.!

My final fare was up into the Dublin mountains above The Three Rock Pub.
Just as the sun came up I went on up the mountain a couple of hundred feet for the view.
Dublin looked majestic with all the lights shimmering and from there it covers the whole horizon.
There were deer grazing in the field beside me but some waster had dumped a load of rubbish into the field, the scumbag.

You know from Lamb Doyles pub, The summit in Howth, Stepaside, Bohar na buiane grave yard and a few other vantage points around Dublin you should stop.Turn off your engine and take 10 minutes to take in the view, It is a tonic for the soul.

It kinda refreshes your spirit in a good way.

I was coming around Mountjoy Sq as the concert was starting, the lights changed so I stopped. I got a green light and as I drove on a taxi broke the lights. I blew the horn and he made a rude gesture.
What happened next was worth money.
An unmarked police car from behind me turned on the siren and he was nabbed.
I could see by the attitude of the Garda that this one would stick, there would be no warning.

That other car from last week, overtaking on the inside and swinging right and left through the lights, I saw him again twice ,,he sure is a bad driver.

I don't know if I told you about this website for photographs.Just when I checked in on the website I found photos of people in Eritrea Look here
One of my sons friends is there helping with humanitarian aid just now..It is a hard world for some people for sure.Not all young people are wasters for sure, you have only to give them the chance to be good.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Standing down.

The convention center is open for bookings at last.

Look the new bridge is up on its base.

Ah the summer of 64 Beach Buggies and all that.

Taxi Drivers For Change

Kathleen Doyle has organised another one of her Workshops. This is to be held in Portlaise on Thursday 11th June and T.D.F.C
will be protesting again at this and are inviting our supporters to come along and protest with us.

Hope to see you there


Venue----Maldron Hotel Portlaoise
Time ----- 12pm

Well since I hit the big 60 I have started to re evaluate my life.
I am painting and getting my house back together.
I was chasing small change and losing control of my life in many ways.

I am like the actor "Resting" I will take 4 weeks off, my doctor has put put me on steroids, now I have a 38DD bust. No I kid you.
I know it is stress trying to make ends that can't meet come together.

But I like most of the Dublin taxi drivers need to divert my energy.

The government have received our wake up call, this is the way to go.

You might have been treated like a donkey, but we are Lions...Not donkeys.

It is time to waken up and roar.

Anyhow boys and girls I am booking my flight to drive a Ferrari 360, next month. Something I always wanted to do.

This is the sequel to the other song when he was a taxi driver.

So onward and upwards, we have to keep the pressure up.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Aprez bank holidays

Second hand shoes for sale Cumberland St Market
Poverty never went away.

Now where did you see this lepracaun.

I know I have given you more than one of these before. It must have taken him some time to work it all out. 20 years perhaps?

Well Summer came back this weekend as we know it. Rain, strong winds,small craft weather warning. But it made no difference to the amount of work available. (at least to me) People are broke after the bank holiday weekend last week.
There is only one thing worse than an empty taxi read on

Look If 10 taxis are outside a club,each driver might get a job every 20 mins.
But if there are 100 (Ten times more than should be there) then the wait is longer and the chances of getting a ticket are much higher.
I give thanks to the taxi drivers for change who have really put the pressure on the political party's coming up to the elections.
The usual response from the soldiers of destiny was "silence".
The result is that they got hammered.

As the poster at the Point show Napoleon said "He who marches without the people marches into the night" (Alone)
Perhaps things will start to change.
But we. as full time taxi drivers must give the TDFC support or no change will come.

Just got the Sunday Times on page 7 there is Tommy Gorman showing a fake roof sign which was bought just by giving the number to a fitter. e850 and off you go, roof sign meter printer and all.
The figures as to the taxi numbers in the report are a bit suspect. They say before deregulation there were 3900 taxis in Dublin. my old plate was 24** and they also say there are 14,000 taxis in Dublin I think it is more like 16,000.
Plus all the illegal ones.
The Garda say they are happy with the level of policing.

Only together will we ever have a voice.

It is time to stop complaining about our situation to our passengers too.

They are getting bored with the complaints, they have their 3 or 4 day weeks as well to contend with.
I had a fare out to Malahide the other night . A solicitor she was on a 3 day week and this night was the first night she had out with her mates in 2 months.
That is not good.

One thing which annoys me is that whoever wins these elections will be off on 3 months holidays in a few days time. All this at a time when the country needs a good strong hand on the tiller.

If I was in charge I would declare "All hands on deck to get the ship back from the rocks"

Or perhaps No one really cares.

