Friday, September 30, 2011


One thing ends and another begins.
The guy on the island is gone and the Oktoberfest begins.

The local scrap yard guy has a Porsche!

This is the view from the lake view hotel..Not bad?

Back in the "Big Smoke" again.

While I was on my travels in the rain and mist,Dublin was bathed in glorious sunshine.
We spent 2 nights in Youghal and a day in Killarney before coming home.
We found out that a friend who lives there had turned 60, so we went to him to wish him well.
Youghall is doing very badly at present. Lots of shops closed up and a feeling of despair all around.
There is only one hotel in that town the Imperial hotel, so we went there for a meal.
My wife has a few limitations with regard to diet, nothing too difficult though.
Boiled or roast chicken with boiled vegetables and boiled spuds. Nothing added.
No, there was no boiled potatoes, chips or mashed or wedges and that's it.
No, they couldn't chop up a spud and cook it.
Rice? No we can't do that.
Cous Cous? I see it comes with herbs and lime juice, could you cook some and serve it plain? No!

We did manage to arrive at some kind of compromise in the end but I can tell you we will never set foot in there again.
I had a guy in the taxi who knew his way around a kitchen and he told me that this place might have a cook who comes in once or twice a week. The food is then cooled down and put into the fridge. Then microwaved as needed.
That makes sense, but not great food.
In Killarney we went to the lake hotel a 4 star hotel. The view of the lake and the service was better than you could get at home.
The server came back 4 time during the meal to see if all was well.
In Youghall the server was sitting in the bar talking to the customers while we ate,she only came back when we were finished.
To cap it all the 4* hotel was cheaper.

So do you want to make money ?
Open a really good restaurant in Youghall---There are plenty of empty places to set up in.

Going back a few years ago a man walked into a small hotel and asked for dinner.

"Sorry sir we are finished serving"
Then the customer said.
"Could we have a sandwich please?"

"Sure I can organise that for you, Tommy! Stop scratching your arse over there and get up and make these people a few sandwich's"

Things have moved on a good bit from then and got much better. But things will slip back fast enough if managers don't keep an eye on the staff at all times.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Man on an Island

Theres a man who is a castaway in the middle of the Liffey.

Every taxi driver in Dublin will remember the moment when he saw this house.
Tucked away in a suburban housing estate with its dragon gates.
Well as you see it is for sale, 8 bedrooms and all that.
Other properties for sale can be seen here. One of note sold in 2005 for more than €58 million in its day is going now for €15 mil. But if you had a good bit of cash you would get it for 7.
The ones I feel sorry for are the young people who bought for say €700,000 and now they have a house worth €450,000. They cannot sell the house and they cannot buy it either.

There are auctions taking place of "Distressed" properties. They sell your house for any price they can and you are turfed out. Then they present you with a bill for the amount owing to the bank.
The big developers on the other hand have had their assets taken into care by the state to protect the banks.
While all this was going on the bankers were paying themselves huge salaries and bonuses, yet they get off Scott free.

The only reason that stiff prison terms were not handed down is that the gouvernment ministers were getting big backhanders (Brown envelopes) from the developers.
Its enough to make you spit !

In America they are going through this as well. A friend told me that the system they used to determine if someone was fit to get a loan was. "Can they fog a mirror?" ie if they are alive they get the loan. Though in the USA you can give the keys back and owe nothing. People were doing that, then when the bank sold the property they bought it back themselves.
Nice one !

Do you notice a lot more road rage going on?
A guy on a bicycle outside the Kevin St.Garda station. Punching the car and calling the lady driver a stupid and dangerous. He could find himself in big trouble some day. She may not have a gun, but plenty of ladys carry Mace. Some other driver might have decided to come to her rescue. But it was all over in less than a minute.
People who behave like that cause great harm to come their way.
Did you ever herof the law of attraction? Or "The secret?"
By thinking peacful posative thoughts and being in a positive mood will attract positive things to you.By raging and causing distress to others you attract bad things to yourself.
I don't know if it works but there are plenty of people on the net selling courses.

There is a big grain of truth in it all, but the snake oil sales men push this one too far for me.

On a different subject. What would you do if you found out you were going to die?
At the Tango Fiesta last weekend they paid tribute to one of their pupils.
She took tango lessons all through her illness, she never complained then at 29 she died.
Julian and Kristina danced at her funeral as a tribute to her bravery.
Here they are. Good ?

Here is a clip from an eirlier Fiesta. Geraldene would be one of the very best tango dancers in the world. I didn't know it was on youtube..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mental health.

There was a tough decision to be made this week.
None of my business you might say but I felt that a moments intervention might avert a disaster.

