Sunday, January 27, 2019

January almost gone

Dolphins jumping in Dingle Co.Kerry

Before the month goes try to see the collection of Turner water colours in the National gallery
I try to tell you every year!

"The guy said
"If there is anything you could change in your past life....
What would you do?

"For example if you had the choice to change your wife or get a top of the range mew car.
What would your choice be ?"
"Petrol Diesel or electric?" said the taxi driver..

So we head into the silly season for a few weeks

No work !!!
I have friends who fly off to Florida, Spain and the South of France for 6 weeks or more.
I asked one of them why he does that?

Well John. I can get a suntan on both arms !
Stupid question stupid awnser.

The Bkackpool magicians is on the horizon now, my pass has arrived and I have my plane and train booked. Really looking forward to THE MAGICAL WEEKEND OF THE YEAR.

One year I was a while back I was talking to an American guy and we had coffee together, suddenly a beautiful girl pulled up and kissed us both, "This is Kristal" and she sat down, another girl arrived she too kissed us both and sat doen "Trudy" then there was six girls at the table .
"I have one big question for you.
What aftershave do you use?"

He really laughed and said "No these girls are my assistants"He is a really cool person.

I spoke to him a few more times over the weekend.

He made the statue of Liberty vanish and the space shuttle plus London bridge .
He invited me to stay in his Las Vegas home, but I know with all those women in the house there it would a big wait for the bathroom.

Those young card magicians would drive you completery mad.

I just found a video of the guy
You will enjoy this

Monday, January 21, 2019

She just kept me hanging on.

On Friday I picked up at Google going to the airport, a young lady from Paris.
One the way there she was rummaging in her bag, "Have you lost your passport?"
No I cant find my credit card.
At the airport the MyTaxi app would not take the payment, so
she had no cash or credit card.
She gave me her fone number but the texts I sent remain unawnsered!
I took the chip out of the dashcam so I have her image.

In all logic having absolutely no cash or credit card it is hard to see how she could manage at the other end.
I do have contacts in Google, but I have a bad feeling about this it's around €30

Looking back I should have called over the police, but she was saying she had to rush or miss her flight, so she chose to stick the good Samaratin.
C'est la vie !

Today starts a big week in Dublin.
Its the aircraft leasing shindig.
Every high roller in the aircraft industry flys into town.
There was a company called Guinness Peat Aviation in Shannon which developed methods for leasing aircraft. Click here
Well they went bang and when the smoke cleared the workers started up again and Ireland became what it is now a world leader in the aircraft leasing business.
One very smart lad called Tony Ryan when on to set up his own airline Ryanair.
(Cheecky feckers)

They are very interesting folks and love to talk about their adventures.

 just had to share this

Friday, January 18, 2019

First chance to be good

I got a run out to Finglas and I came back through Ballymun. there was a good looking girl at the bus stop and she waved me down, then with the door held open she yelled for her partntner to hop in.
They were fully fledged drug addicts and by God the trip to this point had not been good for them.
You have to remember that once they were kids who were full of hope and asperations.
The girl was once really very attractive, he was a complete wreck.
So I talked to them about their lives, or should I say their coming deaths.
"Do ya see here mister, at night you can buy a rock of Crack cocaine for €20 and its like a supermarket up here at night time. Its kids of 12 and 13 that are doing the dealing. They are too young to be arrested so the cops just do nothing at all ant its getting worse every week"

 An American lady told me that we aint got any drug problems until crack cocaine or ice comes to town. 

Just pray when you go to your church, temple or mosque that your family are spared the hell that this pair are going through. So before we reached journeys end I told them that this ride was on the house and not to tell anyone in case the word got out that I was going soft in the head.
My Lord they were really happy, not many people cut them any slack in their daly lives. 

At present we make a 2 hour each way drive every week to visit our grandchildren.
Its great to see them, the next generation growing up strong and healthy.
They live in Northern Ireland and we stop for a 10 min break in Castlebellingham, just to stretch the legs. I bought a coffee there before Christmas and put in the cup holder and headed off for the second leg of the journey. 10 minutes later I picked up the cup and the dring was stone cold!
I carried on, had the day with the kids.
Then coming back we stopped off at the other filling station opposite the one I had come off on.
As we drove in a truck came flying towards us. (He was using the entry road as an exit)
I went up on the grass and missed him.
So I told the lad on the till my story about the truck and he said "I can't do anything about that"
I explained that there must be camera footage and he should take a note, he nodded his head.
Then I mentioned my coffee and instead of saying sorry about that he said "I can do nothing about that"
I am trying a few emails to Applegreen to see if I can get a response.