I worked a few hours in the last few weeks and I feel better from the rest. "Stress can kill as quickly as a bullet"

There is only one life try to live it a little
if needs be do it on less.

Last week in the state exams a supervisor gave out the wrong paper for a few minutes which caused the sitting of that paper to be suspended until Saturday, when they sat a new paper. Except for the 10 Jewish children who had to be kept in isolation to sit it today. They didn't mention the Muslims of which there must be quite a few.
If you get a chance go to the Jewish Museum off the South Circular Rd.
Find out about George Bernard Shaw and why he is so important to the National Gallery while you are it.
Something to tell your guests about, your ability as a guide should be part of your PSV test.

What do you think?.

Well the painting is coming om fine another week will finish it off.
My place was beginning to look like Moose Millers back yard.
You can let things get out of hand. Work eat sleep work. WorkeatsleepworkWorkeatsleepworkWorkeatsleepworkWorkeatsleep
A bit of the James Joyce there.

In the throwing out scene.
My 2003 taxi insurance e2,850.

Ah the good old days.

I had a suggestion that I should renew my Airport permit for the summer.
Now why would I pay a fortune just to wait in Long Kesh for hours on end, when I know that a well rehearsed group jump the queue every day. The DAA will do nothing about it. Sure why would you wait 2 t 3 hours when you could just skip in at the top?
So Liz I won't be renewing my permit.

Perhaps something might be done now, I doubt it.

Did anyone see the shock horror report about people selling drugs down around Liberty Hall on the news?

Well everyone except the Garda knew.
It was strange to see them standing around the area arresting pushers for a few days.

I wonder will they be present on Monday?

Soon there will be a new fitness test for taxi drivers.
We want to be sure the new drivers will be fit for the job.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Good rich guy Bad rich guy

When you finish your tour of Guinness(now 250 years old) you go to the bar with grand views all over the city.
Guinness were very good to the people of Dublin
and the people of Dublin were very good to Guinness too.

Made his money and allowed the poor to read good books.

An oasis of piece St Josephs school for the deaf on the Navan Rd

Every year the Sunday Times Rich List comes in and I read it.

Who is the richest?
How much richer are they from last year?

Its a funny way to measure a persons worth isn't it?

Mother Theresa from Calcutta would never come up to the mark, that's for sure, Many poets, writers, composers and painters were never worth much when they were alive.

A few years ago I met a man who made loads of money, he was a secret billionaire and there was a program on TV about him, his name is Chuck Feeney.
He rode in from the airport with me on Friday the 24Th August 2007, he was going to the Berkley Court Hotel.
He introduced himself and his wife and I was John from then on.
"You have a great job, start when you can and put in a few hours meeting different people, you could get great ideas just by listening. If I was to start again I would drive a taxi"
(now this idea has been taken on board by 3/4 of the unemployed people of Dublin)
"Its not all sunshine I can assure you, people can be very aggressive and rude sometimes" said I.
"What do you mean?" says he
"Well I had a guy going to the airport the other day and he exploded because the traffic was heavy and he was late"

"Get this into perspective,he was putting the blame on to you for him being late, If he is abusive throw him out"

Great advice, I did it a few weeks later.
Sure I was down e15, but my ulcer was OK.

"If you can work without stress in your life and you have good health,you are getting there. If you have enough money to pay your way and you have no addictions, then it doesn't get any better than that.

Believe me if you have all the money in the world and you loose your health what good is it?"

If you have an addiction,or bad health you could loose your home in a very short time."

You would think that would have gone in one ear and out the other, well it partly did. Until I bought Saturdays Irish Times and there in the Weekend Review was a big spread all about him.
I was impressed that he had made Billions through DFS his company and that he lived a "secret life" and then gave away all his money for the good of other people.

I had some parts of his story wrong, he supplemented his college grant by making sandwiches not apple pies. But in the main I got it right and found out more about him.

He took a brave step by investing time and money in the peace process in Northern Ireland,after the Enniskillen bombings dragging all sides together.You must remember he did all this for no personal gain, he never stood in for any photos.

Now chuck has given away around 8 Billion Dollars and he wants all the money dispersed and his charity Atlantic Philanthropies will be wound up in the next few years, that's more than a million a day for the next 8 years must has to be used up.

Imagine how happy you would be if you built a hospital in Vietnam and saw the poor desperate people being treated there, and then.
How would you feel knowing it was your own money that did it?

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates also came under his influence.

You know Mr Feeney hasn't got a Rolex, and my watch cost 4 times more than his.

Just think how much you can appreciate MrFeeney when he is compared to
The owner of Top Shop.