There are a lot of mentally ill people going around this city. In Fairview there is a large mental hospital which provides day care and full residential care.
They are often seen by their minders being taken for walks around Fairview park.
Many are happy and docile others can be way out of control.

So I come back to my dilemma.
A girl who lives not far from my house suffers from schizophrenia, she is on the higher scale in severity of her illness.
Well I saw her throwing up on the grass on Sunday morning as I went for the paper.
I thought straight away "morning sickness".
What should I do?

I mulled it around for a few days and then I saw her father pulling in at the house, so I stopped and went over. The way I put it to him was that she might be vomiting up her medication and just to keep an eye on her.
He thanked me for my observation and said that they would keep an eve on her for a few days.
The poor man then gave me a brief synopsis on what it is like living with her.
It is a very difficult situation all round, she is not attending a day care center and her life is not structured in any way, so she is decking by the year.

She is really good looking and the thoughts of some scumbag taking advantage of her mental state to have sex with her really upsets me. You have to take into account that she cannot make a rational decision for herself.

Getting back to the state of mental health.
I know someone who is suffering from severe paranoia, she has cameras and alarms all over the house. "No they have come in and they have taken away my papers, everything has been moved around. No they have a way of interfering with the CCTV footage" So it goes on for the past number of years.
A doctor cannot sign anyone into a mental hospital against their wishes. So she is going nowhere and will not admit that there is any problem.
The result of all this will be that she will either have a complete breakdown or she will die by her own hand, she lives alone.
One thing about this lady is that she was a wonderful painter, her paintings would sell for good money. She can't paint now at all.

On the other hand a woman was found stabbed to death in the midlands a few days ago. It turns out that her mentally ill son had knifed her to death. He had been refusing to take his medication.

It all makes me thankful for the little bit of sanity that I hold on to and the ability to laugh off the troubles of the world.

Another good idea is to listen to Lyric FM during the morning and Ray Darcy on today FM.
That RTE with all their doom and gloom just causes anger and stress.

Here is a good website to find help.

I just thought I would share this with you in the hope that you might be a bit kinder to your fellow man.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy birthday Arthur.

What a weekend for the Dublin people that was.

They beat Kerry in the all Ireland and suddenly the sun is shining and our mood has lifted.
So its Dublin for "Sam" and Kerry for the holidays.

Now tomorrow the patron saint of porter Arthur Guinness is having his birthday party and there are many events planned. Remember I picked up Bryn Ferry off on his way to the Hop store last year?. I wonder what is planned for tomorrow? Look here

So there you are everything is booked up.
Perhaps if we help carry in the amps for the gig and then say we are with the band we might get in.
When you live in a city you don't seem to tap into what is going on around you but thanks to Google and the Internet you can find out everything.

Business is up a bit and though there are more people around it is totally down to luck, sometimes you are lucky.

So we had my son and his girlfriend over from London, a week goes very quickly and they are gone again..I was having computer problems but as it is there was no time for him to fix it, so no photos until next week.

While they were here they showed me this video.
The guy wears a bat suit and has to fly through a gap in the mountain.

Now get ready for a big Adrenalin rush.
He is wearing a winged suit with no margin for error.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Irish Sport GAA

The GAA stands for the Gaelic Athletic Association.

It was invented to stop Irish people playing English games like Cricket or Soccer.
They would ban you from playing GAA sports if you played soccar as well.
But its not so very strict now.
Hurling after ice hockey and shooting is the fastest sport around.
I Had an Italian man in the taxi once who had been to a hurling match, he was almost passing out with excitement.
Click here for a taste of GAA

Today Dublin will meet Kerry in the all Ireland football final.

This year has been a fantastic year for Dublin, for myself. Lets hope for victory.

Good luck to you all, we need something like this to take our minds off the news of the day which is all doom and gloom at present.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tango de la luna

This weekend onSaturday the tango festival de la luna is taking place in the pillar room of the Rouunda.
Among the stars taking part will be the following.

You will have to go here to book and places are limited

Tango De La Luna

The Tango Festival Ball is a huge celebration of the Tango Legend , our wonderful teacher the late ,

Esther Pugliese.
The Tango Festival Ball
The Pillar Room,
Parnell Square
8.30pm -late
Only €25

The evening will a spectacular display of Music and Dance performances

2 10 minute Tango Shows from

The Amazing
Miriam Larici
Leonardo Barrionuevo

check out the rave reviews that they received from Negracha Tango, London

Negracha Tango London posted in London Tango.
Sleeping off last night's lovely Milonga....
Negracha Tango London 11:15am Sep 10
Sleeping off last night's lovely Milonga. Miriam and Leonardo were absolutely incredible and El Farabute played beautifully. Looking forward to next Friday's milonga!