I went to school with a guy who worked as a radio officer on ships.
On more than one occasion he radioed a ship called "the herald of free enterprise
Captain Emergency your bow doors are open.
They would clear the port with the big doors at the front of the ship open to clear the fumes foo the car decks. Problem was that the wash from a passing ship would sint the boat.
One night this is what happened and the captain said that it was an error.
My pal gave evedance that it had happened on many occasions and all his calls were recorded on the emergency waveband..This time it happened at night when no one noticed they were still open.
 So you see things can be prevented !

Some poor sod took a bad turn on the DART and hundreds of peoples travel plans were thrown in a heap, with the wet morning it was good for taxis though

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Herring days

I Know that I have met her. She died recently and left €3 million to charity

Find this book on Amazon, I met Denis and it is an education

Irelands eye off Howth

Good morning Dublin
Its 6 AM and I went to bed early so I am up before the work starts.

These are the "herrring days" The time when the work drops off and we have so little work that we cannot afford meat and only eat herrings.
Well that comes from the London cabbies, not as bad here.
We have Google and Facebook and 100 other Hi tec companies giving out work.
For myself I feel that if our flawed tax regime changed that they would be gone in a flash, this would turn vast areas of our city into ghost towns. So until then I will not rock the boat.
I picked up an interesting lady going out to UCD university in Bellfield. She wanted the science section, I said that I didn't know where that was, she said that her fone did not work here so she put in the information to my fone.

"Its in Dublin 4" she said

Now what I meant was that I did not know where the science block was.
On the way she told me that she was a scientist and was looking for a backer who could help her to encourage pharmasutacle companies to produce drugs which would tacke the causes of illness rather than treat the sysmptoms.
A very clever observation and I wish her good luck with that one.
I know a few high level thinkers, but I know that anything coming from me would be not well recieved coming from a taxi driver. (Perhaps its me)

Damn it a whole section delieted itself

So I stopped for a cup of coffee in Cafe Java in Sandymount where the best coffee is found.
I parked outside the butchers opposite and when I came out a lady approached me with a greayhound in tow. "How are you today Master McGrath?" He is very well John.
Someone I had not met in 20 years, then I remembered her.
I was on a job in Blackrock and a complete nutcase owned the house we were working on. The builder had a row with her and pulled out. 
Then he sued her. 
She had charged all the work to her store, he won the case and the sheriff came to retrieve assetts from the store. 
Then the shit hit the fan.
"No work was done in the store"
But she had charged all to work to the store.
Well when the fraud squad  were finished with her it cost her around 1/2 million punts.
Then the lady said said to me
"Whats my name?"
Shit! I couldn't think of Clodagh, when she said it I said "You have a fantastic memory"

If I took you by the hand and walked you for a mile throught this city even I would be surprised at how many people I know.. An American girl wanted to know if I was a film star?
"No! I just know a lot of people ".

There is an exam center near Dennis Mahonys garage in Finglas.  
I have been there before!
I got a call to go there today from Sandymount and the address that the people the gave her was no help at all.
My hopeful prospect was a doctor who was doing an exam to allow her to work in England. 
She seemed bright enough, no problem I think 

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Over the hump.

Howth lighthouse

This turkey went into hiding. We will find him again next year

Inside the exhibition at the CHQ

The mileake on my first Prius, still going strong.

Well here we are in 2019 and there is no going back.
I saw around 10 2019 cars already.
In case you don't know car regestration numbers go year plus 1 or 2 beginning or second half, county or city then the number. The lord mayor of Dublin is always 1  or 191D1
As Micheal Cane would say "not many people know that"

Speaking of him there was a programme on the BBC about working class actors and Micheal Cane came into the conversation.
He spoke of how he had become famous and had moved on in his life, he went back to look at his old manor around the Elephant and Castle.
He met an old man in a long black coat looking around to see if he could find landmarks of his past as well.
They came together and shook hands.
They had both come on a long journey from the old days.
It was Charlie Chaplin.

A wonderful Polish girl wo works in Facebook went home with her husband and child for Christmas.
They went with a German airline and as they got ready for take off the captain stopprd the plane.
There was too many bags on board. So they had to get off and identify their luggage and get it all loaded again. For some reason they were not called and the plane went without them. So much for checking things twice.
They were stranded and all the planes were full, then late the next day they got a seat.
But her husband and baby girl got sick.
Then when they arrived in Poland the airline couldn't find their luggage!!!!!
So a couple of days their luggage was found, the cases burst open and clothes everywhere..

I did feel sorry for her.
Perhaps she will give Ryanair a shot next time.

Just a thought.

Why are Polish women so beautiful.?

here is a copy of modern times
I hope you enjoy it.
It is very relavent even today.