Sir Philip Green
His company has sweat shops in Mauritius where indentured workers(Slaves) stitch together the garments for his new "High End" ready to wear fashion line(Sunday Times did a big expose) His wife is a resident of Monaco His company pays her dividends which are then tax free.
Well his fortune dropped by 500 million quid but he is still the sixth richest person in Britain with 4,300million Quid...
And any one of his employees pays more in income tax than he does.
I wonder does the fact that you are "Sir" give you a place closer to the fire when you arrive in hell,I hoe so.

Perhaps the collapse of the financial system will start people thinking of what is important again.

I could go through that list and pick out titbit's about many of them for a long time.

One has to remember how money was salted away only to find its way into "Ponzi " schemes where it vanished. One NY family lost $7.5 billion and 2 of his daughters had their own personal fortunes invested with Bernard Madoff.

Just think how much good that would have done for the street children in Brazil?

Here is more

On clearing out the clutter in my life I found this.
Back in 1990 to communicate with the office I rented a pager from Air Call the cost in Punts 38.75 per month.
Then I got a call from the Mater emergency team mobilizing me to do a transplant!. When I rang them to tell them of their error they said they never made mistakes like that, so I then rang the transplant team myself and asked them to make all the round up calls again.
The Mater were more sympathetic to my plight.

I hope the operation was a success.

Then in October 1990 I bought a second hand Metorola "Brick type" mobile phone and a phone of one type or another has been been on my person since then though It has shrank in price and size.

The cost of that first second hand phone? 553.50 Quid

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sunshines.. Gone Home

This has to be the GREENEST car in Dublin

Palmerstown House near Johnstown Co Kildare, That's a house.

This is just beside the putting green, so you can see its a nice place.

The weather is hot and I am working at home.

Some people might think I am gloating about how the motor trade has fallen.
Not so,if a sales assistant cannot be bothered to look after his customers they go elsewhere. No matter what product you are selling. Tale a look here. They sell 12,000 cars a week worldwide.

Golf clubs opened all over the country became"exclusive" members only....Well the money ran out,I was told that golf clubs are heading for the courts as they have no money to carry on.They cost money to keep going .A lot of money.
The K club were charging e300 for a round of golf now it costs e99 .
My passenger was a leading golf captain,he lives just up the road from me.
He filled me in with regard to the extent of the present economic crisis.

As with good company time travels fast and it was a very short trip.

Every driver must have had the moment when you Know you Know that person from someplace, but you don't know from where, perhaps it will come. 20 minutes later you could kick yourself because the Pope just got out of your taxi and you forgot to ask him for the method used to make good sauerkraut or his autograph even!

It has happened to me a good few times, probably best not to labor the point, just ignore them, don't beat yourself around the head.

One guy who was a comedian got into a taxi in London and asked for Heathrow.
The cabby was glancing into the mirror from time to time, he recognizes me, thinks the comic. A few minutes later the driver says "Give me a clue mate?"
The comic replies "You might remember me from that show the comedians, though I have been on a good few other shows too."
"Not that mate which bloody terminal are you going to?"

Farley put him in his place.

Once I picked up a girl that I fancied like mad when I was 12.
I didn't recognize her.
Once she was everything to me.

Now she was carrying 4 stone in extra weight and was very bad on the feet. She had smoked a lot and her face was like a map of the rivers of Ireland.
Wrinkles everywhere.

Oh I Know I am no film star either, I guess we both had a lucky escape for sure.

Here's one I found.
You know the feeling, I know her. Then you find out that you know her too well.
Good lyrics

Just goes to show you he should have taken the old couple.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Those hot hot girls

OK perhaps they were not that hot but it was only a 10K race.

This guy is great. The ball is glass so if he drops it!!!!

See him on Grafton St

I hope you take a look at the other taxi blogs over there on the right hand side.

Did you see that the Las Vegas driver went to China for his holidays?
Loads of photos to show his friends.
I often wonder what kind of a blog the Brazil taxi is writing, its not in English but I get the idea it is very political.
May I give my condolence to anyone who knows anyone who was killed in the recent air accident.
The Mad DC cabby is back with Pastor Joe back in the driving seat again as well.

As you hop through their blogs you will find links to all kinds of interesting places.

Enjoy the trip.

The PSV licence which is extra to the normal licence used to cost 3 punts say 4 euro for 10 years.

Well not any more they are putting up the price to (Roll of drums)e250 for 3 years.
They say that the new price is to cover expenses.

"Sorry sir I know the meter says e20 but I will charge you e680 to cover expenses".

The world is going mad.

The weekend during the day was good enough, sometimes I found myself in the right place. Got 3 fares back to back which was great.