Musical Performances from
Argentinian Cultural Ambassador
Sebastian Pecznik

And Sensational Gypsy Musicians
Oleg Ponomorev
Drazen Derek,


Our Surprise Musical Guest Star,

We will also have the fantasic Argentian Cafe

Cafe Bondiola,

who will be serving authentic Argentian cuisine and wine.

All Proceed from the entire Festival go to
Mingo Pugliese to help him deal with the huge costs of bringing Esther back to Argentina.

The workshops are almost full,
(very very limited availability:)
We have people booking from
Greece, Uk, The US , South Africa
and all over the globe.
So there will be a fantastic international atmosphere at the event.

We are looking forward to seeing you all again,
Thank You All For Your Support,Happy Dancing,
Lots of Love,

Kristina and Julian

Monday, September 12, 2011

Celebrate your freedom

Albania(Click on the blue) has problems too.

Have a look at the stop the. traffic links and the anti prostitution sites which I supported for many years on the side of the blog

Polish 'slaves' found at UK camp

Police in Bedfordshire, central England, are questioning five people after a raid on an Irish 'gypsy' camp revealed some two dozen 'slave labourers', three of whom appear to be Poles.

Two hundred officers were involved in yesterday's raid, which took place at a long-established travellers' camp in the town of Leighton Buzzard.

Police have revealed that at least one of the captives had been held for fifteen years, while others had arrived only weeks ago.

The prisoners were found to be living in appalling conditions, with some living in horse-boxes and dog kennels, others in old sheds.

It is understood that captives were lured with the promise of paid work and board. Invariably, the victims were picked up at soup kitchens, benefit offices and hostels for the homeless.

Of the 24 captives, three are said to to be Poles, two are Romanians, a further two are Russians, while the rest are British nationals.

The liberated workers were taken straight to a medical centre for examination.

"The men we found at the site were in a poor state of physical health and the conditions they were living in were shockingly filthy and cramped,” said Detective Chief Superintendent Sean O' Neil, in an interview with the BBC.

"They're recruited and told if you come here we'll pay you £80 a day, we'll look after you give you board and lodgings,” he said.

"But when they get here, their hair is cut off them, they're kept in in some cases [in] horseboxes, dog kennels and old caravans, made to work for no money, given very, very small amounts of food.”

Police have admitted that 28 people have made accusations against the travellers since 2008, and questions are already being asked why action was not taken quicker on the matter.

The Police knew this was going on since 2008 !

For myself any time I suspected anything was going on I came up against a brick wall of bureaucracy, I hope things are changing.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Johnny Walker invites you

Johnny Walker invites you to the big day out for the Dublin taxi drivers and our special needs kids.

So on Tuesday be with us to bring 1400 special kids from their 43 venues for that big day out.

Phone Neil 086 1581111
Or Glen 087 1213344

Don't leave any kids behind this year. OK !

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11/ 2001

Today we remember 9/11 2001.
Ten years on.

Thousands of innocent people killed and maimed for eternity.

It was strange then to understand this utter madness of the event, even now I struggle to comprehend what madness will turn what must have once been rational people at one time into such mass hateful cold blooded killers.
What those actions could achieve in this world or the next by doing such vengeful act defies any logic. Blowing up a missile base or attacking an army would be more logical.
But killing unarmed innocent civilians is horrific in the highest degree.

To all the bereaved I offer my condolences, to the people still hurting I hope that time will has allowed you to see the period before 9/11 as a happy treasured moment, and that every day the healing process works to give you peace.

God bless you all and may your many Gods walk with you always.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

575 jobs gone.

A bathroom showroom in Davies. Made me feel so much in the halpney place

Up the Dubs Forever !

A tennant moved out and the corperation did not secure the house. So it was vandalised.

Leaving Dublin Port.

James Connelly, Labor leader who fought and died for Irish freedom.

Landsdowne Hotel !

Well I think I will have to buy the smallest violin for that person who commented last week.
"I have no sympathy for taxi drivers".
Well the old brigade are mostly retired and are sitting in their villas in Spain and Thailand. The guys and the girls who took their redundancy and bought new cars and taxi plates are the ones in trouble today.
The system was wrong that they didn't increase the numbers by degrees, not open the floodgates and we finish up with a situation where Dublin has more taxis than New York, a city with a population of more than 19.5 million people.
You would have to understand that what we are saying is that the business is not being policed.
Think of this the next time you get into a taxi and the driver has not got one clue where he is going.
Then he tells you he has only been in Ireland 2 weeks!
Thank your lucky stars that you don't crash because you might find you have an uninsured driver at the wheel.
There are a few stories going around about drivers doing a runner after an accident.
Not much good for the victims that.
Think of anyone getting into a taxi with a driver whose past has never been checked out. When I first started driving it took 6 months for my past to be checked out and I had lived in Ireland and England up to that point, only then could I apply to sit the test and I was asked to produce my P45 to show I had no other job.

Though perhaps things are starting to change.
My local community garda told me she confiscated 2 taxis a few weeks ago. They had a road block and a back up one to stop the ones who turned around before reaching the checkpoint.

575 people lost their jobs in "Talk Talk" down in Waterford, without any notice the carpet was pulled from under them. The reason is simple they can get people in the Philippians to work for €80 a day less !
Oh yes and it is great to get cheap clothes when you have child workers working for €3 a day.
Here is another example of how to get it cheap.

Everywhere the Yellow Pack worker is here to stay.
Wages and standards are falling fast.

Politicians do nothing apart from doing what they do best, draw big fat salaries and build massive expense bills and we the biggest mugs of all elect them time after time.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sept 7th

I approached a guy on Grafton St. the other day, he is one of the most famous people who frequents the street, providing a distraction for for the passer by.
I asked him how things were going for him and he opened up like a burst dam.
His partner had left him after 15 years and 2 kids and she was now using the children as pawns in the bitter seperation /divorce battle.
You know Love is such a strong force that when it turns bad it becomes the most devious and vicous thing.
Each person knows the others strengths and weaknesses and both sides go for the jugular.
This is not a gentle parting of the ways.
I listned and bought him coffee, what can you do?
I suppos in a few weeks it might be better but for now it is really bad.
"I lined up the tablets 26 should do the trick," Then the phone rang
It is really that bad for him and I am sure if his partner stood back she would not want him dead either.

I know I work so hard and am at home so seldom that my own wife would divorce me if she could remember what I looked like.
Taking that point a bit further I worked with a Dan O'Connell years ago, he used to work every moment he could. One night he went home late when everyone was in bed and the dog bit him on the leg !
You couldn't put it in a comedy script !

I am not fuly back at the taxi yet, but I am surviving, but some are not.

I got a text today to urge all taxi drivers

Sept 7th is world suicide day.

All taxi drivers are asked to assemble at the garden of remembrance at 12 noon.
Then we will drive to the dept. of transport to hand in letters.

It is so sad that so many taxi drivers are so desperate to have their voices herd that they have taken their own lives, this is no solution at all.
What have we become of us all that we elect people to represent us whose only purpose is to gouge out massive pay cheques for themselves and never give a thought to why they were elected for in the first instance?.

Lads don't even consider killing yourselves.
Think of your great kids and how they will miss you.
Give yourself a good kick on the arse and work it out.
It can be done.
Start with MABS.
God bless you all.

Do you know who is the Patron saint of Taxi drivers?

I Know, do you?

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Third level coming back

Did you ever see the likes of this ?

Well we had the annual Liffey swim at the weekend and the GAA Hurling final.
On this Thursday the racing on the strand at Julianstown takes place.
Here is your racing card,I wish you good luck.
The summer school teacher taxi driver are going back, and business starts to lift.

Today we drove up to Northern Ireland to visit my son near Lough Neigh. The roads are great now, journey times are more than halved what they were 20 years ago.

The border posts and army checkpoints are gone as well. A lot of good things have happened since the bad old days of the hunger strikes and the H blocks.
30 years ago 1981 !
I hope and pray that we never decend into that time of terror again.

Taxi times seem to be improving a bit.
The dawning of a very violent chapter is about to unfold in England when something like 800 Irish travellers are about to be evicted from an "illegal" settlement.
People are travelling from all over Europe (not to support the travelers) for a big fight.
There is a lot of unease in society and something like a mass eviction draws the ringleadrs of the ultra left into play like a big magnet.
They say that they are ready with bulldozers to flatten the place. But many travellers have guns as well as bulldozers. There is tough as they come and tougher than anything.

As they say watch this space.

Just a small taxi story before I let you go.
The first taxi on the rank says to the second guy. "I have a job coming out in 15 minutes, I only need a short job if one comes out. OK?"
The reason for this is that if a short job comes out he will pass it back to car 2.
So as luck would have it the first customer comes out going to the airport.
The driver asked the passinger if he had booked the taxi?
"Why no" came the reply.
"Thats grand so get into my taxi he has made a booking"
No matter how much huffing and puffing the first car driver made it was useless,
he had shot himself in the foot. As they say.