What is seldom is wonderful.

I felt so lucky I was glad I had have done the lotto,but I was not that lucky.

With so many taxis out there you have to be lucky all the time though.

No use in working if your Mojo is out of order.

I am not working at present I am painting,

not landscapes, walls.

Students sitting exams, keep your cool the mark you get really doesn't really matter in the end, just do your best and remember that David Beckham was no good at maths and Stephen Hawking was no good at football, still they both did OK.
The second richest person in Ireland(He was first last year)never finished primary school,his dad died so he had to work.
Education would have destroyed him!

Monday, June 01, 2009

10,000 really HOT women.

We had a fantastic weekend here in Ireland.

Sunshine in abundance and the round the world yacht race in Galway.
Plus here in Dublin we had the Blooms festival in the Pheonix Park, gardening event.
The Dublin docklands festival and the woman's mini marathon.

10,000 really hot women took part.

All under brilliant sunshine.

I am having mouse trouble every 20 seconds the mouse goes dead, the only way to get it back is to unplug it and plug it back in, the result is no photos of those hot girls.
Next time I am sure it will be sorted.

Well we have survived the week in good shape. My wife keeps me busy getting the house ready for going away for the holidays, God forbid that a burglar should see the house in the state its in, while we are away.

I still think of the 2 girls I picked up in Rialto going to Brighton Square, there was a slight detour for cash and the conversation turned to "Where are you from?"
One was from Dublin the other from Latvia, she had been here 10 years. Then the Latvian girls phone rang and a sharp passionate exchange took place.
She tried to stab her boyfriend with a scissors today. "He hit me so I defend myself" said the Latvian...Then a detailed description of the battle followed, one thing for sure they were both lucky to be alive.

Another arranged fare to Johnstown just outside Naas to a PGA golf course, it was an oasis of manicured greens and fairways with a fantastic house in the grounds,as I was driving out there were some sparrows on the road when a sparrow hawk grabbed a bird, then regained his balance and flew off with the bird in its claws.Nature is cruel. All over in a second.
Again I have photos of the house, but no means of getting them on the web today.

Things are getting nasty, the taxi regulator got a bullet in the post and some taxis have had their tyres slashed at the airport staff car park.

Drivers are taking more chances to get that extra fare ahead of the other drivers.
Coming in from the airport yesterday on the old airport road a taxi overtook me on the inside as if to turn left into the industrial estate, then a sharp right and left and he was through the lights and he did pick up a fare 50 yards further on.
5 years ago you would never overtake another taxi going back into town, if one let you into traffic and you were hailed you passed the fare as it belonged to the guy who had let you out. These pups which are driving now would run you off the road, for sure. The only thing is that there is a lot of unmarked cars around and they will come to notice soon.

A big Garda check point near Heuston station gave ma a fare out past Clondalkin.
"The took me bleeedin car off me they did. Tax 3 months out of date. They took 3 other cars as well"
Our best money is made at other peoples times of chrisis.

Another big name in trouble is the king of swing MR Robbie Fox of Renards fame,
So Renards is gone and with it Browns Barn on the Naas rd. and Barracuda restaurant in Bray and Tante Zowe's in Temple Bar.I reckon around 4 mill is outstanding.
All small people will be caught, larger people tend to be tipped off that there is a shift in business and withdraw supply in time.

On Pierse St one night years ago a drug crazed girl ran in front of my taxi and blocked me. Then she got into my taxi and started to scream at me "Take me to Renards, I know the way, so don't you fuck with me"
She was really bad but when we got there she threw around 40p into my hand and headed in.
I tried to block her at the door telling the door staff (A Russian tough guy) that she hadn't paid the taxi fare. He Just let her in.
I said that she had not paid the taxi fare and I was getting the Police, I also said that she was on drugs and should not have been let in and I would be speaking to his boss.
Next thing I hear is a bloke calling me from the back of the taxi.."Look man just bring us home I will pay her fare as well."
Rich buggers they don't care for the little people for sure.

So there you are Renards no more.

Tonight while I was at Heuston waiting for the Galway train something happened.
When I moved forward the car behind me stayed where he was. I got out and waved at him to come up and fill the gap, guys further on the back not on the rank proper get fined every day, so its important that there are no gaps.
I then walked back to him and gave out to him, he was a black driver and took offence to being told to move up.The guy behind him was also black and he told me that he had flashed his lights and blown his horn at him to move.

The only reason he could have had to hold the gap was to allow another car to slip into the space, that might also explain why he would not move up when asked.

I hope I will get a few days off soon. I need the time off.